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10 Aug 2012

Future Homes Gadgets, Domestic Technology

Top 5 gadgets for homes of the future

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When Jeff Han unveiled a cheap, scalable, multi-touch and pressure-sensitive computer screen, it looked like something from the film Minority Report. It created a signal moment in the advance of technology and, as we all gasped in unison, we wondered whether Han’s discovery heralded the end of the point-and-click era.

Several years on, we now utilise touch-screen technology in our homes in the form of smartphones, tablets, touchscreen desktops and TVs, each one adding a new level of convenience and efficiency that we didn’t have before. So what’s next?

Here are 5 of some of the most impressive home gadgets of the future.

1. The fridge-in-a-drawer and dishwasher-in-a-drawer

Fisher & Pakel’s CoolDrawer and DishDrawer – a fridge and dishwasher stylishly contained in sleek black drawers offer exactly that. The dishwasher consists of two DishDrawers – and you can put dirty pots and pans in one and lightly-soiled items in the other.

2. Holographic television

Holographic technology is already being used by companies such as CISCO to enable executives to hold face-to-face business meetings or report live TV broadcasts from the other side of the world.
Images can be beamed from different angles under table top surfaces to generate realistic 3D images no matter where you’re positioned (think Princess Leia’s distress signal in Star Wars). Frankly, that blows 3D TV, with its glasses and requirement for viewers to sit in a certain place, out of the water.

3. The self-cleaning, auto-ordering refrigerator

While smart refrigerators already exist in our homes, Samsung recently announced a new range of super coolers that support Wi-Fi technology, feature an 8-inch LCD screen and provide access to Google and Twitter. So all you’d need is to consult a few internet providers for a fast connection. These new smart fridges offer the ability to clean themselves, help you cut down on wasted food, automatically order fresh supplies and help you to cook meals from the ingredients that are currently inside the fridge.

4. A super water-efficient washer dryer

Laundry. The bain of so many evenings and weekends, and a drain on water and power to boot. Siemens unveiled a washer-dryer at the Ideal Home Show 2011 that automatically adjusts its water level according to the load size and fabric type, helping you to save on water and energy consumption. Now we just needs one that unloads, folds and puts your clothes away.

5. The ultimate bath

And the Bath-o-matic from Eco Whirlpool Ultimate is precisely that. This model features a pop-up television (yes, really) at the foot of the bath so that you can catch up with all your favourite shows that you’ve missed during the week. And guess what? It also serves chilled champagne at the press of a button. The best part (yes, there’s more), is that you can text your bath on your way home from work and tell when to start filling itself, at what temperature and your required depth.

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