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3 Amazing Coffee Shop Design Ideas

8 November 2021

3 amazing coffee shop design ideas guide

These days there are literally tens of thousands of brick-and-mortar cafes for coffee-lovers to choose from in the UK, and a budding entrepreneur running a coffee shop often needs more than just a good product and nice atmosphere to attract customers. It takes hard work, careful planning and effective customer outreach campaigns to stand out among the competition.

A big part of the success of any coffee shop is its ability to leave a lasting impression on customers. After all, an exquisite interior, delicious food or beverages and helpful employees won’t cut it if customers never come in. Many small and medium-scale cafes employ policy-oriented strategies in creating return traffic. Some of the most common strategies include:

3 Amazing Coffee Shop Design Ideas Guide

  • Event-based as well as seasonal promos and giveaways.
  • Discount cards and stamp cards create an incentive specifically for return traffic. These cards are usually stamped with every purchase, in order to indicate how many coffees a person has had in total. Every tenth coffee is free.
  • An allowance of free wi-fi for every customer tracked and organized by device ID (e.g. laptops, smartphones) is very effective for creating return traffic within the student and young adult demographics, which can naturally dovetail into free advertising via free social media.

What else can be done to attract and create loyal customers? In this post, we go over three solid design strategies to create a memorable customer experience and cater to your own cafe’s needs, all without breaking the bank.

Complement Visuals With Materials to Create an Signature Atmosphere

Design is much more than selecting a color palette and purchasing items accordingly. To create a truly immersive customer experience, go into the small details — this includes door styles, fabric types, upholstery and materials. While brass table bottoms go very well with a range of surfaces, for instance, they don’t necessarily go well with glass table tops most of the time. Instead, treated brass goes very well with wooden surfaces for both chairs and tables.

Picking a business space to set up a cafe based on its ability to create an amazing visual experience only goes so far; factor in how the sun streams into the space, or how nighttime traffic can accentuate interior objects if visible from the windows. With visuals in mind, be sure to select complementary materials to round out the unique experience your location provides.

Layout is King

Floor planning is essential to maintaining sustainable levels of customer traffic depending on capacity. It also helps you in appealing to target demographics. For example, a lower-capacity cafe would do well not to implement too many sofas or lounging arrangements inside to naturally cut customer stay times. Less customer access to electrical outlets would also discourage customers from staying and working on personal projects.

Well-designed grab-and-go style cafes typically place the ends of their lines (along with the cashier and claim area for finished cups of coffee) close to the exit. This makes handling even large numbers of queued customers much more efficient, with organised throughput and a convenient flow in and out the door for all parties.

Layout is arguably co-equal to menu selection in regards to a coffee shop’s handling of customer traffic. Lower capacity cafes would do well to serve light, quick and easy foods like bagels and sandwiches — rather than heavy foods best enjoyed slowly, like cakes and pies. Responsible management of customer traffic based on a realistic assessment of instore capacity is key to maintaining a contented base of patrons likely to return often.

Get With The Times in Terms of Decor

While it might get tempting to create a space all your own deco-wise within the bounds of your coffee shop, consider that you’d be fighting a losing battle. Trying for folksy, homey or even baroque deco stylings inside a cafe in the middle of a 21st century commercial district has proven to be a long and pointless process for countless entrepreneurs looking to stand out among their competitors, and for good reason.

When planning for decor around your coffee shop, always remember that the windows provide views of a forest of postmodern architecture, billboards, and automobile traffic. This is not to say that a conscious effort to create a cosy atmosphere is misguided, but a good rule of thumb in modern times is that less is generally more, for both you and your customers. After all, ornamental arrangements on end tables and countertops only increase the likelihood of a mishap in what will hopefully be a bustling cafe.

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