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Tools for Architects to Test Building Performance

19 Mar 2021

Tools for Architects to Test Building Performance

If you want to increase your performance when working on projects, these digital architectural tools will help you. In our list, you will find a useful app for you.

Top computer programming tools for architects

On the market, there are more and more software tools to help people manage their professional activity. These tools are of great importance for architects. Architects are the core of the whole building process.

They are responsible for the foundation of the building project. For this reason, it is important to find working Revit programing to manage the projects more effectively. Using architectural design software freeware gives the architects a benefit. They can analyze their work, optimize the data and perform correct calculations.

What are the tools that architects use? The list of useful tools consists of several great programs. These tools are helpful at different stages of the working process. Architects can introduce various changes during the process. Therefore, it is necessary to be accurate and track the changes in real-time.

What software do most architects use?

Architects are usually working with few apps when working on a project. The programs differ in their major functions. Here is the list of programs that will give you efficiency results in work and overcome the challenges.


The first program is called SketchUp. The application is focused on 3D modeling. You can use it for several purposes. It is mostly used for architectural engineering. You can use it online using the web application. It will be a free version that is called SketchUp Free. If you want more advanced access to all the tools, you can pay for the Pro version.

The program offers a wide set of functions for its users. You can benefit from an online library. You can use it for model assembling. The functionality of the architectural computer program offers different drawing styles. Therefore, you can realistically render your design using plug-in tools.

The program is great both for beginners and advanced users. But how can you protect the use of the program? It relates to SketchUp and other apps for architects. Most of them come in the form of streaming apps. You can offer changes in the real-time format. It is a convenient way of using the programs. But how can you protect the data and make sure the projects are safe?

You should try VeePN for protecting the projects. Using Veepn VPN is a must if you work on a huge and important project. Why do you need VPN for streaming? You can watch a live video where the speaker explains useful information for you. VPN for streaming can unblock the servers and lets you get the information smoothly. To ensure your streaming activity is protected, you should download the VPN app. You can get it for free. However, it is better to try a Pro version.

Do you need a VPN for streaming? You never know what servers you will use to work on the project. VPN streaming media ensures safe access to all the services online. You can forget about the struggles to access the server with a VPN for streaming.

Take a look at ExamSnap.

Green Building Studio

We have covered the VPN streaming media issue. Now let’s move to another modeling software app. You can try the program using a standalone service. GBS helps to analyze the project in detail. Another great thing about the app is its quick response.

The use of ASHRAE standards lets the architects manage their projects at a high-quality level. You can focus your attention mainly on the core areas while giving little attention to technical aspects.

Sefaira Architecture

With Sefaira Architecture, you can interactively work on the projects. A powerful in-built plug-in will calculate the figures and various daylight aspects. You will be able to track the use of energy online. The dashboard for real-time performances will give you a chance to track energy use more efficiently.

With Sefaira Architecture, you can compare the design processes and options. The app offers quite a quick analysis with profound data investigation.

Open Studio

The program works with SketchUp. And it is great for architects who don’t have bid sums of budget. The cost of the program is free. The interface is also quite simple, which makes it appropriate for beginners. If you want to try a new standalone or plug-in program to manage your architecture projects, Open Studio is a good choice.

The application performs different functions. When the geometry of the project is generated by the app, you can proceed with materials, systems, and other aspects using open Studio.

Vabi Apps

The software is available at different tariffs. You will have to pay about $10 to $30 to use the program. With Vabi Apps, you can easily calculate all substantial processes for a successful project. Not only financial aspects but also heating, daylight, and environment options are available at Vabi Apps.

Using the software program, you can figure out the costs for the processes and the energy use. There’s a well-designed dashboard to present all the calculations in one place.

Tools for Architects to Test Building Performance

Tools for Architects to Test Building Performance – Last Words

If you want to enhance your performance, you can’t deny the use of professional software for architects. But you should also remember about your safety. In the article, you can find the answer to the questions “Do you need a VPN for streaming?” Or “What is the easiest Architecture software to use?”. There are many other insights and a list of useful apps for architects.

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