Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin by David Chipperfield

Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin by David Chipperfield Architect, German Building Restoration Design

Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin design by David Chipperfield

The landmark structure Neue Nationalgalerie by Mies van der Rohe is now ready to open for people in Berlin after being remodeled by David Chipperfield. This architectural marvel was badly built, but it took the celebrated architect almost €140 million and six years to restore it to its former glory. Its main hall looked spectacular, like the temple.

Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin by David Chipperfield
photo © Adrian Welch

David Chipperfield successfully improves Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin

Smooth Transition Of Neue Nationalgalerie

The 20th-century masterpiece structure Neue Nationalgalerie by the renowned architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, has been refurbished, or ‘surgery’ is being done by the leading architect David Chipperfield this century. He says, “My focus was to return this masterpiece as the beloved patient who has been untouched, but perfect surgery has been done to help it run more smoothly.”

The Neue Nationalgalerie is a Berlin-based modern new National Gallery located in Kulturforum, a museum for modern art. This architectural marvel is part of the National Gallery of the Berlin State Museums. Berlin is already in the news for an end number of times for its architectural marvels like The Berlin Wall, Reichstag Building, Holocaust Memorial, Museum Island, and much more.

The visitors throng the country to see these beautiful architectures and buildings. Besides, it also has a cultural flair with hundreds of events, galleries, museums, Berlin Opera, and much more. Even this most incredible city has an artistic and gaming touch where people play Roulette, Poker, and other games at online casinos like NetBet.

These things, along with this geometric marvel, are worth seeing in Berlin. Visitors can start visiting Neue Nationalgalerie in August 2021 itself. It will re-open on August 22, 2021. The work of the renowned American Sculptor Alexander Calder will be put in the exhibition during this time.

No More Additional Renovations!

The main challenge for David was to restore this steel and glass façade as it is and to use stones that were originally used. It meant removing 35,000 original building components and then putting them back again. The restoration was asked to survive for the next 30 to 40 years without being touched. The concept was to include “More and More of Mies.”

The National Gallery got its second life in April 2021, and now the keys are being handed over to the authorities for visitors to visit this place. After a 6-year painstaking work put in by David Chipperfield, the comment was that there is little to no change in this man-made marvel of the 20th century. This Post-war architecture is itself a Utopian Building constructed by Mies and provided to the people of Berlin.

Neues Museum in Berlin by David Chipperfield Architect:
Neues Museum Building Berlin by David Chipperfield Architect
image : David Chipperfield Architects

In the words of David Chipperfield, “Mies was an architect capable of designing utopian buildings with utopian thoughts that are shown here. He foresighted future marvels when he decided to design this steel and glass façade. It was an important work of this great architect built with great harmony.”

David wanted to keep the renovations minimal so that the surgery performed must keep the things intact, and new additions can be kept at a bare minimum. The remodeling of this building was a strange experience for the modern architect David but also a privilege on the other hand. The two main aesthetics that were preserved beautifully are the white-cube gallery and glass pavilion. David found some genius things here in this architectural marvel, but yes flaws were also witnessed that were preserved after so many years. The motive is to safeguard the Neue Nationalgalerie gallery for the next 30 to 40 upcoming years.

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photo © Adrian Welch
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