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How to Get Inspiration for a New Project

9 Oct 2019

All artists need inspiration in order to create something worthwhile. If you’re not passionate about something, or you don’t have something specific in mind, it can be endlessly challenging to give it life.

With that in mind, here are a few helpful pointers to keep in mind the next time you’re in search of the right motivation to begin a new project.

Inspiration for a New Project


There is nothing more inspiring than opening yourself up to different cultures, ways of life and brand new surroundings. Travel allows you to meet new people and start seeing things from another perspective. Never mind the opportunity to get an up-close look at the local architecture itself.

Singapore buildings:
How to get inspiration for new project

Some of the best cities to visit for architectural inspiration include Singapore, Barcelona, St Petersburg and, of course, The Big Apple. Be sure to book your stay at one of the New York hotels close to the famous Empire State Building to take in the key sights – but don’t forget to explore the slightly lesser-known hidden gems of the city such as Domino Park, 550 Madison Avenue, and Cornell Tech Campus. Trying something new on your holiday will encourage you to try something new once you get back.

Spend time in nature

Incorporating natural themes into architectural structures is a massive trend for 2020, hence the reason why it’s definitely worthwhile to turn to nature for help when it comes to preparing for a new project. Sometimes, just sitting on a blanket in a quiet spot away from the traffic and the crowds can make a world of difference to one’s creativity.

Build on past projects

While you certainly don’t want your work to get stale or to re-use ideas time and time again, looking to past projects for inspiration in terms of what you can do better or how you can do something differently is a great place to start. Build on past ideas, think back to what inspired you most at the time, and use all of this to aid you in generating something completely unique, but that remains true to your personal architectural style.


Many architects insist that the easiest and fastest way in which to find inspiration is to go ahead and put pen to paper immediately. Doodle freely and start to find form, shape and proportion in your drawings. Hopefully, doing so will ignite a more realistic connection to special possibilities for aesthetics and functions regarding a new projection.

Indulge in other art forms

Architecture is a powerful art form, so what better way in which to gather inspiration than by immersing yourself in other varieties of art that speak to your innate, artistic soul? Visit an art museum, attend a poetry reading, go to a play, or simply pick up a new book that catches your eye. These simple activities will almost certainly be enough to spark something within you and motivate you to start working on something new.

Most importantly than anything else, don’t rush. It’s worth it to wait until the inspiration comes naturally rather than to force something that doesn’t feel right. Feed your mind and soul with art, take time out to replenish your energy, and travel as much as you possibly can. The next great idea and triumph is likely to be closer than you think.

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