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Why Is Dubai Considered the Capital of Architecture Advice

13 October 2021

Why is Dubai considered as capital of architecture?
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Dubai is one of the most built-up cities in the world, and until recently it was a desert and a small fishing village. Today it is one of the most impressive cities in the world, a megalopolis, and the largest city in the Arab Emirates. The most luxurious and tall buildings are created in Dubai, staggering in their scale.

Why Is Dubai Considered to Be the Capital of Architecture Guide

In addition to its ready-made archipelagos, the Emirates is remarkable for its striking architectural structures. Dubai’s most noteworthy modern structures:

  • The Nakheel Tower residential skyscraper;
  • Hydropolis, an underwater hotel;
  • The Burj Al Arab, a hotel in the shape of a sail;
  • Anara Propeller Tower;
  • Sky Dubai Ski Resort;
  • Pentominium skyscraper;
  • Dubai Fountain.

Nakheel Tower

Australian architect Woods Bagot envisioned a skyscraper 1,400 meters tall. The tower was to be one of four freestanding towers whose architecture would resemble buildings in the traditions of Morocco, Iran, Alexandria, and Spain. The building was to be the tallest skyscraper, with 120 floors of apartments. In 2009 the construction was canceled due to the financial crisis.


One of the most interesting projects in Dubai is Hydropolis. The building goes into the depth of the Persian Gulf at 18 meters. The cost of construction was 490 million dollars, an area of 260 hectares. Bentley Continental rental becomes a great opportunity to get there, or you can get to the hotel by train, including the underwater tunnel. The amazing building is a complex of laboratories, prestigious restaurants, beauty salons, spa centers, and recreation areas for guests. A business center and its own concert hall are all equipped for residents and businessmen.

The hotel has more than 200 rooms, which are styled as ship’s cabins. Architecturally, Hydropolis is a building in the form of connected discs. All the main parts of the building are connected by elevators.

Burj Al Arab sail-shaped hotel

A unique building 270 meters from the seashore on an island artificially built and connected to the shore by a bridge. The height of the hotel is 321 meters. The hotel is built in the shape of the sail of an Arabian dhow. On the top tier of the hotel, there is a helipad and the El Muntaha restaurant.

The hotel lobby is two-story. The hotel has the highest lobby in the world, which is 180 meters high. All rooms are two-storied. The area of the smallest room is 169 meters, and the largest – 780 square meters.

Ski Resort Sky Dubai

The first ski resort was built under the roof in the Middle East. The complex has 5 lanes of different inclinations and heights. The longest track is 400 meters. The area of the resort is 3000 square meters.

Pentominium skyscraper

The super-high skyscraper under construction in Dubai, which will eventually reach 516 meters, and will have 122 floors. There will be one single apartment on each of the floors, measuring 601-607 meters.

Dubai Fountain

The musical fountain was built in the center of Dubai, in an artificial lake over 12 hectares, next to the Burj Khalifa skyscraper. It became the largest and tallest fountain in the world. The length of the fountain was 275 meters, the height of 150 meters, which is the height of a 50-story building. The fountain is lit by 6,600 spotlights and 25 colors.

Dubai Buildings

Despite all the splendor and extraordinary shapes and sizes inherent in the architecture of Dubai, there is still a lot of criticism concerning the architectural forms and solutions. According to some critics, Dubai’s buildings are being built at a rapid pace, with little attention paid to quality.

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Coca-Cola Arena, City Walk
Architects: Populous
Coca Cola Arena in Dubai
photo courtesy of architects
Coca-Cola Arena

The Opus
Design: Zaha Hadid Architects
The Opus Hotel Dubai UAE
photograph : Laurian Ghinitoiu
The Opus Hotel in Dubai

Flamenca at The World Islands
Design: UNICA Architects
Flamenca World Archipelago Islands Dubai
image courtesy of architects
Flamenca at The World Islands in Dubai

Kraz Restaurant, Sharjah
Architects: H2R Design
Kraz Restaurant Sharjah interior design
image courtesy of architects office
Kraz Restaurant in Sharjah

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