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Why People Should Know Their Postcode?

6 Feb 2020

Why People Should Know Their Postcode Advice

Postcode is the definite sequence of letters or numbers which is added to the person’s postal address to facilitate the sorting of postages. One may say that it’s unnecessary in the modern world, which is characterized by the rapid development of technologies, including the Internet. It’s hard to find the person who would exchange letters, not in electronic format. But it is still relevant.

Why People Should Know Their Postcode

First, you shouldn’t forget about its direct appointment – the sorting of postages. Although the people stopped sending letters, they started to order various goods on the Internet. There are millions of parcels sent from one city or country to another each day. The longer the distance between the sender and the recipient the harder it is to organize the delivery. Indexes help to speed up this process.

A lot of websites often require the user to enter not only the country or city of the living but also the index. It helps the website to verify the user exactly. Moreover, even taxi drivers may ask you to say your code.

Postal indexes of the UK in its present form were established in the middle of the 20th century and exist still. If you live in London and want to know your code use this London postcode map.

How to Define Your Code?

Since the introduction of digital technologies, life became much easier. Earlier you’d have to find a handbook and look through its pages in search of your area. Now you may open our website, see the map and found your code in one click. UK post codes are easily decrypted because they’re formed according to one standard. Full code usually consists of 6-8 characters and can be subdivided into 2 parts:

  • Outward code. It identifies the country, district, and area, to which your parcel should be sent further sorting and shipment. For example, EC1A, DA8.
  • Inward code denotes the sector and unit. In other words, it denotes the sector to which your letter or parcel should be delivered. This part usually looks like 9AA, 9QJ, etc.

Don’t write it as one word to avoid the loss of an important package. Our website can help to find the necessary code. There are two ways, you can choose one that’s convenient for you. Firstly, you may use an interactive map of London. Open it and zoom in to find your district. Click on your street and you’ll see the full index. Use it where necessary.

Postcode Finder Help Guide Summary

If the map doesn’t seem understandable, scroll down the page. You’ll see the list of outward codes. Click on the code and choose the necessary inward code. If you doubt the correctness of the data, feel free to use the search bar at the top of the page. Enter the postcode, city or your address and check the information. Website vouches for the veracity of the data because it uses the Postal National Statistics data and Royal Mail Database. Get the fullest list of codes with our website.

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Why People Should Know Their Postcode?
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