Most iconic comic con buildings worldwide guide, Geek culture experience fiestas

The Most Iconic Comic Con Buildings Worldwide

27 Sep 2022

Most iconic comic con buildings worldwide

It’s no secret that Comic Con fiestas are held in iconic buildings that attract fans worldwide and make the geek culture experience intense.

The article will go through legendary ComicCon buildings, available for visiting any day. You’ll get to explore foreign aspects, including delicacies from top-ranked hotels.

Which are the Best Comic Con Destinations?

For decades, Comic Cons were a center not only for geek meetings but also for new adventures in many niches. From anime & video games presentations to new slot games, everyone can find something juicy out there. We believe that without a smart placement, it wouldn’t be possible for sponsors to achieve such huge success!

San-Diego Convention Center (SDCC)

Construction of the San Diego Convention Center began in 1987 and was completed in Nov 1989. Occupying a space of 57,000m2 on the port of San Diego, it has also held other famous events, including-

  • TwitchCon
  • Society of NeuroScience
  • Wheel of Fortune

San Diego ComicCon convention, in particular, has found a permanent home in the building. The most significant influence is the Sails pavilion, measuring 8,400m2 of hall space which can accommodate the numbers of the rising audience in the comic universe.

Tokyo International Exhibition Center

Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Tokyo Big Shift)

Considered a home for Anime, Japan is automatically an ideal location for one of the famous buildings that host comic con. Tokyo Big Shift is located on the shores of Tokyo Bay. It is the largest convention center in the country.

The building is unique, utilizing a raised inverted pyramid style. The total space occupied is 230,873m2, divided into different hall spaces. Comic Con is the major event held in Tokyo!

Anaheim Convention Center

Situated in California, Anaheim Convention Center is a reputable building due to its magnificent structure and the level of events it has housed. It is famously known for hosting WonderCon.

It stands on 170,000 m2 of space, and the exhibit hall floor takes up 75,586.6 m2 of size. The exterior is well designed to give an excellent view, especially for photographs.

MCM London Comic Con

On the outside, the MCM building might look simple. The inside, however, is specially built to accommodate any Comic Con setting, including; performing stages or tent-convenient spaces for those mini-hall setups.

Theater space has been catered for, with enough sitting position to watch epic performances in numbers.

Javits center is the main space for New York Comic Con

The Javits Center

The Javits center is the main space for New York Comic Con. It fits as a top 5 building, considering New York’s finest buildings surround it.

With a total size of 78,00m2 of hall space, it can provide room for various events/activities at the convention. It also has an exquisite glass exterior, perfect with creative lighting during activities.

Moreover, you can enjoy the city’s beauty while traveling to a convention in the building. Maybe take a detour and view the city from The Empire State Building.

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