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Tools for Architects to Test Building Performance
On the market, there are more and more software tools to help people manage their professional activity. These tools are of great importance for architects. Architects are the core of the whole building process.

What’s My Zip Code?
Zip codes often seem to be a mystery: you don’t usually give it a second through how all the mail is sent to the right places and what vast system of numbers stands behind it. Still, these numbers determine pretty much everything that is happening with mail all around the world.

Why People Should Know Their Postcode?
Postcode is the definite sequence of letters or numbers which is added to the person’s postal address to facilitate the sorting of postages. One may say that it’s unnecessary in the modern world, which is characterized by the rapid development of technologies, including the Internet. It’s hard to find the person who would exchange letters, not in electronic format.

Why You Should Build With Steel
Ever since the first skyscraper Home Insurance Building in Chicago was built, popularity of steel as a structurally strong material increased manifolds across the AEC industry. While earlier cast iron, concrete etc was used in buildings, the new age buildings started getting made in reinforced concrete, i.e. steel beams set in concrete.

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