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Architecture Tenders

Architecture Competitions in 2021

Recently Added Architectural Contests – listed chronologically

Hangar Ticinum Competition 2021

22 October 2021: 59 € “Early” Registration deadline
26 November: 89 € “Standard” Registration deadline
10 December: 119 € “Late” Registration deadline

10 December 10 2021: Submission deadline

Hangar Ticinum Competition 2021 contest
Pavia is a charming Italian city of around 70.000 inhabitants, located along the banks of the Ticino river and just 30 km away from Milan. During the twentieth century, like many other towns in the north of Italy, it experienced various moments of economic prosperity, enriching its urban fabric with a large number of industrial activities and strategic infrastructural facilities.
Architecture Tenders

CUBE Competition 2021

CUBE is a new competition in the UK led by partners Ampersand and A4MT and its aim is to drive energy use reduction in commercial buildings through gamification and human behaviour. They believe that achieving net zero carbon in our buildings is not just about the buildings, but about the way we use them, and while there will inevitably be a need for money to be spent on becoming more sustainable there are simpler first steps to net zero – namely through changing behaviour.

• CUBE has been running in France for six years and delivers energy and equivalent annual cost savings of between 12% and 55% for the likes of BNP Paribas and Orange – through simple interventions and without significant investment
• Where investments have been made, there is a return and payback has been relatively quick (within the 12 month competition timeframe)
• Ampersand believes we need to look at net zero carbon as a responsibility but also as an investment that will pay back, and make buildings healthier in the process
• We also need to change the nature of the landlord and tenant relationship so it’s not about ‘imposing’ green leases but embracing them in the spirit of working together for mutual benefit
• And to create a community of occupiers, landlords and building managers where best practice and ideas are shared – which is exactly what CUBE is set up to do
• We mustn’t scare the industry when it comes to net zero, we need to offer solutions – if we all take small steps together, we can make a huge difference

Buildings on the Howard de Walden Estate, London:
Howard de Walden Estate London property
photo courtesy of contest organisers

The Howard de Walden Estate has become the first organisation to sign up to CUBE, an innovative competition, recently launched in the UK, that helps landlords, building managers and occupiers reduce the energy usage in their commercial buildings through encouraging behavioural change.


October 2021 Architecture Competitions

Desert Accommodation YAC competition

10 October 2021, 23.59 GMT: Standard registration deadline:

7 November 2021, 23.59 GMT: Late registration deadline

10 November 2021, 12.00 GMT (noon): Materials submission deadline

Desert Accommodation design contest 2021

YAC – Young Architects Competitions – and Jarir Development launch Desert Accommodation, a competition of ideas aiming to design a luxury oasis in the Najd plateau overlooking the most brutal and fatal desert of the planet.

The cash prize of € 15, 000 will be distributed to the winning proposals selected by an international jury panel composed of some of the most world-renowned architects: Sou Fujimoto, Eli Synnevåg (Snøhetta), Lorenzo Boddi (BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group), Carlo Ratti, Ben Van Berkel (UNStudio), and Emiliano Roia (MORQ).


1st Prize 8.000 €
2nd Prize 4.000 €
3rd Prize 2.000 €
2 Gold Mentions 500 € each
10 Honorable Mentions
30 Finalists

YAC Competitions

UIA-HYP CUP 2021 International Student Competition in Architectural Design

(20 September) 2021, 24:00 (GMT+8) : Registration Deadline:

10 October 2021, 24:00 (GMT+8) : Submission Deadline:

UIA HYP Cup 2021 International Student Contest

Jury Chairman: Rem Koolhaas

Theme: Architecture in Transformation

Topic: Countryside Dilemmas-New Rural Planning

UIA HYP Cup 2021 International Student Competition

Decor Hotel Design Award 2021

22 October 2021 at 18:00 (Lisbon time): End of application period

21 October 2021 at 12:00 (Lisbon time): Contest starts

Decor Hotel Design Award 2021, Portugal

DECORHOTEL is the only fair held in Portugal dedicated exclusively to the hotel and related sectors, bringing together hundreds of companies that supply and support this important segment of the national economy.

