Casinos around world with outstanding architecture

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Casinos Around the World That Have Outstanding Architecture

February 19, 2024

A visit to a casino isn’t just about hopefully getting some winning hands or success on the roulette table. Your visit to one can be highly entertaining even before you start playing. That’s because there are many casinos whose architecture will greatly delight visitors.

Las Vegas

Casinos around world with outstanding architecture - Bellagio Las Vegas

It would be a massive surprise if an article such as this did not mention Las Vegas. All gamblers dream of going to Vegas, even those who usually spend most of their time betting online in the comfort of their own home. Betting online is hugely popular in the US. The latter sees gamblers regularly paying visits to https://twin.com/ to check out the latest sporting odds.

Las Vegas is packed with casinos and they are incredible to look at. Even if you don’t like gambling (why are you in Vegas?), just seeing their architecture will take your breath away.

For example, there’s the Venetian which took years to build. It was designed by an engineering firm in Philadelphia called Klingstubbins. It took two years to complete and cost $1.4 billion. Of course, it’s not just a place to go and play casino games. The Venetian has everything from a theater to a museum and shops aplenty. You could go there, have a great time and not gamble at all even though it is rumored to be haunted.

If you love Egypt then the Luxor Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas will be right up your street. Just like online gambling slot games love to use Egypt as a theme for their games, this incredible looking building also goes down that route.

It’s 30-storeys high and its look is based on the ancient Egyptian city of Lexor. It was opened 31 years ago and its designer was Veldon Simpson with the Perini Building Company doing a great job with the construction.

Initially it had a pyramid but this was topped off to enhance the Egyptian look of the building. When opened it was the tallest building to be seen on the Las Vegas Strip. That record didn’t last long though when 11 days after it opened, the Treasure Island casino beat it.

Monte Carlo

Casino de Monte Carlo architecture - world building

While Las Vegas rules the roost in the US, Monte Carlo has to be visited if you’re in Europe. The Casino de Monte Carlo has a stunning look to it. Unlike the casinos we’ve mentioned in Las Vegas, this European one is steeped in history.

Back in 1865 it was opened but not as a casino. It was a spa at first but in later years a casino was added to the building. Charles Garner and Jules Dutrou designed the casino. Garner is also famous for designing the Paris Opera House.

Further expansion took place in 1881 and by then it had everything from concert halls to gaming rooms. Those who are resident in Monaco can’t actually play at the casino, it’s just for those who are visiting Monte Carlo.

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