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Luxurious Designed and Expensive Casinos Resorts Guide

23 Aug 2022

Many people would automatically connect Las Vegas with the most luxurious casinos for a long time.  Some of the world’s most luxurious hotels and casinos have been (and still are) located in the city that shines out in the middle of the Mojave Desert. But Las Vegas is not the only place where casinos can be found. The industry has witnessed the emergence of more casinos that are as lavish as it gets. Some of them could even be close by if you wish to try your luck while enjoying elegance and luxury of the highest kind.

The beauty of modern gambling is that the unmistakable casino experience can be felt everywhere, whether you’re traveling or not. In this sense, regardless of where you are, you can log in and play at and experience the real feel of a casino.

Let’s look at the top 5 most luxurious casino resorts in the world without going any further.

Luxurious Designed and Expensive Casinos Resorts

World’s Most Luxurious Designed and Expensive Casinos Resorts

Wynn, Macau

One of Wynn Resorts Limited properties is the Wynn Macau Casino, which is ideally situated in China’s Macau Special Administrative Region. It is believed to have a lavish atmosphere that the affluent love. It is understandable why it has become one of the top casinos in the world. Yes, it has existed for a little over a decade and has gained a lot of followers. In fact, the casino was expanded a year after it first opened to accommodate rising demand. The hotel currently offers over 1,000 rooms and suites, a casino floor over 25,400m2 in size, and a 5,400m2 shop floor. The lavish casino is said to be worth USD 1.3 billion.

South Africa’s Sun City Resort and Casino

You might try your luck at the Sun City Resort and Casino if you happen to be in Sun City, South Africa, and would want to test if your luck is up to the task. Sun City Resort and Casino offers a location that evokes the spirit of an African safari and is just two hours from Johannesburg. It is situated near Rutenberg City. Slot machines, roulette, blackjack, and other casino games are available at the casino. Private apartments are offered to high roller customers to assure their privacy and security.

Monaco’s Hotel de Paris and Monte-Carlo Casino

The Hotel de Paris and Casino de Monte, two historic hotels connected by a short flight of stairs, are two of the most popular destinations for high rollers who are willing to spend millions to win (or lose) millions. The casinos are renowned for their excellent features and magnificent, exquisite décor. The first James Bond novel, Casino Royale, was set in Casino de Montem, which has developed a reputation as a high-stakes casino.

Las Vegas’s Bellagio Hotel and Casino

The Bellagio, another hotel in Las Vegas, is renowned for being among the most lavish hotels ever constructed. Additionally, when it appeared in the heist-robbery film Ocean’s Eleven, its reputation rose significantly. Aside from its top-notch gaming options and casino amenities, The Bellagio is famous for its water fountain performances, which have grown to be a popular Las Vegas attraction.

The Kurhaus of Baden-Baden Casino in Germany

The Kurhaus in Baden-Baden is not just one of the world’s most opulent hotels and casinos—it was also one of the first when it was built in 1820. Kurhaus is a good choice if you want to gamble in the most elegant setting possible, away from the hordes of tourists and regular casino goers. In addition to the hotel’s casino, additional attractions in Baden-Baden include the famed spa, the world-famous Black Forest, and other popular tourist spots.

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