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5 Casinos With the Best Architectural Designs in the World Guide

28 Nov 2022

When one thinks of casinos, what comes to mind are glitz, glamor, and luxury. Before entering many casinos worldwide, the managements want you to see the flamboyance and glamor to increase your expectations. Hence, many casinos tend to pay attention to the structure and architecture of their buildings.

Several casinos have been able to impress their patrons with amazing architecture, which has helped them gain popularity worldwide. Their impeccable designs, which are one of a kind, have differentiated them and made them a site of attraction apart from being a gaming house. It is not unusual to see players from around the world come to these locations for casino tourism.

Despite the impressive looks of physical casinos, many players now prefer to access their favorite games through online casinos. This is due to the convenience and ease that comes with these modern gaming platforms. If you are in the United States, feel free to check out CasinoUSA for info on the top US casinos to play at.

However, if you want to see some of the most outstanding physical casinos around the world, this list is for you.

5 casinos with the best architectural designs in the world
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5 Casinos With the Best Architectural Designs List

Casino de Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Monaco is known for its wealth and luxury. Hence, it is only expected that the most popular casino in Monaco exudes just that. This masterpiece is known worldwide as one of the most popular and beautiful betting spots.

The building was constructed during the Belle Epoque era, and that significantly influenced its style. Standing outside this masterpiece, you can see the beautiful arching fountains. It also stands tall with 28 beautiful pillars and marble floors, adding to its beauty. Certainly, tons of casinos can mirror the games in this spot, but none has come close to Monte Carlo when it comes to beautiful architecture.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

This spot was designed by an architect called Moshe Safdie, and he certainly put a lot of effort into it. This globally appreciated beauty reportedly cost about $5.6 billion at the time it was built. Sadie revealed that his initial thoughts when designing this beauty were all about card decks which explain the innovative three-tower decks of this beautiful spot.

It is reportedly worth billions of dollars, and one will agree upon seeing the Bay Sands that it is worth even more than its price tags. Tourists visiting Singapore always have this location on their list as it is a must-see in the country.

Macau buildings:
Macao casinos architecture design

The Venetian Macao, Macau

The Venetian is not only the largest single-structure building in Asia but also the largest casino in the world, with its 10,500,000 square feet size. This beautiful building which stands tall today was initially built on a vast swampy terrain. However, the people responsible for the structure went to great lengths to achieve that, taking inspiration from the architecture in Venice.

This resort also has a luxurious hotel with 3,000 suites and rooms.

The original Venetian is located in Vegas. However, this one in Macau is more popular and bigger. Venetian Macau is everything that a contemporary luxurious location should be.

Sun City Resort, South Africa

Sun City was founded by Sol Kerzner and was inaugurated in December 1979. In terms of its architecture, the Sun City can give many of the most beautiful resorts in the world a run for their money which explains why it is the most popular and prestigious resort in South Africa.

Outside this resort are several domes that add to its appeal. There is also a beautiful fountain that is just glorious, especially at night with its beautiful lighting. It is also located in the most popular tourist attraction in South Africa. Sun City houses other attractions like the National park and the popular Bridge of Time.

Wynn Las Vegas

This list could never have been complete without an addition located in Las Vegas. There are dozens of amazing casinos in this city with beautiful designs that you will not find in any part of the world. However, the Wynn Casino’s architecture has managed to stand out as the best of the best.

This building has a beautiful curve that cuts across the Vegas skyline, adding significantly to the beauty of the city. Contributing to the beauty of this luxury spot is the Wynn Encore, a building just as beautiful as the casino, making that spot even more beautiful. In addition, Wynn has an exclusive golf course that is one of the most luxurious in Vegas.

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Casinos make for some of the most beautiful architecture worldwide. Checking out the attractions in first-world countries, you will definitely find a casino there as they have always been able to position themselves strategically with amazing architecture backed with some extraordinary appeals. Each of the casinos that made this list has distinct histories and backgrounds, making them even more special.

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