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Top Architectural Casino Projects in Canada

Oct 20, 2020

Casino players in Canada are getting used to playing online, on websites such as Sol Casino. Even so, and with all the advantages that come with it, real casinos still keep their charm. Not because of the slots selection or because of real table games but due to their beautiful architectural projects. After all, the live online casinos can offer real gambling.

Niagara Falls:
Top architectural casino projects in Canada - Niagara Falls

This small listing comprises three of Canada’s top architectural casino projects and all their most charming details.

Top 3 Architectural Casino Designs

Montreal, Niagara Falls, and Vancouver are featured in this listing with the top architectural casino projects in Canada. With their different characteristics, they might be a good option for doing tourism, while online casinos remain a better choice for bonuses and comfort.

Casino of Montréal

Uniqueness clearly defines the project of the Casino of Montréal, which started back in 1993 in order to give it a new breath of life. All offices were relocated far from the gambling area, which was redesigned to combine luxury and efficiency.

Besides the lights that originally come from machines, the entire ambiance is well illuminated, different from simple casinos’ darkish halls. All that time spent in reforming the Casino of Montréal worked well as an experimental lab, which is the reason why some rooms might feel like totally different places – keeping its sophistication.

The entire structure is organized in a circular way, with machines and tables following that pattern on every floor. Bars, on the other side, were separated from the main gambling areas.

During the entire redesign of the architectural project, the designers were careful enough not to hinder the normal operations of the Casino. Besides, not everything was entirely refurbished, especially the Expo 67’s area, which can be considered a historical site with its own identity.

Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort

The architecture project of the Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort, completed back in 2004, was intended to blend the natural wonders of its surrounding with the sophistication of a modern casino. With over 200 thousand ft², the casino’s design was inspired by the Belle Epoque and paid special attention to letting players and bettors have a proper view of the natural beauty outside.

The casino resort counts on thousands of machines and dozens of gaming tables, which makes it one of the largest casinos in Canada. Also, it obviously relies on hundreds of suites, a spa, an exhibition facility, shopping, an enormous theatre, and dining venues. Of course, there is also room for thousands of cars to have room for everyone who wants to explore the casino resort.

Parq Resort & Casino

The last architectural project in this listing is Parq Resort & Casino, found in British Columbia, whose project belongs to the IBI Group. Less flashy from the outside, the intention of the design of Parq Resort and Casino was to become a home for the Edgewater Casino, combined with an urban resort with two hotels.

In total, the casino comprises 72,000 f² and has over 600 different slot machines, including high-stake ones and, of course, several gambling tables.

Real or Online Casinos?

Playing from a mobile device or computer cannot offer the same sensory experience as a casino, which can be outstanding. However, for regular players, the benefits and advantages of playing online are incomparable. Among them, it is worth mentioning bonuses and promotions that are automatically activated, besides the possibility of playing wherever the player is.

It is clear that online casinos such as Sol Casino provide games that are fraud-free thanks to in-built RNG software. Therefore, both are safe options and not necessarily excluding ones. There is simply a moment and a reason for each alternative, and their combination is what a true casino appreciator looks for.

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