The role of feng shui in casino architecture, balancing energy and luck, Gaming architecture style

The Role of Feng Shui in casino architecture – balancing energy and luck

16 May 2024

Everyone needs a bit of luck now and then – especially when you’re gaming for an extra bit of cash. Feng shui is said to bring good luck through the use of certain objects and through the placement of furniture in the home.

The role of feng shui in casino architecture

But feng shui tactics can be applied in any building – including a casino. So if you’re in need of a new strategy playing at a land based casino, you can look out for the feng shui signs below. And if you need a bit more luck playing at an online casino canada, you could even implement these in your own home!

Feng shui in casino architecture

Feng shui is applicable to all buildings, no matter what they are used for. Most of the feng shui tricks and tips are applicable to all buildings – although some will be for specific places. It all depends on what you’re after.

At a casino, most people are going to want to be as lucky as possible, so this will be the main focus when looking into the architecture. The first place to start is the front door. Feng shui says that the entrance to a place is the most important part.

The more inviting and homely the entrance or foyer, the more luck that it is said to bring. A good entrance hall is said to bring in the good ‘chi’ or energy, so it’s a must when looking for a good casino.

Another element that holds importance is the lighting. Harsh lighting creates a bad environment and feng shui. However, bright and welcoming lighting makes a place feel more welcoming and relaxing. It’s not always possible to have natural light in a casino, but soft lighting is an absolute must.

Feng shui good luck charms

  • Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha is arguably the most recognisable of all the feng shui items. You’re bound to have seen them around – in garden centres, other people’s homes and even restaurants.

The main draw for a Laughing Buddha in the context of feng shui is that it brings happiness and luck. And if there’s one thing you want when you’re in a casino, it’s luck! The Laughing Buddha is also said to bring balance and harmony to your life – which might also be what you’re looking for in a casino.

If you’re looking for some lucky charms to have in a casino, or want to know what to look out for when visiting, this is the best place to start.

  • Evil Eye

The Evil Eye is a symbol of good luck across lots of different cultures, so it’s no surprise that it turns up in the world of feng shui as well. Despite being called the Evil Eye, it’s the eye that is watching out for evil rather than being the cause of it.

Without evil, the resounding feeling is one of peace, which is what the Evil Eye is said to bring. This is best placed near the entrance to ensure no evil can get past the front door.

  • Crystal lotus

A crystal lotus is said to bring romance into your life, if it is placed in your bedroom. However, it is also used for bringing great wealth into your life as well, which is why you’d want this symbol in a casino.

The feng shui placement suggestion is to put your crystal lotus in the southwest corner, preferably near a window to generate the maximum amount of positive energy.

  • Bamboo

Bamboo is a beautiful plant that doesn’t need a lot of looking after. It just so happens that it’s great for feng shui as well. There are different numbers of bamboo stalks that mean different things.

Two stalks of bamboo represent love; three symbolise wealth, happiness and the benefits of a long life. Five stalks of bamboo symbolise peace, balance and harmony in all areas of your life. And six stalks of bamboo are said to bring a general sense of good luck.

In order to get the most magic out of your bamboo, the Vastu Shastra principles state that the lucky bamboo plant should be placed in the east or southeast corner.

The role of feng shui in casino architecture

  • Wind chimes


Wind chimes have been used for centuries as a symbol of luck. They are said to encourage peace and harmony – as well as being an attractive ornament to look at.

In terms of feng shui, where they should be placed depends on what they’re made out of. A metal wind chime is supposed to be placed at the north-western side of a building. Whereas, a wooden wind chime should be situated at the eastern or north-eastern side of the building.

It is also said that if you’re seeking fame and recognition, the wind chime has to be put at the southern side of a building. So, wherever your wind chime is placed can decide what kind of luck you get.

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