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Turn a Small Home into a Mansion Advice

23 Sep 2019

Learn to Manage Your Money and You’ll Turn a Small Home into a Mansion
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Learn to Manage Your Money and You’ll Turn a Small Home into a Mansion

Optimising the space in a small house can be tricky. However, with a few tips and tricks, you can make almost any sized room feel larger than life. Naturally, there are interior designers that have plenty of suggestions on how to maximise space. However, if we’re willing to come at the problem from a different angle, the world of finance has something to offer. As ridiculous as it might sound, the fundamentals of managing your finances can help in the home.

If we haven’t lost you at this point, you’re already on your way to upsizing your small space. Of course, we can’t say managing your finances will help in the home without proving it. So, without further ado, here are three ways you can increase the space in your home by thinking like a money expert.

Look for Hidden Extras

In the modern world, the internet has opened up some unique ways to get something extra. A technique that savvy financial types often use is to look for hidden value. This strategy is particularly prevalent in the online gaming world. Using comparison sites, players can not only learn more about the top sites but find the best deals. For example, at NetEnt Casinos, consumers can find out how to get 20 pounds free through something known as no deposit bonuses.

This strategy is now common within the insurance industry and even banking. By using comparison sites, you can essentially get something extra. You can apply the same idea in the home. By looking for space where you might not expect it, it’s possible to make smaller spaces look big. For instance, corner walls make ideal cupboard holes. Beyond that, window ledges and inlets are a fantastic source of hidden value. So, if you can look past the obvious, there are ways to make any room more spacious.

Consolidate Your Possessions

Consolidate Your Possessions
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One of the best ways to manage debts is to consolidate them into one monthly payment. The theory goes that one financial target is easier to focus on and, therefore, easier to reach than multiple ones. Indeed, the same is true in many areas of life. If you’re trying to manage your time, is it better to have ten ideas floating around in your head or a concise list of essential tasks written down? Put simply, if you can establish what’s important and what’s not, you can cut away the fat and make your life easier.

Applying this principle to the home, the answer becomes obvious. For example, if you’re struggling for space and you’ve got a coffee table and a dining table, ask yourself if you really need both? Yes, it’s nice to have a coffee table, but is it essential? In reality, it’s probably not because you can use the dining table for eating and drinking. Basically, take stock of the objects in a room, group those that are similar and get rid of the ones you can do without.

Ditch the Unnecessary

In a similar way to consolidating your possessions, it’s important to completely ditch the unnecessary. In the financial world, experts will tell you the first thing you need to do in order to manage your money is cut out needless expenses. Although everyone’s outgoings will be different, common expenses you can get rid of include gym memberships, expensive mobile phone contracts and nights out.

In the home, the solution is no different. Do you really need a 50” TV when a 40” one would do the same job? Are those ornaments and shelves necessary? Put simply, if you can make a list of what’s in your room and be ruthless, it’s easy to free up more space and, in turn, give the illusion of a larger area. If you can do that and follow the other tips we’ve plucked from the financial world, you should be able make a small house feel like a Mansion.

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