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Architecture Competitions, chronological:

LUXURY APARTMENTS Design Competition, King Abdullah district, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

This will be one of the new projects for Ranco Real-Estate Company located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Ranco Real-Estate owns and operates multi-size residential and commercial properties. We are looking to construct different unique and innovative buildings. The prospect site is located in Riyadh city in King Abdullah district; a high-end neighborhood.

Ranco Real-Estate Company Design Competition Riyadh city, Saudi Arabia

The vision for the project is to build a unique, modern and contemporary apartment complex in Riyadh city, Saudi Arabia. Our main goal is to create a different living experience for our tenants by providing one-of-a-kind units along with many other facilities (Parking, storage, housekeeper rooms, gardens, kids’ play areas, recreational areas, GYM… etc.) and to provide an enjoyable and private daily life.

The subject site is mostly leveled with an L-shaped land plot measuring 9,750 sqm. The site is 83 m from a main road (36m wide) on the east side and 80 m away from another main road (30m wide) on the west side. On the northern side, there is a street (20m) which is 118m long. Construction Project Budget about 18 M. $

All required project information (Brief , CAD files which include land survey & Google map location, can be downloaded from this LINK


Architectural Concept Design:
– Cover sheet, including designer’s biography and participant’s ID. (the organiser’s team will provide you with your ID)
– Site plan, showcasing: Site approach, hardscape & landscape, parking layout.
– Floor Plan for each level. It should include the area schedule, & unit numbering.
– BUA schedule.
– 4 Elevations.
– 2 Sections (Minimum).
– 10 3D perspectives (At least 2 images for each night and day time).
– Selected materials, and material description.
– Cost estimation.
– Board size should be landscape A2.
– The design presentation should be submitted as combined PDF.
– CAD files should be included in the submittals.

Competition Prizes:

☆ First Prize = $12,000 + Certificate
☆ Second Prize = $8,000 + Certificate
☆ Third Prize = $5,000 + Certificate

Registration Process:

Please send us an email to the address below confirming your participation in the competition. Our team will send you back a confirmation email along with your participant ID.



Registration Deadline February 12 , 2021 12:00 PM KSA time

Submission Deadline March 31, 2021 12:00 PM KSA time

The Shelter Competition by arch out loud in 2021

Both literally and figuratively, humanity resides in the midst of two distinct trends. While we yearn to be closer to nature and experience her beauty, we are being increasingly brutalized by her harshest elements.

We watch as the changing climate brings natural calamity and damage to a larger group of people and a wider swath of geography. We watch the increasing frequency and strength of nature wreaking havoc among our communities.

Shelter Competition by arch out loud

Shelter Architecture Competition

Arquine Competition No.23 Pavilion – Deadline Extension

Arquine extends the deadline for the Arquine Competition No. 23 Meeting Point:

25 Jan : Registration deadline

29 Jan : Submission eadline

Arquine Competition No.23 Pavilion deadline extension

Arquine Competition No.23 Pavilion

Alps Wellness Retreat Architecture Competition

Alps Wellness Retreat design competition

First Prize: Eur 1200
Second Prize: Eur 800
Third Prize: Eur 500

Standard registration deadline: 28 February 2021

Late registration deadline: 30 March 2021

Submission deadline: 31 March 2021

The fast pace of 21st century has led to a very distorted work-leisure balance among urban settlers. This has caused numerous lifestyle-related mental and physical issues like stress, depression and other chronic ailments.

Alps Wellness Retreat Architecture Competition

International Competition of Integrated Urban and Architecture Masterplan for Suwon Dangsu District 2, Suwon, S. Korea

Entry Submission:

January 26, 2021: registration deadline

March 30, 2021: submission deadline

This competition begins with questions including “What is the street space-centered shared city and how should it be established?” “How does that city make harmony with the natural ecological environment, how is it organized within the harmony and what is the significance of it?” We expect that the participants would provide diverse urban and architectural ideas based on human sciences and philosophical ideas to answer our questions.

Masterplan for Suwon Dangsu District 2 Competition

Kaira Looro 2021 competitionSenegal, Africa

Kaira Looro 2021 Competition Women's House
Kaira Looro Competition

African architectural contest organised by International Nonprofit Organization Balouo Salo for the design of a Women’s House in Senegal. The home will be built with the proceeds of the architecture competition. The design will make it possible to promote gender equality and reduce discriminations in favor of rural development.

