Sprucing up your home: renewing interiors

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Sprucing Up Your Home: Interior Decor

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7 Jun 2013

How to Spruce Up Plain Interiors

Home Upgrade Guide

If you feel like sprucing up your interiors consier the most important soft furnishings – your rugs, carpets, curtains, bed sheets or cushions. Fixing these might be cheaper than a new sofa or a kitchen makeover! Do you want to have a plain white or vibrant colors? Do colors have to match or contrast?

Sprucing Up Your Home: Renewing Interiors

Choosing Colors for your Home

Think of what colors you like, but realistically consider what furniture you already have. There are a few tricks, but a well-placed large mirror and mostly light-colored surfaces can make a space feel larger.

Bringing Life to an Interior

Of course the best way to do this is have a good basic design, ideally by an architect if new-build. But the next thing is to make it real, a lived-in warm-hearted space will work better than some cold staged interior. Use a generous amount of plants and flowers, and add warmth via simple decoration whether it be paintings on the wall or carefully selected objects, from sculptures to momentoes.

Sprucing Up Interiors
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Contemporary Architecture – architectural selection below:

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Unusual home conservatory extension
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Burj Khalifa Dubai, UAE : World’s Tallest Building

Major buildings completed in 2010 include the world’s tallest tower, the Burj Khalifah in Dubai and MAXXI by Zaha Hadid Architects in Rome.

MAXXI Rome Building, Italy – by architect Zaha Hadid

Dynamo Stadium Moscow, Russia – FIFA 2018 World Cup Venues

Volcano House, Shoreditch, East London
Architects: Urban Mesh design ltd
Volcano House in Shoreditch
photograph © Charles Hosea
New House in Shoreditch

Benbow Yard Home, Southwark, South London
Design: FORMstudio Architects
Benbow Yard Home in Southwark, South London
photograph © Bruce Hemming
Contemporary Home in Southwark
The houses, with their barrel-vaulted profile, are semi-submerged in order to mitigate visual impact. On the East side, where the boundary is closest to the existing terrace of houses, the first floor is also set back, creating an extensive sedum roof, which provides additional light and an attractive outlook between the two structures.

Coach House
Design: Gardner Architects LLC
Coach House in Washington DC
photograph : John Cole
Coach House in Washington, D.C.
Coachhouse comprises a two-story brick building that was originally constructed as a garage between 1907 and 1911. It was historically associated with the adjacent mansion built in 1905, the rear of which is visible in the context photos.

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