Decor Hotel Design Award 2021

Snow Art Pavilion Ideas Competition 2021

(9 October) 2021: registration deadline

22 October 2021: submission deadline

Snow Art Pavilion Concursos AG360 Competition

Ideas Contest aimed at all graduate architects and architecture students in the world, as long as Spanish is kept as the official language. An Art Pavilion will be designed as a cultural and artistic space, amid the snowy landscape of the Swiss Alps, next to the “Julien Pass” mountain pass.

1st Prize: US $ 2,500

Snow Art Pavilion Concursos AG360 Competition

Home Competition by arch out loud 2021

Total Awards $8,000

12 October 2021: advanced registration deadline

14 December 2021: early registration deadline

7 January 2022: final registration deadline

8 January 2022: submission deadline

2021 Home Competition by arch out loud

Home Competition by arch out loud 2021

How do we define “home”? Although our ideas about home are constantly being rethought, the careful examination of “home” has recently come to the attention of architects and nonarchitects alike. In recent times, almost everyone has had to confront their perspective of “home” as these spaces have evolved to incorporate so many aspects of our daily lives.

Bcome 2021 Competition – International Ideas Contest for 15-Minute City

(10 September 2021: Registration of participants deadline)

25 October 2021 6pm: Submission of works deadline

2021 Bcome International Ideas Competition

Bcome 2021 is to discover new urban living milieus that can cope with the hollowing-out, obsolescent residential environment and deteriorated urban infrastructure of a backward built-up site of Busan, as well as to review the feasibilities of proposed models and apply them extensively to adjacent similar areas.

Bcome 2021 Competition

CUBE Design Competition 2021

June 2021: Registration opens

October 2021: Launch

November 2021: Competition begins

October 2022: End of the Competition

CUBE Design Competition 2021 UK

New architecture competition set to deliver significant energy savings in commercial buildings launches in the UK

CUBE, an innovative architectural competition that enables commercial buildings to make a genuine contribution to net zero, has launched in the UK. Organised by Ampersand Partners alongside founders A4MT, the competition introduces gamification for energy consumption, cutting energy usage and equivalent costs by an average of 12% and up to 55% in a single year.

CUBE Design Competition 2021

Disaster Relief Shelter-Reinventing The Tents

20 Oct 2021: registration deadline

20 Nov 2021: submission deadline

Disaster Relief Shelter-Reinventing The Tents

When disaster strikes, the need for short-term housing is immediate and urgent.

The challenge is to design a transportable, sustainable shelter that can support a sizable community and requires little maintenance. Making it ideal for deployment to any disaster-stricken area lacking basic facilities and it also helps restore personal space and a sense of dignity for the victims.

Prize Money: $1000

Registration deadline: 20 October 2021
Submission deadline: 20 November 2021
Results on: 15 December 2021

Competition website link:

Barbican Centre Renewal Competition, London, UK

21 October 2021: Deadline for Stage 1 Standard Selection Questionnaire submission

Collaborative bids from design consortiums, particularly those that include emerging practices and widen representation within the project team, are actively encouraged. In addition, previous experience sections of the selection criteria are open to bidders who can demonstrate transferable skills that show their ability to meet the requirements of the brief.

Invitations to tender issued: mid-November 2021
Bidders information event: late November (exact date TBC)
Deadline for Tender Submissions: December 2021
Interviews: January 2022
Design team appointed: February 2022

Barbican Centre Renewal Competition

Ecopolis in Sakhalin Open International Competition

26 October 2021 deadline


A new ecopolis is to be built in the south of Sakhalin Region, which has political, strategic and economic importance for Russia. An Open International Competition for the development of an architectural and urban planning concept for the new city in Sakhalin Region was announced.

The competition will be held from May 12 to October 26, 2021.

The goal of the competition is to develop a concept for a fundamentally new city model. It is planned to construct the ecopolis on the territory of the Korsakov urban district, within the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk metropolitan area in the southern part of the island, as an example of an innovative fast developing city in the Asia-Pacific region.

Ecopolis in Sakhalin Competition


November 2021 Architecture Competitions

DESIGN DEVELOPMENT – The process of designing

5 November 2021: submission deadline

Design development – the process of designing competition
Design development – the process of designing competition
‘Design development – the process of designing’ is a design competition organized by archiol | artuminate. The competition mainly aims to understand the initial stage of design development. How does the process of designing evolve, the entire process from nothing to a habitable structure? What is your method of developing design?