The registration will open on 16th January 2021.

Kaira Looro Competition

Belgrade Concert Hall Design Competition 2020, Serbia

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP Serbia) hereby invites interested bidders to submit their application for prequalification for the Design competition and subsequent full design services for the Belgrade concert hall.

Belgrade Concert Hall Design Competition

More details on the applicable procedure, as well as on how to participate and submit application, are available on the following link:

Detailed requirements are listed in the Invitation to Prequalification (ITP) document available on UNDP ATLAS e-Tendering system ( Event ID: 0000007687, under the Business Unit: SRB10.

Your application should be submitted in accordance with the ITP requirements, through the UNDP ATLAS eTendering system and by the deadline indicated in the above Event. In case of any discrepancies, the deadline indicated in the eTendering system shall prevail.

UNDP looks forward to receiving your application and appreciates your interest to participate in UNDP procurement opportunities.

Belgrade Concert Hall Design Competition

Passive House in Seignosse Design Competition

Architecture competition for a passive house in Les Landes, south west of France:

Near the ocean and the Hossegor Lake, Caroline and Charl are currently owners of a 1700sqm plot and want to build a 300sqm passive house to live as sustainable as possible. As a historical touristic area, the Landes county suffers from the urban sprawl and the lack of sustainable buildings necessary to change mindsets.

Aware of the footprint of every new construction in this world, they want to build their project as an example for the next decades in terms of environmental performance, design and nature relationship.

Passive House Seignosse Architecture competition

As nature lovers, the project owners also want to create an exemplary project of biophilic design. Behind this scholarly name, the aim is to build a house where landscape and architecture are designed together to create a real-life experience aimed at the well-being of the occupants, the biodiversity of the plot and the surrounding environment.

The entire project will have to meet Passivhaus institute’s Passive House certification requirements and reach the carbon footprint level of the E+C experiment launched by the French government as low as possible. Contemporary and biophilic design.

This project is not just a house project. It aims to become a reference in responsible architecture, aware of the energy and environmental challenges we face.

To download the brief :
Station F – Halle Freyssinet, 55 bd Auriol 75013 Paris
50 avenue des Caillols, Marseille

The Labyrinth Design Competition by ARCH8

Being architects and designers, we are always asked to design places that suit humans in every way possible. We are asked to make spaces that are human interactive and those that suit their consciousness the best. But can you design a space that challenges the person’s senses and makes him reconsider where he is and what is he doing?

The Labyrinth Competition 2020

The Labyrinth Competition 2020

Urban Adaptation Competition

31 December 2020 at 24:00 CET – Deadline for architecture competition entries

No pre-registration required

Registration fee: Free

First prize: €15,000
Second prize: €5,000

Urban Adaptation Competition 2020

Buildings are static. They serve the purpose they have been designed for. But when cities grow and the needs of the community change, this becomes a problem.

Modular construction with engineered wood products like Kerto LVL are the solution, because they enable adaptable, sustainable and cost competitive designs. It is time to provide solutions to the changing needs of our cities. Time to create an urban adaptation.

Urban Adaptation Competition

International Design Competition for Library; SONGDO International City, S. Korea

The target is this design competition 「The Library of SONGDO International City」 is a key indicator to carry out the purpose of Incheon-city which orients ‘An International City of Northeast Asia to the World’ and is an important challenge to expand the cultural infrastructure of the local residents.

December 31, 2020: registration deadline

February 22, 2021: submission deadline

Language: English, Korean
Location: Concept
Prizes: Yes
Type: Open

International Design Competition for Library; SONGDO International City

Façade Design Ideas Competition for RTS Link Bukit Chagar Station

A sum of RM 250,000 awaits the first prize winner of the RTS Link Station Façade Design Ideas Competition whose façade design may be adopted for the future Bukit Chagar RTS Link Station of the Rapid Transit System Link (RTS Link) between Johor Bahru and Singapore.

RTS Link Station Façade Design Competition 2020

RTS Link Station Façade Design Competition 2020

arch8 studio Design Competition 2020

Being designers and architects, we are well aware of the equipment and stationary we require and the challenge of keeping them in place. The different types of pens and highlighters, rulers, dividers, portfolios, sheet holders, laptops and what not.

