Architect portfolio website content ideas

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Architect Portfolio Website Content Ideas

1 November 2021

Architect portfolio website content ideas

We need content to engage people so they buy the product. Today, the most effective combination in marketing is a website connected with socials. The site plays the role of the portfolio, and social networks bring people to the site, improve visibility, and build loyalty.

This means you need to keep a consistent story across all your communication channels while telling your story through videos, photos, text, VR, and AR reality tools. And don’t forget you need to implement architectural marketing ideas and trends through all formats.

5 Architect Website Content and Social Marketing Ideas

To make things simple, you may want to use a website builder for architects. While creating a site, pay attention to these things:

  1. Videos are the most effective medium for getting your message across. Plus, they improve website SEO.
  2. Photos, realistic renderings, and beautiful sliders can quickly grab attention. However, make sure they are unique and don’t rely too heavily on stock images.
  3. Optimize your site for voice search. For example, 66.4 million people use voice search in the US alone.
  4. User-generated content is dominant today. It’s easy to aggregate that content on socials. Also, using UGC, you build trust and a stronger connection with your audience.
  5. A blog improves SEO, attracts users, and shows off your expertise.

Read on to see our SMM content ideas and architect website content ideas. Use our article to inspire your strategy.

5 Content Ideas For Architecture Portfolio Website and Social Networks

A website works as a digital portfolio. We should therefore pay special attention to the following:

  • The website should be concise and straightforward: less is more.
  • Visuals are the primary way to get the word out about your product. Visuals are not just photos but also videos, virtual tours, presentations, infographics, graphics. Make a photography portfolio using all these media.
  • The text copy should be simple and clean.

To maximize the benefits of SEO, you can add a blog. There, you post valuable articles and videos, talk about the brand, projects, architecture in general, and industry news. You can also place affiliate materials, interviews featuring celebrities, or your employees.

You can also use content indirectly related to architecture but is of interest to your clients. For example, they may be interested in tips on interior decorating, choosing a home, and organizing their home office or kitchen.

Examples of beautiful architect portfolios:

  • Portuguese company minimalism at its best
  • Portfolio of Californian brand pay special attention to their blog.
  • Life of an Architect: that’s a great blog created by Bob Borson, an award-winning Texan architect.

Now let’s take a look at social networking trends and social marketing for architects. These ideas can also be used on your website. That way, you can keep the same concept throughout all platforms you use to communicate.

#1 Youtube architectural marketing ideas: the power of video

Forbes wrote in 2017 that viewers assimilate 95% of the content in a video message and only 10% of information consumed through text. The video trend keeps growing: 30 million people visit Youtube daily (a third of the Internet audience).

How can Youtube videos improve your website?

  1. Use 360º. Perhaps 360º videos are the best way to make users admire your projects and landscapes.
  2. Live streaming. You can broadcast the creation of the layout, architects’ work, location selection, construction, any process where people are doing something.
  3. Subscriber engagement. You can create videos like, “Subscribers decide what our CEO is building out of Lego today.” Or, “Subscribers decide what project we’re talking about today.”

#2 Architects marketing for Instagram

Instagram is a must-have for an architect, as you can showcase architecture, sketches, renderings, photos, and videos on this platform. The hashtag #architecture has an estimated 99 million mentions (at the time of publication).

Ideas for Instagram? Here’s our list:

  1. Show backstage with Reels and Stories. Everybody likes sneak peeks.
  2. DIY tutorials, how-to guides, sketching, rendering. Users want things they can repeat.
  3. Share what projects your architects are inspired by. Impressive visuals like those posted by @zahahadidarchitects are mesmerizing.
  4. You can participate in architectural competitions and challenges. Then share the work and creative process on Instagram. Surely, the same things would be great for a blog.

#3 Tik-Tok-ture to enhance architect websites

Close to 950 million TikTok videos include the hashtag #architecture at the moment. 45% of the platform’s users are between the ages of 24 and 44. Architectural TikTok is not about dancing and memes; it leans towards educational and informative content.

How can TikTok bring people to the architect’s website?

  1. Make videos about building codes.
  2. How-to guides and tutorials on drawings made by hand and renderings.
  3. Creative stories about the history behind famous buildings or your projects.

#4 Facebook for architectural services

The power of Facebook is that it remains the top social network worldwide no matter what. So if you work with Asian, African, or Latin American markets, Facebook is an excellent way to connect with B2B and B2C clients.

Ideas on how Facebook generates traffic to your website and tells your brand story:

  1. Targeted advertising on the platform.
  2. Storytelling about team members: interviews, backstage, interesting speeches by your employees.
  3. Sneak peeks of your projects. They help showcase your workflow and your dedication to work.

#5 Linkedin marketing strategies for architects

LinkedIn is a network for experts and B2B contacts. One of the most powerful tools in this field is thought leadership. So it’s worth creating educational posts and think pieces here.

LinkedIn architects marketing:

  1. Write short articles about architecture from an industry insider’s perspective.
  2. You can repost selected pieces that inspire you.
  3. You can also post your articles from the blog here.


Excellent and varied content on the architect’s website and social networking sites can take your business to the next level. It’s time-consuming but well worth it. Make your website easy to use and your socials engaging. The better potential clients see you online, the more likely they are to refer to your architectural services.

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