RIBAJ Design Competition

15 November 2021, 2pm UK: deadline for applications

Circular Thinking

Share your Wanderer’s Wonder and you could win £1,000.

Wanderer’s Wonder is a new competition brought to you by RIBA Journal and Galvanizers Association that invites proposals for a fun and playful building or structure for rest and recuperation that would enhance a walk in the great outdoors – rural or urban, near to home or far, to spend a few minutes or a stay overnight.

Designs can include any imagined facilities, the only criteria is that the building must use galvanized steel, ideally structurally and aesthetically.

Sustainability and re-use are fundamental to the brief and proposals should fit into a circular economy ideology by taking advantage of one of galvanized steel’s primary attributes to be recycled and repurposed.

– Open to qualified Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 architectural students and architects
– Projects must be theoretically sited in the UK or Ireland

RIBAJ Design Competition 2021

Sirius seafront promenade design competition

Location: Sirius, Krasnodar Krai, south western Russia

(3 September 2021: application deadline)

22 November 2021: submission of competition proposal

Sirius seafront promenade competition Russia

Architects from across the globe are invited to create the concept of a seafront promenade for an emerging Black Sea urban area.

The prize money amount is 26 million rubles.

Sirius seafront promenade design competition

International Design Competition for the (New) GOYANG CITY Hall

(1 October) 2021: registration deadline

26 November 2021: submission deadline

Goyang City Hall International Design Competition

2. Background of Competition:

  • Established in 1983, the current Goyang City Hall was originally constructed as a county office for 200,000 population, so its structure stability is vulnerable for current use. Also, the office areas, city council, and civil service areas of the city hall are extremely insufficient to satisfy the administrative demands of the 1,090,000 citizens of the special city.
  • At present, 10 additional outside city halls are being used to resolve insufficient space of the current city hall, but not only the scattered spaces have resulted in inconvenience to users but also caused a great amount of rental expenses.
  • Thus, in order to integrate the old and scattered city hall spaces and to provide high-quality administrative services to 1,090,000 citizens of Goyang-si, an international design competition is planned to establish a new city hall that is both future-oriented and environmentally friendly by reflecting various kinds of domestic and international ideas.
  1. Competition Descriptions
  • Site Address: 206-1, Jugyo-dong, Deogyang-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • Area Site: 73,095.90㎡ (Current competition site: 46,578.2㎡, Reserved site for the future development: 26,517.7㎡)
  • Total Floor Area: 73,946.62㎡ (allowable within ±2%)
  • Estimated Construction Cost: 201,327,000,000 KRW (including VAT and new renewable energy construction cost)
  • Estimated Design Cost: 10,731,000,000 KRW (including VAT, certification costs, and liability compensation securities)

Competition Period: Aug. 18 (Wed) ~ Dec. 13 (Mon), 2021

  1. Objectives
  • The primary purpose of the design competition is to provide high-quality administrative services to 1,090,000 citizens of Goyang-si. Moreover, it aims to select reasonable, creative, and future-oriented designs for building Goyang new city hall complex that will become a physical landmark of Goyang-si and emotional landmark of citizens of Goyang-si to promote balanced development of the city and to newly establish publicness of a public office building.
  1. Architecture Competition Method
  • It is an open and international design competition, thus a collaboration with foreign enterprises is recommended.
  1. Eligibility and Restrictions
  • For Korean architects, it shall be an architect, completing the business registration and running the business pursuant to the 「Certified Architects Act)」 of Korea as of the date of the participation registration and the architect shall be running an architectural business with no cause of disqualification pursuant to the relevant laws and regulations. (1)
  • In the case of foreign architects, they shall be a qualified architect according to the laws of their countries by the time of the announcement date (2), and they must jointly participate with an architect who is qualified as presented in
  • For the joint application, the list of joint participants shall be completed until the submission of the entry, and all of the joint participants must be qualified for (1) or (2). The total number of joint participants shall be limited to 3 or less, and the representative should be designated as a Korean architect who is qualified for (1).
  • The representative of the joint application shall play the role of generalizing and controlling the general works and receive construction permission as the representative of the joint body after winning, and the legal rights, responsibilities, and obligations related to the competition belong to the representative.
  • Participants in the Design Competition, registered as a representative or participant, shall not join any other design.
  1. Schedule
  • Official Announcement: 18 Aug (Wed), 2021
  • Registration: 18 Aug (Wed) ~ Oct. 1 (Fri), 2021
  • Entry Submission: Nov. 26 (Fri), 2021, by 10:00~17:00
  • 1st Main Jury: 7 Dec (Tue), 2021
  • 2nd Main Jury: 10 Dec (Fri), 2021
  • Result Announcement: 13 Dec (Mon), 2021
  1. Winner and Awards: 5 winning proposals will be selected. Competition winners will be awarded as follows (Taxes and duties included)

