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Guide to choosing the Ideal Truck-Mounted Crane

26 Jan 2022

Guide to choosing the Ideal Truck-Mounted Crane

Your Best Guide to Choosing the Ideal Truck-Mounted Crane for Your Requirements

For many construction and building projects, the use of a crane is paramount. Cranes are immensely useful for several purposes, and if you are trying to find and select the best truck-mounted crane for your needs, you have to consider a few key factors.

A truck mounted with a crane is usually comprised of critical parts and components such as the crane itself, the chassis of the vehicle, and the vehicle’s cargo box. Therefore, if you are to choose the best one, you have to look at all these components to make a perfect choice. Here, then, is your guide to these different components and how you can choose the ideal truck-mounted crane for your requirements. You can make the smart choice and look at crane mounting kits.

  • The Crane

The crane itself is one of the prime components of the entire truck-mounted crane, and it is related to the truck’s lifting capability or capacity. Folding boom and telescopic boom cranes come with a few benefits, depending on the environment in which you are using them. For instance, the telescopic boom crane is inexpensive and has a big working radius, making it more ideal for an open environment.

The telescopic arms are also more suitable for individual use. On the other hand, the folding boom crane offers better efficiency, and you can equip it with additional equipment, although it tends to be costlier than the telescopic boom crane. The folding boom arm is more suitable for use in factories and warehouses with smaller spaces for working.

You also have to consider the crane tonnage depending on the goods you will be lifting. Ideally, a standard truck-mounted crane should have a lifting tonnage of about 70 to 90 per cent of the crane’s maximum weight for lifting. So when making your selection, try to opt for additional surplus for the lifting weight of the crane, as this can also help prolong the crane’s lifespan.

  • The Chassis

The chassis’ reliability is directly related to the crane’s attendance rate, and you have to choose one that’s as reliable as possible, so be sure to find a truck-mounted crane specialists like PM Cranes. For this, you should select a brand that comes with a larger quantity as it offers more convenience in terms of maintenance and after-sales. Needless to say, the chassis needs to be a match for the crane’s tonnage. If the crane is too large for the chassis, this could result in reduced stability, and the crane could very well overturn. Also, the crane will have difficulty performing its best lifting capacity.

One main question many ask is if they can modify their truck crane with their existing truck’s chassis. Yes, you can do so, but manufacturers don’t often recommend this because your truck’s chassis needs to have an announcement for crane refitting, and standard chassis beams will not usually withstand the amount of pressure from the truck crane.

  • The Cargo Box

Truck crane cargo boxes usually come in pallets, although you can also opt for flat-panel cargo boxes. The most important consideration is the cargo box’s length, which is usually dependent on the truck crane’s announcement. A 4×2 unit or model will generally have compartments that measure 5.8m and 6.1m, whilst 6×2 and 6×4 units or models will usually have compartments with 7.5 to 8.6m.

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