Top beautiful cities to move for digital nomads

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Top Beautiful Cities to Move for Digital Nomads

22 Nov 2021

The recent pandemic brought along with it several challenges, but we cannot deny the fact that has gifted us the luxury to work from anywhere. Being digital nomads, we can now work from literally anywhere.

If you are worried about packing, unpacking while you move from one place to another – worry no more. You can now rest assured about receiving assistance for rapid packing and moving, anytime, and from anywhere. Here are some of the options that you can choose from.

Let us now look at some of the most beautiful cities that you might want to work from.


Medellín city Colombia, South America

Based in Colombia, South America, it carries the title of City of Eternal Spring. Medellin is famous for offering great infrastructure, technological advancements, and friendly co-working spaces. Also, explore Mother Nature’s bounties in the surrounding hills.


Lisbon beautiful city move for digital nomads

Marvelous weather, mouthwatering cuisines, relatively low cost of living, etc., are only some of the advantages of living in Lisbon, Portugal. Furthermore, you should find it easy to find friends within a large expatriate community. Europeans favor this city, because it’s a member of the European Union.

Playa del Carmen

Connect with a large community of digital nomads in this charming seaside city of Mexico, via Facebook. They take advantage of excellent fiber optic Internet facilities, charming co-working spaces, and traditional atmosphere. Whenever free, try scuba diving, surfing, hiking, etc., or lose yourself in a glorious nightlife scenario.

Chiang Mai

This city in the northern area of Thailand, is famous in the world of digital nomads. The cost of living is highly affordable in a place offering very modern co-working spaces. Other attractions are lively night markets, lush and safe jungles, and splendid-looking temples.


Prague city Czech Republic buildings

It is a history-rich city of the Czech Republic. Expatriates love this place for the low cost of living, vibrant culture, ‘local’ friendliness, and welcoming atmosphere. With excellent transportation facilities at the ready, you should find travel comfortable.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

It is an island city in Spain. The warm winters attract people from across the globe. You should find it easy to rent a place for yourself, even with a meager salary. As for traveling, you can go anywhere and everywhere on a bike.


This city in Taiwan offers delicious cuisines and good weather. You may reside in cheap hostels with dormitory accommodation. There are plenty of subway trains to take you to all corners of the city. Alternatively, you may hire bikes. You may work at clean and friendly cafes, or other co-working spots.


This Serbian city is rather laid-back, with the locals expressing extreme friendliness towards foreigners. You will love the glorious Internet coverage, low-cost food, numerous co-working spaces, and comfortable and inexpensive accommodation! The nightlife is highly vibrant.


Tbilisi top beautiful cities to move for digital nomads

The city, with its dramatic environment, lies between the Black Sea and the Caucasus Mountains, in Georgia, Central Asia. Plenty of buses and an underground Metro, suffice to provide speedy transportation. You may register yourself at a co-working hub for a very nominal cost. The cuisines cater to every kind of palate! Tbilisi is amazing to both visit and stay.


Based in Estonia, it is ideal for start-ups and entrepreneurs. The Government’s heavy investments in infrastructure, serve to make it marvelous for those involved with technology or finance. Surprisingly, you can travel anywhere on foot. Alternatively, you may make use of the plentily available trams, trolleys, or buses.

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