-1st Place Winner(1 entry):  Award and the priority negotiation rights for the design development and construction document

-2nd Place Winner (1 entry): Award and KRW 80 million in prize money

-3rd Place Winner (1 entry): Award and KRW 60 million in prize money

-4th Place Winner (1 entry): Award and KRW 40 million in prize money

-5th Place Winner (1 entry): Award and KRW 20 million in prize money

  1. Organisers: Korea Institute of Architects
  2. website:
  3. e-mail:

Architecture Thesis Of The Year 2021: ATY

30 November 2021: entry deadline

1 December 2021: submission deadline

Architecture Thesis Of The Year 2021: ATY

ATY 2021 is open to architecture students of all nationalities and institutions. All Undergraduate/Bachelors and Graduate/Masters Thesis conducted in the calendar year 2016 – 2021 are eligible to participate. Group, as well as individual entries, are allowed. The official language of the competition is English.

Architecture Thesis Of The Year 2021

arch8 School It Competition

1 – 30 September 2021: Early-bird Registration

1 – 20 October 2021: Standard Registration

21 October – 10 November 2021: Late Registration

arch8 School It competition 2021
Design an inclusive elementary school for 200 children. Inclusive education is the most effective way to give all children a fair chance to go to school, learn and develop the skills they need to thrive. Inclusive education means all children in the same schools.

arch8 School It competition 2021

The Shelter Competition by arch out loud in 2021

Both literally and figuratively, humanity resides in the midst of two distinct trends. While we yearn to be closer to nature and experience her beauty, we are being increasingly brutalized by her harshest elements.

We watch as the changing climate brings natural calamity and damage to a larger group of people and a wider swath of geography. We watch the increasing frequency and strength of nature wreaking havoc among our communities.

Shelter Competition by arch out loud

Shelter Architecture Competition

Kaira Looro 2021 competition, Senegal, Africa

Kaira Looro 2021 Competition Women's House
Kaira Looro 2021 Competition

African architectural contest organised by International Nonprofit Organization Balouo Salo for the design of a Women’s House in Senegal. The home will be built with the proceeds of the architecture competition. The design will make it possible to promote gender equality and reduce discriminations in favor of rural development.

Win an Architect Design Competition News

High Profile Panel Join the Search for Creative Culture and Heritage

Award winning art & architecture studio Wignall & Moore, have launched a competition to seek out the most innovative client briefs and architectural proposals, judged by an expert panel:

Win an Architect Design Competition


Tiny House Competition 2021

4 December 2021: Late registration

18 December 2021: Closing date for submission

Tiny House Competition 2021

Tiny House Competition 2021

The 21st century witnessed concepts like Airbnb, Co-Living, Smart Homes, Tiny Homes, etc. gaining popularity with both young and older generations alike sparking movements across the globe. Our Humble Adobe has witnessed transformations with rapid advancements in technology, the rise of efficient spaces, environmental and financial concerns, and growing needs & desires of the people living in them. Homes today are versatile entities – doubling up as offices, play areas, work-out zones, spaces for interaction and recreation, as also being an abode for our furry friends and providing for their needs.