And well, the truth is, organising things is one of the most difficult tasks for an architect/designer.

And this is what the challenge is all about.

arch8 studio competition 2020

30 November 2020: registration deadline

5 December 2020: submission deadline

arch8 studio Design Competition 2020


PLAY is a design competition with the aim of generating interactive, modular and dynamic furniture prototypes for children up to the age of 10. Furniture for children should be a reflection of their personality and must be more than just a functional entity for them. The furniture should have an innate sculptural quality that could stimulate a child’s creativity and imagination.

Archasm Play Design Competition 2020

31 December 2020: standard registration deadline

9 February 2021: late registration deadline

10 February 2021: submission deadline

Archasm Play Design Competition 2020

Re-use Grottole Church Competition, Grottole, Matera, Basilicata, southern Italy

The third edition of the contest Re-use Italy: an International Architecture Competition on the reuse of the Fallen-church of Grottole, Matera, Italy.

Re-use Italy’s 3rd edition concerns The Fallen-church, a XVI century abandoned church in the village of Grottole, and participants are asked to turn this space in a concert hall.

Reuse the Fallen Church, Chiesa Diruta Grottole, Matera Italy

12 March 2021: submission deadline

Total prizes: €4000 EUR

Submission: 1xA1 sheet

Re-use Grottole Church Design Competition

YAC Competition

YAC Competition

Radical Urban Intervention

Registration fee: Free

Radical Urban Intervention Competition

Winter Stations Competition 2020

YAC Competition

Arquine Competition No.23 Pavilion

Arquine Competition MEXTÓPOLI 2021 Pavilion

Arquine Competition 2021

Arquine call out for design of a meeting point in the public space, keeping a safe distance.

Prima Competition

28 Feb 2021: deadline

Prima Competition 2020

PRIMA competition is an invitation to explore micro architecture as a bridge between design, art and architecture – using 3 materials – stone, concrete and steel.

PRIMA competition is launched by Groupe CB, under the artistic direction of micro-architecture-studio Atelier 37.2 – who signed the first 2 works.

Prima Competition

Render of the Year award

Render of the Year Award
image courtesy of architects

December 31, 2020 : Regular Registration Ends

January 2, 2021 11:59 pm EST : Submission Deadline

Render of the Year award

Floating House Ideas Contest

Floating House Concursos AG360 Competition

A floating house prototype (FLOATING HOUSE) will be conceptualized, which functions as an independent element and that, thanks to its shape, can be formed into a set of 10 units, adding value to the natural environment:

Floating House Ideas Competition

Leeds City Square Redevelopment Competition, England, UK

The competition is seeking a multi-disciplinary design team to redevelop Leeds City Square and create a world class and vibrant piece of inclusive public realm, which responds positively to the city’s diverse population, cultural richness and to the city’s climate change ambitions.

Leeds City Square Redevelopment Competition

Architecture Competition for Q-Village, Guangzhou, China

Gangtou Village, Huadu District, Guangzhou, China
photo © Guangdong Hengguang Investment Co., Ltd.

Join-in the revival of the village with the power of design, discover lost cultural memories in the continuation of rural life and aesthetics, and rebuild the confidence of rural culture.

Q-Village Architecture Competition

Photodemic Architecture Photography Competition 2020

Photodemic Architecture Photography Competition

Archue – A complete Architecture Platform presents ‘PHOTO DEMIC Architecture Photography Competition’. Capturing the journey of spaces through Pandemic.

Photodemic Architecture Photography Competition

LIS x Jacobs Challenge: Reinvent your High street

Do you want to: access and receive mentoring from one of the world’s top engineering firms, get behind-the-scenes of London’s top strategic body, shadow the work being done on billion pound regeneration projects, and present your winning idea to senior professionals?


All over the UK, urban centres are being revived and regenerated. In light of Covid-19, the pressure is on to build more, better, faster, and cheaper than ever before. But any attempt to change the urban landscape is a highly complex process. Can the traditional high street be reimagined through these neighbourhood regeneration initiatives, or will they be left behind?

