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How To Use Geometric Patterns To Give Your Room A Unique Architectural Look

July 29, 2021

Creating visual interest in any room is a great way to enhance the beauty of your home. But how can you get it right with geometric patterns? We break down your pattern options and how you can use each for the ultimate aesthetic lift.

How to use geometric patterns for unique look

How To Use Geometric Patterns?

As the name suggests, geometric patterns follow geometric shapes. Think back to elementary school when you would have geometry classes. Some people loved them, and others wished they could get cut from the curriculum. But whether you embraced them or not, you are sure to love geometric patterns.

Please note that geometric patterns evoke emotions and give the room a mood. To ensure you do not end up invoking an adverse reaction, you need to understand the various shapes, which are:

Circular Shapes

Circles exude love, affection, compassion, and tenderness. Anyone walking into a room with such wallpaper will feel welcomed. For example, installing peel & stick removable wallpaper with circular shapes in a living room will create a sense of safety. It is unlikely that people in the room will feel anxious. Instead, they will feel at one with the room and the people in it. For this reason, you are better off using circular shapes in calming rooms like your bathroom and bedroom. Any space you consider a haven can benefit from these shapes.

Curves or Spiral Shapes

Like with circles, these are soft shapes. But instead of imparting warmth and relaxation, they take on playful energy. Therefore, they invoke happiness, joy, and generosity in a space. For example, using a spiraled geometric wallpaper in a children’s play area can help them give in to their childhood joys and play without a care in the world. Retail stores also take advantage of such shapes to encourage people to shop happily. Now, imagine if the children’s play area had vertical shapes in it. Would the children feel safe? Probably not.

Spirals and curves also have romantic aspects and might be the best way to decorate for a quiet dinner at home. It ties in with the pleasure of being around these playful designs, which has a lot to do with the illusion of movement.

Squares, Rectangles & Pyramids

These shapes feature straight edges, and for a good reason. A wallpaper with such straight borders will indicate strength, reliability, and power. Moreover, it will exude a sense of stability. Now, how can this work in your favor? Think of your home office. You want people to associate this space with work, power, and even professionalism. It is vital for people who hold meetings or even Zoom calls in their offices. The straight edges signify that it is time for business.

Furthermore, psychologists relate these edges with hard work and a knack for analytical energy. People who follow such edges are often thoughtful and tend to color within the lines, controlling their energy.

Would sharp edges work for calming spaces? Not quite. Their solidity and power can overwhelm the room and leave it feeling like a professional space than a relaxation room. For example, using such lines in a bedroom can make your room feel a bit too serious. However, if you can use only a few such shapes, you might find a way to avoid a professional look.

Vertical Shapes

Once again, such straight lines indicate strength. However, their power is much more than squares, rectangles, and pyramids. With the vertical lines, the power can feel overwhelming, and some people even feel threatened in such spaces. Therefore, you need to be careful to avoid igniting aggression in the people entering the room. In most cases, people associate such shapes with masculine energy. So, it can either exude confidence or make people feel antsy and ready to take on others in a disagreement.

Can you avoid the overwhelming aggression effect? Sure! Try to avoid using large stripes, and where you must use them, limit their coverage. To make them less noticeable, incorporate solid colors in the rest of the room.

Horizontal Shapes

In contrast to vertical shapes, horizontal shapes bear feminine energy. Therefore, they have a nurturing aspect and can impart peace, calmness, and restfulness in a home. They are suitable for spaces where relaxation takes precedence, like bedrooms and even living rooms.

Additionally, you can even use these in bathrooms, which most people consider sanctuaries. Oh! They also work in dining areas. Generally, people are more willing to sit and eat for longer hours if they feel welcome. Using vertical shapes in such areas would only make people feel a bit threatened and uneasy. Remember that while you may be offering a kind atmosphere through your actions, the subconscious cannot help but react to the surroundings.

Sharp Shapes and Angles

What comes to your mind when you think of triangles and zigzags? Angles tend to invoke strong feelings in people because of their high energy. When used right, this energy can be highly positive and can make people feel empowered. For example, angles can increase creativity by forcing the brain to work harder at coming up with ideas. However, if not used right, the energy can turn aggressive and can make people overreact to situations.

How should you use geometric patterns?

Geometric patterns scream, ‘look at me,’ even though some options may be subtle. Some people may argue that this is a good thing. Sure, it is. However, too much of anything can be a lot to take. You need to think about the message you want to put across. Otherwise, if the shapes are not communicating, they are just busy and will do little to beautify your space.

These shapes can evoke emotional reactions and have a bearing on mental wellness. You may have even noticed that personality tests now incorporate the shapes to test human consciousness. That is how powerful they are. So, you do not want to use shapes that will communicate anything other than the intended mood.

Now that you know how each shape can impact your mood, you can start looking for wallpaper that matches what you need. Enjoy!

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