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Top Unusual Casino Buildings

29 Jun 2021

Traditional casinos all look more or less the same on the inside. They have roulette tables, slot machines, poker venues, bars, restaurants, and so on. However, not every casino looks the same on the outside.

The gambling industry has been around for decades already and that’s why some outlets decided to add a little tweak to the overall appearance. They do it in order to become more recognizable and distinguish from renowned competitors from the neighborhood.

Some casinos really took it to the next level by building extraordinary gambling venues. In this post, we will present you with the top unusual casino buildings.

Top unusual casino buildings guide Macau

Top Unusual Casino Buildings List

  1. State Prison Casino in Nevada, US

We bet you didn’t expect this one coming! Nevada state prison used to be home to one of the most inglorious casinos in the world. Of course, the place wasn’t open for visitors as it was only designed for inmates who wanted to gamble. It wasn’t exactly on the list of the best live casinos, but it definitely served a very special purpose – the state prison casino actually used to make prisoners more friendly and much less hostile than usual.

  1. Casino Taxi in London, UK

Nothing outperforms a prison-based casino, but we have to admit that casino cabs sound just as strange and unusual. A taxi casino features everything you’d expect from a typical gambling outlet, including a minibar. You can choose to play games online as part of the $1 deposit casino or simply tell a driver to take you directly to the traditional Hill Street Casino. Each option is equally right, if you ask us.

  1. Esperanza Base Casino, Hope Bay, Antarctica

Do you think you can hide from casino gambling in Antarctica? Think twice as we introduce you to Esperanza Base Casino in Hope Bay. This is exactly where a group of Argentinian scientists and explorers established a base and then realized a small casino would fit in nicely. Needless to say, this is the only casino in Antarctica and it doesn’t look as exclusive as Las Vegas outlets, but it still gets the job done for gamblers who happen to be in Esperanza Base.

  1. The Desert Cave Hotel, Australia

The Coober Pedy town is not just a global leader in opal production but also home to the Desert Cave Hotel and its casino. As one of the most remote gambling outlets worldwide, the Desert Cave Hotel makes a perfect place for adventurists eager to play a round of poker or roulette in a completely different environment. And you can seize the opportunity to visit local mines while you are there – it’s a memorable experience indeed.

  1. Casino Pyongyang, North Korea

North Korea is not exactly the global capital of human rights, so it isn’t supposed to operate a casino. Or is it? It turns out that North Korea allows Casino Pyongyang to operate with the sole purpose of hosting foreign gamblers, Chinese in particular. There are no domestic players or employees in Casino Pyongyang, but everyone else who is crazy enough to visit North Korea is welcome to join the party.


If you thought all casinos looked the same, you probably changed your mind after reading our post. We showed you some of the most interesting and unusual examples of casino buildings around the world. Which one did you like the most? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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