The London Interdisciplinary School has teamed up with Jacobs and the Greater London Authority (GLA)  to host an exciting competition around the future of cities. If you’re interested in sustainability, urban design, engineering, social change, architecture, or wellbeing, then this is the challenge for you.


There are two challenges to choose from: Either re-design your local neighbourhood centre, or consider the effects regeneration efforts would have on an icon high street like Oxford Street. You can submit a written response or a visual piece to either of the challenges. The judging panel will be choosing a winner from each challenge, as well as runners up.

The prize

Our judging panel will select two winners (one from each challenge) as well as runners up.

Both winners will be invited to present their ideas to senior members of Jacobs and the GLA Regeneration team. They will be offered remote mentoring sessions with a senior member of the Jacobs team. COVID-19 permitting, the winners will also be invited to London to shadow Jacobs, the Meridian Water project, and projects led through GLA’s London Recovery High Street Mission.


The challenge is aimed at those aged 16-20, but open to anyone.

The submission deadline is the 30th of September- don’t miss your chance!

Find out more, including how to enter, see LIS x Jacobs Challenge

International Design Competition for Central City Square of Rahovec, Kosovo, Europe

Central City Square of Rahovec Design Competition

Central City Square of Rahovec Architecture Competition

Camden Highline Competition, London, UK

Camden Disused Railway London

A competition to find a design team that can deliver a stunning design for the Camden Highline, a new park and linear walk linking London’s Camden Town to King’s Cross, on a disused railway viaduct.

Camden Highline Architecture Competition

Winter Pavilion London Competition

Winter Pavilion London Competition

The objective of this competition, Winter Pavilion London, is to create a multi-usage pavilion in the emblematic Hyde Park that can connect people, nature and architecture. The pavilion should celebrate and capture the essence of winter landscape by hosting different activities that would invigorate the zone.

Prizes worth EUR 2500 are up for claim with the distribution

Winter Pavilion London Architecture Competition

Tubądzin Design Awards

The 3rd edition of Tubądzin Design Awards is an international competition for architects, designers and students. They appreciate your commitment and inspiring ideas. TDA is a chance to unleash the creative potential of architects and designers.

Tubądzin Design Awards 2020

Tubądzin Design Awards 2020

Bcome 2020 Architecture Competition

2020 Bcome International Ideas Competition

Busan is the second-largest city in South Korea and is also famous for the Busan International Film Festival.

This year, the ‘2020 Busan Architecture Festival’ will host the “2020 Bcome International Ideas Competition for community Housing Model Proposal:

2020 Bcome International Ideas Competition

Architecture Competition for Suncheon New City Hall, South Korea

Suncheon New City Hall Architecture Competition

The competition is organized by Korea Institute of Architects.

The site for New Cityhall is seated in the general commercial region , Jeollanam-do, Suncheon-si, Jangmyeong-ro 30, S. Korea. The area of the site for competition is 31,783㎡. Total Floor Area : New Cityhall 47,000㎡, Culture station 11,995 ㎡

(Registration to September 29 2020)

– Submission by 17:00 (UTC +09) December 4 (Fri), 2020

– Main Review (First) December 9 (Wed), 2020
– Main Review (Second) December 14 (Mon), 2020

Architecture Competition for Suncheon New City Hall

Future offices Architecture Competition

Future offices Architecture Competition

In the wake of Coronavirus – which has changed the way we work and how we commute to those packed spaces full of people – we consider working from home or visiting the office on alternate days.

With the growth of large, complex organizations such as the Royal Navy and the East India Company in the 18th century, the first purpose-built office spaces were constructed.

Japanese businesses have set themselves apart from their American counterparts by implementing different techniques in the way they handle business.

Future offices Architecture Competition

Open International Competition for development concept of Gorky Central Park, Siberia, Russia

Gorky Central Park Krasnoyarsk Competition

This architectural competition is initiated by RUSAL, one of the world’s largest aluminum suppliers. The renovation of Gorky Central Park in Krasnoyarsk is to be one of several large-scale integrated public space development initiatives that RUSAL is supporting in the cities where it has a presence.

Application submission is open until September 24 at The competition itself will have two stages and will end on December 15. The competition is open to Russian and foreign professional organizations in the field of the integrated development of territories and urban planning, architecture, design, elaboration of concepts for the development of public spaces, and master planning, provided that they operate in Russia.

