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Why You Need A Planning Consultant

1 Mar 2021

A planning consultant has expert knowledge of planning permission. Working with a planning consultant often makes a difference between obtaining planning approval for a project. Given the changing nature of planning legislation, planning permission is not easy for the layman to grasp. A planning consultant is a par with changing legislations and has expert knowledge of regulations involving planning. As such, they can help you obtain planning permission for building projects with complex needs.

Why you need a planning consultant tips
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The need to work with planning consultants is increasing due to the ever-changing nature of planning systems and the complexities involved. You may be sure about the approval of your project, but you have got to play the game of the actual application process wisely from dealing with obligations, charges, officers, committees, appeals, and the technicalities involved in a planning application. Ideally, you should hire all the professionals you can get your hands on to make a project a success, but you do not need to end up wasting your money unnecessarily.

Why you should use a planning consultant

It is best to engage planning consultants in London if securing approval for your project may not be straightforward, especially if it involves interpreting local development plans and planning policy. Having a professional onboard gives you some reassurance and can help the planning process run more smoothly. A planning consultant offers the best way to approach a project to maximize the chances of getting the most desired results. There is so much they bring to the table, and their input can ensure you are pursuing the most appropriate options for your project.

Hiring one guarantees you expertise and boosts your application’s chances of success. If you have done the pre-application, they help you tailor your response bearing the council’s feedback in mind. For instance, if the committee said you could only build one and a half storeys, they can advise on adapting that design for the most desirable outcome.

When to bring in a planning consultant

It is always advisable to bring in a planning consultant at the initial stages of the project. That is because if a project is denied permission for the first time, its chances of getting approval are significantly diminished. Many people choose to rely on architects to manage the planning application. If you have issues with planning permission due to design aspects, consulting an architect is very important. However, they may not be able to help you navigate planning approval in complex cases.

The feasibility study

For instance, if you are a property developer considering a particular site for a potential building, working with a planning consultant is necessary to help you assess viability in what is known as a feasibility study. Here, the person determines the possibilities for success depending on both local and national planning policies.

It is imperative to have a one at the initial stages to advise you on whether buying a site is worth it or not. The knowledge they bring to the table can unlock opportunities that you or other purchasers had thought of. For instance, they can help you realize that a site is ideal for several homes rather than a less lucrative one.

The bottom line

If you are concerned that your planning submission may be rejected, it is best to speak to a planning consultant to advise you on the viable options available.

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