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post updated 13 June 2024

Architectural Awards – chronological list

Architectural Awards

Architectural Design Prizes – recent posts added:

World Design Awards 2024

Professor Lesley Lokko OBE RIBA 2024 Gold Medal for Architecture

2024 Pritzker Architecture Prize winner

LIV Hospitality Design Awards, Baar, Switzerland

2024 RSAW Welsh Architecture Awards

RIBA South Awards 2024

RIBA East Midlands Awards 2024 shortlist

2023 MIPIM Asia Awards winners

William Sutton Prize 2023 winners

RIBA International Prize 2024

Building Beauty Awards Announces 2023

2025 Aga Khan Award for Architecture

Stirling Prize 2023 Winner

BCO Awards 2023

2023 Praemium Imperiale Awards

3DReid Student Prize 2023

2023 President’s Medal and Awards for Research

Call for entries Tile of Spain Awards 2023

Art Fund Museum of Year 2023 Winners

Port of Beirut renewal by ALIPH: buildings

Tile of Spain Trends from Cevisma 2023

BCO London Award Winners 2023

2023 Pritzker Architecture Prize Winner

2023 RIBA East Awards Shortlist

2023 RIBA Northeast Awards Shortlist

World Building of the Year 2022

Tile of Spain at the Surface Design Show 2023

World Architecture Festival 2022 Winners

RIBA Reinvention Award

RIBA House of the Year 2022 Winners

2022 AR Emerging Architecture awards

European Prize for Architecture 2022

2022 RIBA AHR Scholarship Winner News

2022 Aga Khan Award for Architecture Shortlist

Architect of the Year Awards 2021

EUmies Awards 2022 Winners

2022 RIBA London Awards Shortlist

2022 RIBA East Awards Winners

2022 RIBA South Award Winners

2022 RIBA Southeast Award winners

2022 RIBA Southwest Awards Winners

2022 RIBA West Midlands Awards Winners

2022 RIBA East Midlands Award Winners

2022 RIBA Northwest Awards Winners

2022 RIBA Yorkshire Award Winners

2022 RIBA Northeast Award Winners

Dedalo Minosse Prize 2022

Building Beauty Awards 2022

2022 Pritzker Architecture Prize Winner

Davidson Prize 2022 Longlist

2021 Brick in Architecture Awards Winners

William Sutton Prize 2022 Winner

2022 Civic Trust Awards Winners

SBID International Design Awards 2022

2022 RIBA London Awards shortlist

Wolf Prize Architecture: Momoyo Kaijima

W Awards 2022

2022 Mies van der Rohe Award

2022 RIBA Yorkshire Awards Shortlist

2022 RIBA Northeast Awards Shortlist

2022 RSAW Welsh Architecture Awards

Bernard Bühler Award for exterior projects

European Prize for Urban Public Space 2022

International Architecture & Design Awards 2022

2021 RIBA International Prize Winner

Port of Beirut Renewal Competition

Inspireli Awards 2022

2021 President’s Medal and Awards for Research

SPAB Heritage Awards 2022 News

TECU Architecture Award 2022

William Sutton Prize 2022 Shortlist

RIBA 2022 Gold Medal for Architecture

RIBA House of the Year 2021 Winner

Building Beauty Awards 2022

RIBA President’s Medals 2021

RIBA House of the Year 2021 Shortlist

Schelling Architecture Prize 2020

Soane Medal 2021 Winner

RIBA International Prize 2021 Shortlist

Brick Awards 2021

Architectural Prizes, alphabetical:

