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Strategies real estate agents should use in 2021 to sell properties

26 Apr 2021

The pandemic has a significant effect on real estate businesses because to prevent the virus from spreading; the authorities have recommended social distancing and self-quarantine that have made in-person business almost impossible. Real estate buyers and sellers have been more cautious and apprehensive during the last year when dealing with real estate agents and other people. The pandemic has triggered some changes in the industry that forced real estate agents to adjust their marketing strategies.

Strategies real estate agents should use in 2021
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Strategies real estate agents should use to sell property

The last year has brought a lot of changes in real estate marketing, and real estate agents are contemplating what the future of the industry may hold, considering that many clients are still reluctant to meet in person. Even if 2021 has brought a vaccination scheme that lowers the chance to catch the virus, the real estate market is still experiencing unprecedented times. Realtors have to find new ways to promote their services and remain relevant in the industry.

Suppose you’re a real estate agent researching what strategies to use to boost your real estate marketing efforts. In that case, this article may serve you as a guide because it helps you prepare for times when your clients will probably prefer online communication.

Focus on digital marketing

Digital marketing isn’t a new strategy for real estate agents because they have been using it for a while to engage with their audience and attract clients. But in 2021, it will become the norm for realtors, even if some were reluctant to embrace it in the past. With people isolated at home, it’s almost impossible to reach prospects by using other advertising means. Digital marketing tools can boost lead generation when used right.

Many people switched to working from home, and they rely on the internet to find real estate agents that can help them sell or buy a property. Once face-to-face interactions have been restricted, online communication registered a surging increase. Therefore, realtors need to establish a robust online presence to engage with their prospects and promote their services.

SEO and Blogging

Search engine optimisation and blogging are crucial in showcasing listings and communicating with clients. Real estate agents should create content-rich in relevant keywords that enable them to reach their targeted public, descriptions to tell search engines what the test is about, and images, videos, and metadata to boost their content’s visibility. Blogging allows them to provide updates about the properties they sell and the local conditions on the real estate market.

Social media platforms

Social media can help real estate agents leverage marketing in 2021 because since the pandemic bound people to their homes, the number of social media users increased. The realtors who want to step up their advertising game should invest in social ads and produce high-quality content for social media networks to connect with their followers. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Tik Tok are the most popular social media platforms real estate agents use for digital marketing.

Use aerial drones to create videos of the neighbourhood and property

Prospective buyers want to check the area where the house is located and picture themselves living there. And if the neighbourhood convinces them they’re in the right place, they may also want to view the property. Usually, when someone wants to buy a house, they check the local businesses, schools, infrastructure, and amenities, and if they feel like they’d like to live there, they start looking for properties.

The pandemic made it difficult for people to travel and inspect neighbourhoods and properties. But, realtors can come up with a solution for this; they can provide their clients with footage from the area to help them determine if they see themselves living in the area. They can use aerial drones for videography and photography and capture the elements their clients are interested about. Aerial footage can highlight the community features and share them with the client or on social media to help people make an idea of the lifestyle in the area.

This strategy allows real estate agents to facilitate property views without meeting with the clients in person.

Create virtual tours

At the moment, it’s challenging to organise in-person home tours. But real estate agents know most clients won’t buy a property if they don’t have a glimpse of the house because they want to ensure it suits their needs. As a result, the relators who wish to provide their clients with the best services create virtual tours to make the buying process easier.

Nowadays, people are able to shop for houses remotely from the safety of their homes because virtual tours take them inside and outside the property; they’re interested in purchasing to help them determine if it fits their preferences.

However, for real estate agents to be able to convince their clients to close a deal with a virtual tour, they need to create premium material. This means they have to use a high-quality camera to create videography, add royalty free songs like the ones from Melody Loops on the background to keep the viewers engaged, and insert basic information about the property in the video to help the clients understand what each space’s purpose is.

Use analytics and data to research the market

Knowing who their audience is and who they want to engage the most with their digital marketing strategies can help them choose the type of content they must deliver. For example, if they target young families, promoting small apartments won’t prove helpful.

They need to use analytics to track their posts’ engagement to determine what type of content performs better. Data and analytics can help them identify the pieces of work and the strategies they should use to engage their prospects.

Real estate agents should constantly collect information from the housing market to identify the latest trends and create strategies that match the industry’s needs. They need to use an analytics tool to track the type of posts that receive the greatest engagement, identify the subjects that bring leads, and observe how the public interacts with their social media posts.

Strategies real estate agents should use in 2021 Conclusion

Everyone wants to forget 2020, but sadly this year changed the real estate market, so many realtors need to adapt their digital marketing strategies to stay afloat.

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