2021’s Best Interior Design Trends: guide

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2021’s Best Interior Design Trends

12 May 2021

2021 Interior Design Trends

If you’ve been thinking about redecorating your home, you’re in the right place. No matter your personal tastes and preferences, 2021 has introduced a range of stunning interior design trends to inspire you when you start to decorate – here are some of We Buy Any House’s top favourites!

2021’s Best Interior Design Trends – Favourites


Minimalism is a hugely popular trend that has been seen before, but this year it’s coming back bigger and better! This style is all about focusing on open space and intricacy, and it works in both large and smaller homes, making it impressively versatile.

If you want to focus on designing your home in a minimalist-inspired style, the key is to reduce the amount of stuff that you have out in view and ensure that the pieces that you have got on display work well together to offer a flawless theme throughout the home. Pick your colour schemes and stick to them, and remember that less is more!


A big contrast to the minimalistic trend, maximalism is a very exciting style perfect for anyone wanting to push the boundaries of their home design. While very different, this theme is just as effective as minimalism in a different way, where the goal is to focus on creating different layers of colour and prints, making an almost-too-much vibe when entering the room.

Animal prints and clashing colours are the base of this trend, and although most people think that this trend is a pretty easy one to create, it’s actually tough to balance well. You need to narrow down the right balance for this trend to work effectively, and it can take some time to find that sweet spot. The best way to approach it is by working in layers and keep adding until you hit the desired effect.


An endlessly classic style, black and white, will likely never go out of fashion – however, in 2021, we’re seeing this trend entering bathrooms which is a dramatic change. Generally, bathroom decor will sit on the neutral colour palette, with a lot of white, grey, and stone tones. The choice to bring black into bathrooms is a stunning one that we wish we’d been able to enjoy before now!

It can feel like a pretty intimidating colour, but black tones can be added slowly until you hit the style that you’re looking to receive, so focus on your smaller accessories first and then develop from there. Shower frames with black edges give an amazing sleek and stylish look to bathrooms and will transform the room with a small change.


The cottagecore style has been expanding since 2020, and this year it’s coming out with even more delightful touches. This style is all about nature and simple things and is ideal for those wanting to get back to their roots, providing an escape from the pressures of the modern world – something we’ve all been looking for over the last year or so.

For this style, you can bring nature into the home by using plants, prints, and soft colours, pulling in deep shades of green and stone that complement each other beautifully. Adding vintage furniture also works well with this aesthetic and gives the home a gentler, more welcoming feeling, retreating from modern society into a simpler time.

Bright and bold

Before now, the go-to colour scheme in homes was a simplistic but effective grey and white, with touches of blush pink or mustard to brighten it up. These shades look stunning together, but this year we’re seeing interior designs that burst away from those more typical palettes and delving into things much brighter.

Jewel-tones are also a gorgeous trend that we’re seeing a lot more of, with stunning hues of deep emerald-green, bright sapphire blue and stunning ruby-red spreading through every room in the house. This trend is a popular option as you can customise it and use as much or as little of the colours as you like, making it ideal for those who don’t want to make an extreme change. You can add in some newer accessories in those shades to make a big difference easily. Those who want to make more of a change are moving forward with feature walls or even painting the entire room in these shades, which looks amazing.

The best part of these trends is that you’re able to personalise them to your own taste, so no matter how you want to bring them into your home, you will be able to find the perfect balance when you redecorate!

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Comfort in Context House, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Architects: Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute
Comfort in Context House Kaohsiung City
photograph : Moooten Studio / Qimin Wu
Comfort in Context House near Kaohsiung City

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