Each team that makes it to the final stage will receive 900,000 rubles. In the final vote, the judges will pick the winner of the competition, who will receive an additional 1,800,000 rubles; the second place finalist will receive 1,000,000 rubles; and the third place finalist, 500,000 rubles.

eVolo 2021 Skyscraper Competition

eVolo Magazine invite architects, students, engineers, designers, and artists from around the globe to take part in the 2021 Skyscraper Competition. Established in 2006, the annual Skyscraper Competition is one of the world’s most prestigious awards for high-rise architecture.

eVolo 2021 Skyscraper Competition

January 26, 2021 – Late registration deadline

February 9, 2021 – Project submission deadline (23:59 hours US Eastern Time)

eVolo 2021 Skyscraper Competition

Open Call – 2A Continental Architectural Awards 2020

The 2A Continental Architectural Awards (2ACAA) has been primarily structured and designed to acknowledge and recognize the noteworthy contributions of individuals and organizations in the field of Architecture worldwide. Organised by 2A magazine:

2A Continental Architectural Awards 2020

Architecture Competitions 2020 Archive

Open Call – Alternate Realities 2020

Alternate Realities 2020 Architecture Competition

This design competition exists in an Alternate Reality. You make the rules in this realm. Does gravity exist? Do humans live on Earth? How far has technology advanced? You decide!

The aim of this competition is to explore wild design ideas – what architecture truly means and what it can achieve without any constraints.

First Prize: $1,000
Second Prize: $600
Third Prize: $400

Alternate Realities 2020 Architecture Competition

Re-imagining Stations Competition

International competition to shape the future of Britain’s railway stations.

The competition will provide architects, engineers and designers the chance to improve the travel experience for the millions of passengers who use Britain’s railway, and leave a lasting legacy on station design.

It is run by Network Rail and RIBA Competitions:

Network Rail Re-imagining Stations Competition

Thamesmead Waterfront Competition, England, UK

International competition to find masterplanners for Thamesmead Waterfront

With approximately 2km of river frontage, Thamesmead Waterfront has the ability to deliver a new concept for waterfront living that is accessible, inclusive and productive. Surrounded by a richness of green spaces and a natural environment, the site is expected to include a strong retail, commercial and leisure offer as well as a substantial number of new homes, of all tenures.

Thamesmead Waterfront Competition

Render Battle Architecture Competition

Renderings have been an architect’s greatest medium to convey a design. It is the art of creating images that highlight the best attributes of an architectural design. Architectural renderings can take many forms – digital collages, hand sketches, perspectives, illustrations, drawings, realistic renders etc.

Render Battle Architecture Competition

Render Battle Architecture Competition

Micro Nation Challenge 3 Inhabit Competition

A challenge to design a small living unit for stray animals (dogs, cats, cows etc.) at street level, where there is facility of dumping your leftovers and vegetable peels for stray animals.

Cash prize worth INR 12,000.

Micro Nation Challenge 3 Inhabit Competition

Urban Adaptation Architects’ Competition

Urban Adaptation Architects' Competition 2020

Buildings are static. They serve the purpose they have been designed for. But when cities grow and the needs of the community change, this becomes a problem. Modular construction with engineered wood products like Kerto LVL are the solution, because they enable adaptable, sustainable and cost competitive designs. It is time to provide solutions to the changing needs of our cities. Time to create an urban adaptation.

Urban Adaptation Architects’ Competition

Visual Art Gallery Florence Architecture Competition, Italy

The participants must address the questions whether art should be just a visual object in an architectural space or it should be the part of the concept. Should this distinction be merged/blurred?

Visual Art Gallery Florence Architecture Competition

Vietnam Ricefield Lodge international architecture competition, South East Asia

Vietnam Ricefield Lodge Design Competition

These days are complicated but, in spite of this difficulty we believe that a great opportunity may arise. The reTHINKING competitions team together with Fran Silvestre arquitectos and Luciano Kruk, is very happy to announce the new launch of the international competition # 023 VIETNAM RICEFIELD LODGE.