Architecture Thesis Of The Year

10 Dec 2021: Late registration deadline

10 Dec 2021: Submission deadline

Architectural Thesis Of The Year 2021

Mango Architecture is happy to announce their second edition of the annual Architectural Thesis Award, after great success in ATA2020 with 350+ registrations from around the globe. The International Thesis Award, launched with the aim of promoting and giving a global platform to showcase the talents of Young Graduates and Post Graduates, acknowledging the projects amongst young and influential industry professionals. The award includes a Prize Money of INR 75,000 equivalent to USD 1000.00 Where 30 Honourable Mentions, 20 Special Mentions and Few Select Mentions will get a chance of media publication on our website and social media handles.

The award competition is open to all recent/past graduates or post graduates in architecture who have developed their thesis project in the following areas: –

• Architectural design and rehabilitation/conservation
• Landscape architecture & Urban planning
• Structures and technological systems
• Transport Terminal
• Mixed Use

Competition Link:

Participants can be from any batch or year are most welcome as there is no specific calendar year for this Thesis Award Competition.

30 April 2021: Early Bird Registration deadline

31 July 2021: Standard registration deadline
31 October 2021: Extended Registration deadline
10 December 2021: Late registration deadline

10 December 2021: Submission deadline

Result: 31st December 2021
*All deadlines are 11:59 PM- 00:00 IST (India)

Participants may register by filling the registration form and submitting it with appropriate payment through our secure payment gateways at

The participants will receive their unique registration code within 24 hours of completing the payment successfully.

Unique registration code will be sent primarily to the email address provided to RAZORPAY/PAYPAL.


Winning participants will receive prizes totalling INR 75,000 with the distribution as follows:

• First prize- INR 35,000/- + Certificate
• Second prize- INR 25,000/- + Certificate
• Third prize- INR 15,000/- + Certificate
• 30 Honourable mentions
• 20 Special Mentions
• few select mentions

*All registered participants will get an E-Certificate of participation in Architectural Thesis Award 2021 organized by Mango Architecture.


Sensory Museum Design Competition

31 December 2021: registration deadline – all 11:59 PM UTC

2 January 2022: submission deadline

2 March 2022: result announcement

2021 Archiol Sensory Museum Design Competition

Sensory Museum Design Competition

Architecture is best experienced with the senses and so this competition aims at understanding the effect of architecture on human senses. How sensory architecture can resolve human mental issues. How architectural space can transform human senses.

Archiol A4TC Architecture Thesis Competition

31 December 2021: registration deadline

1 January 2022: submission deadline

Archiol A4TC Architecture Thesis Competition 2021

Archiol A4TC Architecture Thesis Competition

PHI Contemporary | International Architecture Competition

Aug 25 – Oct 14, 2021: International call for candidature

An international architectural competition for the design of PHI Contemporary – a cultural institution in Montreal, dedicated to exploring the contemporary through public engagement with art and culture.

PHI Contemporary | International Architecture Competition

TECU Architecture Award

28 February 2022 : submission deadline

Lisbon Harbour Tower, Portugal:
Lisbon Harbour Tower building Portugal


Awarded by: KME Germany GmbH

Requirements: Realised buildings and project work by students using TECU® products manufactured by KME (copper and copper alloys for façades, roofing and interior applications)

Realisation phase: 2016 – 2021

TECU Architecture Award Switch building

– Diane Heirend, Diane Heirend Architecture & Urbanisme (Luxembourg)
– Jette Cathrin Hopp, Snøhetta (Oslo)
– Jan Kampshoff, modulorbeat (Muenster)
– Bernd Köhler, Senior Architect @ Werner Sobek Design (Stuttgart)
– Charlie Sutherland, Sutherland Hussey Harris (Edinburgh)

TECU Architecture Award 2021

Submission: from now until 28 February 2022

Documents: Download from the Award website

Jury decisions: April 2022

Information: /

Statements: The projects and works submitted must have been created between 2016 and 2021 using TECU® products or must have been designed as a student project with a reference to copper as a material. In any case, the overall architectural concept is just as decisive for the assessment as the specific use of materials.

Architectural Awards

Offsite Construction Awards

The Concrete Centre is delighted to be sponsoring the Best Use of Concrete Technology category for another year in the Offsite Construction Awards. The 2021 entries are now open, so please ensure you submit your project or innovation by the 28th May deadline.

