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Division Engineering Consulting Services in Miami

June 24, 2022

Engineering Consulting Companies provide a variety of services in the development of new divisions. Businesses and startups looking for expert solutions and recommendations consult engineering services companies. They need excellent engineering consulting services to build their dream projects successfully.

Eastern Engineering Group works towards identifying and accomplishing prevailing quality standards; they consider customer satisfaction their priority. They deliver high-quality services and products while constantly evolving and improving them further.

Throughout all levels of this organization, every Miami Structural Engineer is expected to perform their assigned duties professionally, allowing them to establish, implement, maintain and control the quality standards. The Group constantly appoints resources, revises the procedures, and enhances them to facilitate excellent services to each client.

Division Engineering Consulting Services Miami, FL

The company works for multiple and diverse divisions, which include:

Specialty Engineering for Windows and Doors Division

Windows & Doors

Using design standards established by the latest edition of the Florida Building Code and other applicable codes and standards, Eastern Engineering Group will provide signed and sealed drawings and structural calculations for window systems and door systems as per the client’s need.

Skylight Systems

Skylights are usually transparent or translucent glass or windows and form all or part of a building’s roof space to provide daylight and ventilation. The firm’s skilled engineers can help design skylight systems and perform structural calculations, and they will ensure that the supporting structure and skylight system is in sync.

One-Time Approvals (OTA)

The company also offers structural evaluations required for an OTA for Florida and statement letters necessary to process the OTA at the Building Code Compliance Office. They will provide mock-up drawings, calculations, and testing protocols essential for the testing lab.

Wind Load Certificate

Clients can get the Wind Load Certificate signed by a licensed engineer for windows, doors, and shutters with the help of the Eastern Engineering Group. The assigned team will calculate wind loads for your project according to the building specifications and usage.

Civil Engineering Division

Paving & Drainage Plans

Eastern Engineering Group will provide the civil engineering plans for Paving & Drainage so the client can submit them according to the City-County Public Works Department standards and specifications.

Grading Plans

The Grading Plan services of Grading plans include the criteria for land development, ensuring a level base or specified sloppy base for construction work, the base course for a road or a railway.

Striping & Signage Plans

The skilled civil engineers will provide calculations for paving, drainage, striping, details, and drainage per the Standards and Specifications established by DERM’s Miami Dade County Public Works Department.

Drainage Inspections

According to City Code, Eastern Engineering Group will provide drainage plans and details to comply with the drainage conditions located at the property.

Specialty Engineering for Structural Components Division

Gazebos and Trellises

The structural engineers have vast experience with gazebos and trellises, whether attached to a building or structurally independent. The designs will be per Florida Building Code Standards and include all the information required to meet the standards of different city building officials.

Fences, Stairs, and Railings

In addition to designing structural components, the engineers have experience in designing fences, pedestrian gates, rolling gates of all types, and various stairs, including spiral stairs, curved stairs, and monumental stairs.

Sculptures and Facades

The Eastern Engineer Firm supports artists in every possible way and believes that engineers are also artists. You can reach out to them if you want particular calculations for your sculptures, facades, or decorative screens.

Division Engineering Consulting Services in Miami – Bottom Line

Eastern Engineering Group’s structural components division offers specialized engineering services of the highest quality in the market. The professionals working under the divisions have years of experience and understanding in structural engineering. Their vision of structure is unique and broad, and they can calculate detailed plans of your structural components.

Each engineer has extensive experience with NOAs and OTAs in our department of Specialty Engineering for Structural Components, which has acquainted them with the Florida Building Code and its standards.

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