Ways to create a focal point in any room advice

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Ways To Create A Focal Point In Any Room

24 Feb 2020

Every well-designed room usually has its own focal point — the first thing your eyes land on when you enter a room. Whether it’s art, lighting, or an architectural feature, a good focal point sets the tone and mood for the rest of your design. Choosing and enhancing the right feature can help homeowners to create a balanced and stylish interior.

Oversized art

Hanging oversized wall art is a simple yet effective way of creating a focal point in a home. Choose a wall with space large enough to support the art, such as the living room or bedroom wall. The emptier the wall space, the better it is for hanging oversized art, as it isn’t forced to compete with other elements. Complementing the art with a large picture frame can help to   enhance the focal point even further. Oversized frames both protect the artwork and look spectacular, and they can be made to the size and finish of your preference. For example, a professional gilding frame finish provides a luxury look.

Ways To Create A Focal Point In Any Room Advice
photo by Krystal Black on Unsplash

Emphasise height

In homes with high ceilings, these can be used as a focal point. For example, hanging a pendant light is an effective way of automatically drawing the eye up and down and emphasising the room’s height. The pendant must be hung high enough, however, as if it is hung too low, it may make the room feel smaller than it is. Hung too high, on the other hand, and it may fail to create the desired impact. Aim to hang it a few inches higher than standard practice to naturally draw the eye up.

Play up the fireplace

Fireplaces are there to provide warmth, but they can also turn into   beautiful unexpected focal points. For example, installing a linear fireplace in a living room can lend the space a clean and minimal look. Linear fireplaces are a modern trend, which can bring a real distinguishing element to the home. Alternatively, a wall-mounted fireplace can be installed at eye-level, so it stands out regardless of the seating arrangement. It’s a contemporary way to make a bold statement in the home.

Focal points are crucial elements of interior design. Whether it’s artwork, high ceilings or the fireplace, creating a beautiful focal point can help a room feel much more comfortable and inviting.

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