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Smart Tips for Sellers to Choose the Best Homebuyer

2 Sep 2020

Smart tips for sellers to choose best homebuyer

It surely is a great morale booster when you find that multiple prospective buyers have shown a keen interest in your home. You feel quite happy at the thought that your hard work and sincere efforts that went into cleaning and refurbishing your home has ultimately paid off. You must now consider all the homebuyers and their offers and finally, choose the best homebuyer.

As per, while sellers are hoping to get the highest price, the homebuyers are also looking for the best possible deal. For any deal to close, both buyers and sellers must meet at some middle point. Negotiating for a house is critical because this is often the most important and precious asset most individuals own and it involves a lot of cash that is very much at stake. As a seller, you could follow some expert tips while choosing the best buyer for your home.

Tips for Sellers to Find Best Homebuyer

Determine a Clear-Cut Stratagem

You may end up getting offers from multiple homebuyers and so you need to decide what would be the best way of tackling the situation. While selling your home if you are partnering with a competent listing agent, he could consider negotiating and helping you in identifying the right homebuyer and then opting for the perfect offer for you. Just in case, you are doing the entire home deal on your own independently. You may inform all interested buyers that you are giving importance to offers on chiefly ‘first come, first served’ criterion.

You must keep in mind that the first offer that comes to you may not necessarily be the best from various perspectives. You need to examine multiple offers and compare them taking into account all the critical factors. You may have to generate a counteroffer so that you choose the buyer who offers you the most favorable and acceptable terms. You must be clear in your communication and keep all interested buyers informed about your decision.

You simply cannot afford to lose the best homebuyer just because he starts believing that you are shady and dishonest. Instead of choosing first-time buyers, you could get a much better and smoother deal from professional sites that advertise saying ‘we buy houses’. You could do ample research about their reputation and efficiency and get in touch with them for a speedy closure.

Evaluate Which Offer Would Be More Profitable

You need to assess all the offers from multiple prospective buyers. It is best to opt for the all-cash buyer or you may choose the one with a pre-approval letter from a lender. The price is a critical factor but you simply cannot underestimate the closing costs. Often you get a very high offer but the homebuyer wants you to pay a percentage of or all of the closing costs of the homebuyer. Closing costs are generally between 2% and 5% of the actual purchase price. You must necessarily factor in the closing costs if you wish to understand the true profitability of the offer.

Choose a Buyer with Least Concessions

The price of the house is certainly not the sole factor to consider. You need to weigh the pros and cons of multiple variables. Remember to consider the concessions that prospective homebuyers are requesting you to make. It is more practical to choose a homebuyer with very few concessions to ask for.

Choose a Homebuyer with Maximum Flexibility of Timing

As a seller, your intention and objective must be to reach the closing stage as fast as possible. If you fail to decide between multiple offers, you may choose a homebuyer who is ready to close in a matter of a few days or just a few weeks. A homebuyer who wants you to wait for longer may not be the best option.


Determining the best buyer for your home may be a tricky and challenging issue for you. It is best to see the big picture in this context and focus on choosing the most experienced and qualified buyer whose offer has matched your expectations.

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