Vietnam Ricefield Lodge architecture competition

Alphabet For The Future

Alphabet For The Future architecture competition 2020

A new curatorial initiative by Matteo Cainer Architects, an international OPEN CALL to all Architecture Graduates of 2020, to imagine and sketch a new extraordinary world capable of transforming the pandemic crisis into an opportunity to foster new lines of thinking, innovation and research. Envisioning radical strategies and alternative behavioural models for the future of our cities will provide an opportunity to question our current mode of living and create a new resilient global narrative.

Alphabet For The Future Architecture Competition

Architectural Poetry Competition Series, 2nd Cycle

Architectural Poetry Competition Series 2020

Architectural Poetry Competition Series, 2nd Cycle is the seventh initiative of the Architectural Journalism & Criticism Organization, India founded by architect Pappal Suneja to spread awareness about this subject and sow the seeds of inspiration to explore and write about Architecture and allied fields from a lyrical perspective. The Theme for the Series 1.0 in this cycle is Responsive Poems.

Architectural Poetry Competition Series

“Conversations about Climate Change” Design Competition

Supported by the Department for International Development, the Timber Trade Federation has launched a “Conversations about Climate Change” design competition.

“Conversations about Climate Change” is a specially commissioned design competition, exhibition, and events series providing a platform for urgent climate debates.

Conversations about Climate Change Design Competition

Novità Italia: Advancing Responsible Design For A Better Future

Novità Italia Design Competition 2020

Novità Italia: Advancing Responsible Design For A Better Future

Street City Vietnam Design Competition

Street City Vietnam Design Competition

Museum of Design Oslo Contest

Museum of Design Oslo Competition by Switch

Museum of Design Oslo Architecture Competition

Architecture Thesis Of The Year Competition

Architecture Thesis Of The Year Competition

Architecture Thesis Of The Year Competition

FutureNOW Architecture Competition 2020

FutureNOW Architecture Competition 2020

Design Contest website:

Pandemic Dwelling Design Competition 2020

Pandemic Dwelling Design Competition 2020

The Dwelling (A House) remains the place where we all spent most of the time of our lives and experience architecture, learn to connect it through emotions, it also saves us from various calamities and bring peace to our core.

Pandemic Dwelling Architecture Competition 2020

WAF / PechaKucha ‘Isolation Transformed’ Design Competition

Isolation Transformed Design Competition

Kaizhou New City International Young Designer Competition, Sichuan, China

Kaizhou New City International Young Designer Competition

Kaizhou New City International Young Designer Competition

Moscow Metro Design Competition, Russia

Moscow Metro Design Competition 2020


Architecture Competitions Links

Architectural Contests – links to cyclical architectural competitions:

24h competition
24H Competition

Reuse the Roman Ruin: Piscina Mirabilis Design Competition, southern Italy

Reuse the Roman Ruin: Piscina Mirabilis Architecture Competitions

The second edition of the cultural project Reuse Italy promotes an international architecture competition on the reuse of Piscina Mirabilis, a Roman reservoir located in the countryside of Naples.

Reuse the Roman Ruin: Piscina Mirabilis Design Competition

Major Architecture Awards

Stirling Prize

Pritzker Prize architects

World Architecture Festival Awards

More architectural contests are welcome – please mail info(at) for details

London Architecture Competitions – unbiased guides, reviews and solutions

Recent Architecture Competitions

Architecture Competition – Design Contest Archive for 2017

Architects Competitions – Design Contest Archive for 2016

Sommer Pavilion 2018, Jardim da Parada, beside Casa Sommer, Cascais, Portugal

The design competition is run by the Cascais City Hall. It is to be assessed by the South Regional Section of the Architects Association, also known as OASRS.

The goal of this architecture contest is to select one idea for an ephemeral architectural intervention at Jardim da Parada. The site is located adjacent to the Casa Sommer, in the centre of Cascais, a Portuguese coastal resort town just west of Lisbon.

Sommer Pavilion 2018 Competition

Marstopia Design Competition
Marstopia Architecture Competition
image from architectural contest organisers
Marstopia Architecture and Design Competition

eVolo Skyscraper Design Competition
eVolo Skyscraper Architecture Competitions

A101 Urban Block Competition, Russia
A101 Urban Block competition

Architectural Competition : Design Contest Archive

Organising an Architectural Competition? please mail us: info(at)

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