Modern architecture ideas when building a home in Colorado, CO real estate, USA architectural design

Modern Architecture Ideas When Building a Home in Colorado, USA

Nov 30, 2022

Modern architecture ideas when building a home in Colorado
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Building a modern house in Colorado can seem like the most daunting thing. Many worries can creep in, such as the integrity of the neighborhood and having your vision in line with architectural regulations, among other things.

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Over the years, architectural styles have evolved from cultural, artistic, and technological movements. When thinking of designing a new home, it’s important to consider styles that work and fit your taste. Below are modern architectural ideas that can help you decide on your personal residential style.

Modern Architecture Ideas to Consider When Building a Home in Colorado – Styles

The American Bungalow

This is a popular but modern style for many families that became popular around the 20th century. This idea originated from a home design in India called Bengal, a modest architectural design initially proposed for travelers.

This design offered traditional, simplistic, and space-efficient plans that were perfect for a small family. Some of these elements include front porches, heavy pillars, wide welcoming stairs, clapboard siding, and cedar shingles.

Modern Prairie

This idea originates from the Prairie style birthed out of the creative inspirations of Frank Lloyd Wright. This architectural style was designed to mirror his interest in amber waves of grains and his penchant for homes with low-hanging roofs hugging the surrounding landscape.

Other features included sturdy construction, broad hip roofs, vertical windows, and other asymmetrical elements. Although modern, it incorporates the initial intent by adding an indoor/outdoor relationship, such as doors and glass windows. This lures the inhabitants to partake in nature. There’s also an addition of accentuated depth and dimensions with richer colors and accents.

Contemporary Farmhouse

This design provides a re-emergence of farmhouse elements. However, homeowners need to understand that modern farmhouses and traditional farmhouse designs have a number of differences. While they might share designs with the American Midwest, they are never out of style.

Contemporary farmhouse designs incorporate Shed-Style appeal and produce architecture that includes porches, metal and wood elements, and large windows to take in the beauty of Colorado at once. There is also an introduction of large doors that bring in the outdoors as much as possible and gabled roofs that give a semblance of an English countryside farmhouse but with an engaging visual design.

Mountain Modern

What’s better than one idea? Two, obviously. This style is a mix of two architectural ideas: Prairie and Farmhouse. The blend of the simple, flat, angular roof lines of Prairie and the elements and style in Farmhouse make Mountain Modern an exotic choice.

For professional guidance on incorporating these natural elements into your home, consider consulting a professional landscape architect.

In fact, this style brings the best of both worlds right to you for the price of one. Some of the incorporated elements include the vertical lines of the outdoor beams, the large windows, the natural stone exterior, and the large porches. If you love neutral colors, then this architectural style is definitely for you. They are a departure from the normal bold and dark colors typical in country homes.

In this style, there’s more emphasis on the building materials – textured concrete, smooth glass, or even rough stone. By imbibing neutral colors, the textures of materials used are then allowed to shine. Another important thing about this style is they are far from fuzzy. This design is low maintenance and considers different weather conditions. Think about it: utilizing local stones and native plants means you can enjoy your home more than maintain it.


This is essentially defined as the building styles of the present day. It can be difficult to put a definition to it, but some of its characteristic elements include the use of energy-efficient materials, large windows, and, most times, putting more thought into the functionality of design than the style.

This style seeks to connect both outdoor and indoor spaces by implementing the external surroundings of architecture into the overall space. They might appear more luxurious and fancier than other residential styles but are often more refined and efficient, no thanks to building and home technologies.


Undoubtedly, with all these architectural styles mentioned above, there’ll be one that catches your fancy that you can use for your next home. However, times and seasons change rapidly, and it’s only a matter of time before better modernist architectural styles take greater precedence.

How soon or how long this can be, no one can tell. For now, you can keep up to date with our architectural designs and revel in the exotic characteristics of modernist styles.

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