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How To Create a Budget For A Home Upgrade

23 August 2021

Whether it is a casual shopping trip to the mall or a major home renovation project, budgeting is one of the most important things to keep in mind. Without budgeting, it can become quite challenging to keep track of your expenses, which can easily get out of hand if you’re not careful enough. Here is how you can create a budget for your home upgrade.

How to create a budget for a home upgrade

How to create a budget for a home upgrade – Setting a Goal

Before any renovation or remodel, you should set a goal, i.e., a clear idea of what you want to upgrade during the renovation. Smaller objectives can help you set a clear endpoint for your project and assist you in creating a suitable budget for everything.

Deciding the Details

Before you sit down to create a detailed budgeting spreadsheet, you should have a clear idea of all the materials and finishings you want to get in the remodel. Deciding on these details beforehand is extremely important to make sure that you don’t exceed your set budget. You should get a professional opinion about each remodeling decision as you make it.

Managing Your Finances

Before thinking about a home renovation, you must have a clear understanding of how you want to finance the project. You can finance your project using cash at hand or taking out a loan, for example, a home equity loan that will help fund the remodel and let you borrow money as you need it.

Living VS Selling

Your budget largely depends on whether or not you will live in the newly renovated space and for how long. If you are renovating your property to sell it for a profit, you might want to assess the cost to benefit ratio of your investment in the project. However, if you want to live in the space yourself, you will have the freedom to spend as much or as little as possible.

Getting Contractor Quotes

While most contractors provide free quotes for your home remodeling project, these estimates usually lack detail. Besides free estimates, contractors also provide hard quotes, which means that every single expense is outlined in the document in detail. Getting such quotes is advisable since it allows you to better analyze your budget and make decisions regarding materials and finishings, etc.

Keeping Some Money Aside

No matter how detailed your budget plan for renovation is, you are likely to run into some surprises along the way. More than 10 to 15 percent of your total budget should be kept aside for worst-case scenarios, for example, busted pipes, faulty wiring, asbestos, mold, etc.

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