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Tools To Hire When Upgrading Your Home tips

30 Apr 2021

Tools To Hire When Upgrading Your Home and for project

Tools to hire when upgrading your home
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Over time our homes can become a little tired and need some TLC to bring it back to life. After you have finished spring cleaning and decluttering you might want to try your hand at some DIY. If you are not a handy person then you might not have the necessary tools lying around, we have listed below a few tools that you might want to consider hiring to get your property looking great again.

Inside Your Home

Here are a few tips on what tools to hire to help you get your home looking great again.

Wallpaper Stripper

If you are redecorating and need to remove wallpaper then you should hire a wallpaper stripper. This will help the wallpaper come away from the wall with more ease and make your job quicker.

Airless Sprayer

If you are painting your walls then consider hiring an airless sprayer. This device is a game-changer when it comes to painting your home. Not only does it make the process quicker it also gives you a better finish and a high-quality finish. You can use this device for the inside and outside walls of your home.

Battery Powered Sealant Applicator

Overtime the bathroom sealants can become a little discolored from the hot steam when we have showers. If you are doing some DIY on your bathroom then hiring a battery-powered sealant applicator to re-do the sealant can really transform your bathroom.

In Your Garden

When working on your garden consider hiring these tools to make the process easier.

Lawn Mower

If you are a new homeowner or don’t have the space to store a lawnmower then there are plenty of companies you can hire one from to get your grass looking smart.


If you need some trees cutting back then hiring a chain saw will help you immensely. There are a few different chainsaws you can hire, these include a long reach chainsaw, a battery chainsaw or a petrol chainsaw.

Wood Shredder

If you are planning on cutting down a few branches or trees then you will need a wood shredder to help dispose of the debris. This will save a lot of time and money when trying to dispose of garden waste.

Hedge Trimmer

Tidy up those borders by hiring a hedge trimmer. A simple box hedge can make just the difference to the look of your garden, if your feeling adventurous you could trim them into a quirky shape.

Post Hole Borer

If you are planning on putting up a fence around your border, you will need the right tools to ensure it’s done correctly and won’t fall over. A post hole borer will help with this, it is there to create the correct width and depth hole for your chosen fence post.

Tools To Hire When Upgrading Your House

We hope these suggestions have given you some clarity on what tools you will need to complete certain projects around your home. Find a reputable company such as Boels to hire these tools from and get started on upgrading your home.

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