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Industrial Architecture – Most Prominent Industrial Buildings

15 November 2021

Most people associate the industrial zone with a gray and gloomy part of the urban space. However, over the past few decades, projects of factory buildings have become not only functional but also aesthetically attractive. In this post, we have selected the most unusual industrial buildings in the world that deserve your attention and appreciation.

Industrial architecture - prominent industry buildings

#1 – Integral Eco-Industrial Campus (Guilin, China)

Integral Eco-Industrial Campus, a leading textile and apparel manufacturer, is located in Guilin, China. When working on the architecture rendering, the designers were faced with the task of changing the traditional image of textile production by integrating modern elements that have appeared in the specialized spinning and garment industry. The result they got is not just a manufacturing plant but an ecotourism industrial park that embraces fundamental Buddhist concepts.

The architectural design of the factory has embodied several sustainable principles: land restoration, water recycling, and resource replenishment. In addition to the main textile workshop and handicraft center, the project also includes botanical gardens, plantations, exhibition halls, staff restaurants, training centers, and other facilities.

Most of the roof of the craft center is covered with green plants. This not only increases the overall green coverage of the site but also helps insulate the building and maintain a stable indoor temperature. Some of these plants are also part of the rooftop farm, which provides the restaurant staff with fresh organic produce.

#2 – Powerbarn Bioenergy Production Plant (Russi, Italy)

This thermal power plant appeared on the site of a sugar factory in Ravenna, Italy. The main distinctive feature of the station is that it works exclusively on biofuel. In addition to the main furnace, Powerbarn also has a special plant for the production of biogas from livestock farm wastewater. Thus, this thermal power plant utilizes waste and generates clean energy.

#3 – Kirsch Pharma HealthCare Building (Wedemark, Germany)

In their project for the headquarters and production site of Kirsch Pharma Health Care GmbH in Wedemark, SAOTA specialists have rethought the traditional and rather versatile type of industrial building. The construction was supposed to be located in a separate industrial area. However, the South African architecture firm approached the project with the understanding that the building should become a dominant and a kind of sculptural object.

Kirsch Pharma HealthCare specializes in the manufacture of finished pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements. In addition to efficient, modern production, the company also needed a reception and office area that clearly expressed its corporate spirit. SAOTA specialists have successfully combined landscape, spectacular architecture, and interior design, and showed the possibilities of modern industrial architecture.

#4 – An Innovative Industrial Center (Chiayi, Taiwan)

In the project of the industrial center, special attention is paid to the use of natural resources in hot and humid conditions. The construction uses the energy of sunlight, the reuse of rainwater, and a mechanism to cool the outside temperature. The landscape around is harmoniously combined with the architecture. The site is surrounded by a green belt, and a network of footpaths has been created to connect the public interior and open spaces. The water canal serves as not only an element of the landscape but also the border between the construction of different levels.

#5 – Delas Frères Winery (Tain-l’Hermitage, France)

The hillside terraces above Tain-l’Hermitage have been cultivated since ancient Roman times and are famous for being the best wines in the Rhone Valley. Delas Freres was determined to renovate a historic building located in the city center and reopen a winery despite the difficulties of harvesting wine in an urban setting.

The winery and the shop with it became a single whole and very harmoniously blended into the existing context. The historic building has become the centerpiece of the garden and the guesthouse. It features a restaurant, tasting rooms, bedrooms with garden views, and a wine cellar.

Delas Frères Winery is built in such a way that you want to touch its walls. The facades are made of 50 cm thick stone brought from the banks of the river – the sandstone was ideal for construction.

The main, wavy facade is eighty meters long and seven meters high. Despite the rather complicated shape of the wall, the blocks were assembled by a team of stonecutters, consisting of only two people – a father and a son. So if you are heading to Tain-l’Hermitage, you should definitely visit Delas Frères Winery.

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