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Guide to the Best Floor Plan Software for 2021

July 28, 2021

Guide to best floor plan software for 2021
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One of the best ways to describe something is through a visual representation of the said thing. This is what estate agents, contractors, architects, and interior designers seek to achieve when they create a floor plan.

A Short and Concise Guide to the Best Floor Plan Software

It gives you something to show to your clients detailing how a room or space can be transformed into a living or working area without having to spend too much time talking.

For many years, home designing professionals have resorted to creating these visual representations by hand, but with technology and innovation, hand-drawn floor plans are becoming obsolete.

There is now a faster, easier, and more modern way to create floor plans and other interior design layouts through floor planning software. To get started on your journey to modern floor planning, read our detailed floor plan software guide that will answer all your questions.

What is floor plan software?

Floor plan software is any program used by homeowners, interior designers, architects, estate agents, and contractors to create a visual description of homes and offices before it is constructed.

This is ideal because it makes it easier for home design professionals to accurately describe the intended floor design to clients and contractors. With a detailed and realistic floor plan in place, anyone looking at the plan can already tell how the final outlook should be and what to expect.

These software are essential in the industry because anyone can operate it without prior knowledge of CAD or technical drawing. In addition, they are highly intuitive and make floor planning easy, quickly adjustable, and as accurate as possible.

Floor plan software are must-have tools among home designing professionals that are interested in providing the best for clients.

What is the best floor plan software?

With so many floor plan software on the market, selecting the most efficient of the bunch can be tasking. Therefore, we have chosen some of the best floor plan software based on their ability to deliver, pricing, and quality features.

There’s floor plan software for every category of individuals.

1.     Foyr Neo

Foyr’s floor plan creator is one of the best and most sought-after home designing software for floor planning. It provides near-accurate designs of spaces with its calculations of room dimensions, which allows more room for you to design and furnish.

The software is lightning fast, and you can create your floor plan, design, and render it within minutes. No more delays when creating your plan because Foyr has all the necessary tools for the design completion all on the software.

You can draw the walls of a room from scratch or upload a blueprint if you don’t feel up to drawing. Simply add the details you want the illustrator to know, and you’ll get your floor plan design in minutes.

The software comes with thousands of drag-and-drop items, including furniture, pre-modeled products, and even your 3D models, to quicken the production of the design and give it a unique touch.

The software even allows you to edit in 2D and switch to 3D in real-time as you work. Best of all is the 4K photorealistic render that gets you an accurate looking depiction of the floor plan design you have in mind, and you can even adjust to suit your preferred lighting, just the way you like it.

Foyr gives you a free trial to test the software for 14 days. Then, if you like it, you can upgrade to the paid version for $49 per month.

2.     Homestyler

Homestyler is the best floor plan software for budgeters. With its free version, you can create floor plan designs that will still wow your clients. Homestyler allows you to design homes in 3D to give an accurate description of the home. All you need to do is provide accurate measurements.

With its array of tools and features, designing your home online becomes a breeze. You can decorate the space with thousands of real furniture and pictures that will have clients feeling right at home immediately. You can also paint and texturize the walls as appropriate.

Homestyler allows users and clients to enjoy a virtual walkthrough experience with photorealistic HD renders that presents designs clearly and accurately. If you wish to enjoy all the benefits and features of the app, a paid version is available starting at $20/month.

3.     RoomSketcher

RoomSketcher is one cool software that is useful for all home designers and real estate agents everywhere. It has a very easy-to-use interface that makes it suitable for both professionals and novices so that anyone can use the software.

Its drag and drop editing tool makes it easy for you to easily adjust and place items anywhere in the design. It is also shareable online, so your clients and co-workers can make edits on it or go over it from anywhere in the world.

RoomSketcher allows you to upload a blueprint of your floor plan and all you have to do is watch as professionals do the floor planning for you. With its interactive 3D walkthroughs and 360-degree views, you can give your clients a wowing presentation of their would-be home or office.

This software is compatible with all Google devices, and you can download your files in JPG, PNG, or PDF format. If you’re not content with all the provisions of the free version, upgrade to enjoy the 2D and 3D features at $49.

4.     SketchUp

This is a popular floor plan software that ranks among the comparison list of design software on Wikipedia. This is because it has many other uses apart from floor plan design.

This compact but easy-to-use floor planner has 3D tools that give you a detailed view of how your design will look from different angles. On SketchUp, you can bring in different images and documents to include in your design to give it a more holistic look unique to the design.

SketchUp also provides tons of templates that you can work around until you create the best design that suits clients’ preferences. You can also integrate numerous extensions that help to make your work easier and enjoyable.

SketchUp allows you to draw your designs, but it also provides a tool called Layout that helps you create beautiful presentations of your drawings for the team or client.

SketchUp is compatible with mobiles and has a free trial to give you time to test run the software without paying for 30 days. Its paid version starts at $119/year for professionals and has a free version for personal use.

5.     Planner 5D

This is the best tool for floor planning when it comes to non-professional use. If you’re a newbie, you should check out this tool. With its vast collection of designers and inspiration on the site, you can practice your skills until you become more adept with the tool.

Planner 5D is available for both mobile and web browser use. It allows you to create your design in 3D with a photorealistic visual representation that speaks class. Using Planner 5D is free but you may have to pay to use some of its offerings.

The software doesn’t have a pricing list, but you can purchase items in-app at different prices.

Why is floor plan software essential for businesses?

Floor plan software has many essential uses for businesses in the home designing and sales industry. You should invest in floor plan software because:

1.     It saves time

Working with floor plan software is faster and more efficient, with a lot of automated processes. You don’t have to manually draw anything since you only have to put in detailed measurements to produce a near-accurate representation of the floor.

You can also make quick adjustments to the plan without hassle if a client requests one. The large array of tools, diagrams, textures, and furniture in the software library allows you to decorate the room quickly to look realistic.

All these factors combined help to save drawing time.

2.     It provides photorealistic drawings

Floor plan sketches drawn by hand leave everything to the imagination as most times, it’s just a bunch of lines and numbers. With this software, you can design your floor plan with so many details that will give you a completely realistic picture of how the end product will look when all is done.

You get to see what type of design works for you, and you can continue to modify it until you find something that works perfectly.

3.     It’s excellent for collaborations

Home designers need to share floor plans with clients as well as co-workers jointly working on the design. Instead of printing the same document numerous times for viewing and adjusting, many of these software provide a shareable link to the plan online so that they can work collaboratively.

Some even give clients a 3D walkthrough option so that they can quickly access their floor plan remotely from the comfort of their homes or anywhere they are.

4.     It’s modern

Using floor plan software adds a unique and modern touch to your designs. It presents the business as tech-savvy and knowledgeable in design matters. It also offers the convenience and fast-tracked on-the-go lifestyle that many modern clients are used to.

This boosts the standard clients have of the business.

Guide to best floor plan software for 2021 Conclusion

Upgrading to floor planning software provides many benefits for your business. With the saved time and on-the-go features, you can get more jobs done faster and to clients’ taste.

Let our floor plan software guide help you choose the best for your business so you can start making the most of it immediately.

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