More about the category – Best Use of Concrete Technology

This category will reward the exemplar use of precast concrete in a project across any UK construction sector. Including floor and wall panels, cladding, volumetric and pod technology, pre-stressed units and formwork systems, the entrant will have used concrete as a major factor in delivering quality, factory-controlled, robust and sustainable offsite manufacture.

Special attention will be given to material performance levels and any project should clearly demonstrate how cost-predictability, economy, accuracy, transportability, speed of installation and principles of lean manufacture have been achieved.

Last year’s winners – Kier Integrated Team – New Build Prison at Wellingborough

Winners of the category in 2020 were Kier Integrated Team – New Build Prison at Wellingborough. This vast £253m project delivers 1,680 prison places and is the first in a series of schemes to reform and modernise the prison estate to make it more efficient, safer and focused on rehabilitation.

Wellingborough is the perfect blend of digital and DfMA advancement; providing direct project benefits, wider economic gains, as well as programme-wide improvements through standardisation, digital integration and MMC leaving a legacy that will transform the way the Ministry of Justice deliver future prisons.

Why enter the Offsite Construction Awards?

  • Benefit from free publicity within Offsite Construction Awards promotion.
  • All categories are free to enter.
  • Stand out as a leader in the industry.
  • Have your projects/companies assessed by a distinguished panel of industry experts and receive quality feedback and recognition for your outstanding work.
  • Receive a specially commissioned winner’s trophy – giving recognition to your staff and team that their hard work is acknowledged and rewarded by the industry.

For more information, please visit

The Concrete Centre provides material, design and construction guidance. Our aim is to enable all those involved in the design, use and performance of concrete to realise the potential of the material. The Concrete Centre provides published guidance, seminars, courses, online resources and industry research to the design community.

For more information visit:

YAC Competition

YAC Competitions

Arquine Competition No.23 Pavilion

Arquine Competition MEXTÓPOLI 2021 Pavilion

Arquine Competition 2021

Arquine call out for design of a meeting point in the public space, keeping a safe distance.

Architecture Competitions 2020 Archive

Past Architecture Competitions

Radical Urban Intervention Competition

Winter Stations Competition 2020

Leeds City Square Redevelopment Competition

Q-Village Architecture Competition

Photodemic Architecture Photography Competition

Central City Square of Rahovec Architecture Competition

Camden Highline Architecture Competition

Winter Pavilion London Architecture Competition

Tubądzin Design Awards 2020

2020 Bcome International Ideas Competition

Future offices Architecture Competition

Gorky Central Park Krasnoyarsk Competition

2A Continental Architectural Awards 2020

eVolo 2021 Skyscraper Competition

eVolo Magazine invite architects, students, engineers, designers, and artists from around the globe to take part in the 2021 Skyscraper Competition. Established in 2006, the annual Skyscraper Competition is one of the world’s most prestigious awards for high-rise architecture.

eVolo 2021 Skyscraper Competition

eVolo 2021 Skyscraper Competition

Alternate Realities 2020 Architecture Competition

Network Rail Re-imagining Stations Competition

Thamesmead Waterfront Competition

Render Battle Architecture Competition

Micro Nation Challenge 3 Inhabit Competition

Urban Adaptation Architects’ Competition

Visual Art Gallery Florence Architecture Competition

Vietnam Ricefield Lodge architecture competition


Architecture Competitions Links

Architectural Contests – links to cyclical architectural competitions:

24h competition
24H Competition

eVolo Skyscraper Design Competition
eVolo Skyscraper Architecture Competitions

Reuse the Roman Ruin: Piscina Mirabilis Design Competition, southern Italy
Reuse the Roman Ruin: Piscina Mirabilis Architecture Competitions
The second edition of the cultural project Reuse Italy promotes an international architecture competition on the reuse of Piscina Mirabilis, a Roman reservoir located in the countryside of Naples.
Reuse the Roman Ruin: Piscina Mirabilis Design Competition

Major Architecture Awards

Stirling Prize

Pritzker Prize architects

World Architecture Festival Awards

More architectural contests are welcome – please mail info(at) for details

London Architecture Competitions – unbiased guides, reviews and solutions

Recent Architecture Competitions

Architecture Competition – Design Contest Archive for 2017

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