2016 RIBA Stirling Prize Shortlist

Architecture MasterPrize 2020

2020 Best of Baltimore Award – Professional Services

2020 RIBA Honorary Fellowships Winners

2021 Praemium Imperiale Awards

3DReid Student Prize

Aga Khan Award for Architecture

Aga Khan Award for Architecture Prize

Aga Khan Award for Architecture Prize 2013

AIA Design Awards UK Chapter

AIA Gold Medal

AIA New York Design Awards

AIA UK Chapter Design Awards

AJ100 Building of the Year

AJ100 Building of the Year Awards

Alvar Aalto Medal

American Architecture Awards

American Architecture Awards 2008

American Architecture Award Winners

American Institute of Architects Gold Medal

Animal Architecture Awards

Annual Interior Awards 2013

AR Awards for Emerging Architecture

AR+D Awards

AR House Awards 2021 Shortlist

Architect of the Year Awards

Architect of the Year Awards 2006

Architect of the Year Awards 2007

Architect of the Year Awards 2008

Architectural Drawing Competition

Ashden Awards

Ashden Awards 2014

Ashden Awards Sustainable Energy

Asia Pacific Property Awards

Asia Pacific Property Awards 2020: 10 DESIGN

Australia Award Urban Design

Australian Institute of Architects Gold Medal

Australian Institute of Architects Gold Medal 2010

Australian National Architecture Awards

Austrian Decoration Honor Science Art

AZ Awards

BBVA Foundation Frontiers Knowledge Awards

BCI Awards

BCO Awards

BCO Awards 2006

BCO Awards 2007

BCO Awards 2009

BCO Awards 2010

BCSC Awards

Berkeley Undergraduate Prize

Best Building in Scotland Award

Best Building in Scotland Award 2006

Best Building in Scotland Award 2007

Best Building in Scotland Award 2008

Best Building in Scotland Award 2009

Best Building in Scotland Award 2010

Blue Award

Blue Award 2016 Architecture Students Prize


Brit Insurance Design Awards

Brit Insurance Design Awards 2010

BSA Award

BSA Unbuilt Awards

Buber-Rosenzweig Medal

Building Awards Winners

Building Performance Awards

Carbuncle Awards

Carbuncle Cup

Carbuncle Cup 2009

Carbuncle Cup 2010

Cemex Building Awards

CF Hansen Medal

CGarchitect Awards

Cityscape Awards

Civic Trust Awards

Civic Trust Awards 2008

Civic Trust Awards 2009

Civic Trust Awards 2010

Civic Trust Awards 2010 Scotland

Civic Trust Awards 2011

Civic Trust Awards 2012

Cooper Hewitt National Design Awards 2009

CTBUH Awards

CTBUH Awards 2010

CTBUH Awards 2011

CTBUH Awards 2013

CTBUH Awards 2014 Best Tall Buildings

CTBUH Urban Habitat Award

Design Museum Architecture Award

Design Museum Design Awards

Designing Places Awards


DETAIL Prize 2012 Shortlist

DGNB Certificate

Dwell Vision Award

Dynamic Place Awards

CAE Educational Facility Design Awards

Emilio Ambasz Prize

Emporis Skyscraper Award

Emporis Skyscraper Award 2012

Estonian Young Architect Award 2012

Europa Nostra Award

Europe 40 Under 40

European Prize Architecture

European Prize Architecture 2012

European Copper Architecture Awards

European Copper Architecture Awards 2013

Facades Engineering Excellence Awards

Finnish Architecture Review

Foster + Partners Prize

Cristóbal Gabarrón Award

Georgian Group Architectural Awards

German British Forum Award

Gold Prix d’Excellence Award

Good Design Award

Grand Designs Awards

Gulbenkian Prize

Gulf States Building Awards

Häuser Awards

Heinrich Tessenow Gold Medal

Henning Larsen Foundation Awards

Holcim Awards

Holcim Awards 2012

Holcim Foundation Awards

Housing Design Awards

Housing Design Awards 2009

IALD Radiance Award

IAS/OAS Awards

ICSC VIVA Best-of-the-Best Awards

India Shopping Centre Awards

Indian Institute of Architects Awards

Institution of Structural Engineers 2020 Gold Medallist

International Architecture Awards

International Architecture Awards 2007

International Architecture Awards 2008

International Architecture Awards 2009

International Architecture Awards 2009 Winners

International Architecture Awards 2011

International Architecture Awards 2012

International Trade Award

International VELUX Award for Students of Architecture

IS Arch Awards

Jane Drew Prize

Jencks Award

Jencks Award 2010

Jencks Award 2012

LafargeHolcim Awards for Sustainable Construction in 2020

LafargeHolcim Awards Next Generation prizes 2021

Land Transport Excellence Awards

Landscape Architects of the Year 2009

Latin Builders Award

LEAF Awards

LEAF Awards 2008

LEAF Awards 2009

LEAF Awards 2010

LEAF Awards 2011

LEAF Awards 2012

LEAF Awards 2013

LEAF Awards Berlin 2009

LEAF Awards Winners 2009

LEAF Awards Young Architect Year 2008

LEAF International 2009

Lighting Awards

Lighting Design Awards

LOOP Design Awards 2020

Low Carbon Building Awards

Low Carbon Performance Awards

Lubetkin Prize

Maaskant Prize for Young Architects 2013

Middle East Architect Awards

Middle East Architect Awards Winners

Mies van der Rohe Awards

Mies van der Rohe Awards Buildings

Mies van der Rohe Awards 2009

Mies van der Rohe Awards 2009 Nominations

Mies van der Rohe Awards 2011

Mies van der Rohe Awards Lectures

Mies van der Rohe Awards Shortlist 2009

MIPIM Future Awards

MIPIM Future Awards 2012

MIPIM Future Awards 2011

MIPIM Future Awards 2010

MIPIM Asia Awards

Nationwide Sustainable Housing Awards

Nationwide Sustainable Housing Awards Exhibition

Nationwide Sustainable Housing Awards 2010

New South Wales Architecture Awards

Norman Foster Travelling Scholarship

NZIA Gold Medal

OAA Awards 2011

Old Doha Prize

Prime Minister’s Better Public Building Award

Prime Minister’s Better Public Building Award 2008

Prime Minister’s Better Public Building Award 2009

Praemium Imperiale 2009

Praemium Imperiale 2010

Praemium Imperiale 2011

Praemium Imperiale Architecture Laureate

Premios Construir

Pritzker Prize

Pritzker Prize 2010

Pritzker Prize 2011

Pritzker Prize 2012

Pritzker Prize architects

Pritzker Prize Citation 2013

Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate 2010

Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate 2011

Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade 2013

RAIC Awards 2010

RAIC Awards Excellence 2009

Reburbia Design Competition

Restaurant & Bar Design Awards

Rethinking The Future Awards

RIAS Awards

RIAS Awards 2012

RIAS Awards 2013

RIAS Lifetime Achievement Award

RIAS Lifetime Achievement Award 2010

RIBA Awards

RIBA Awards 2005

RIBA Awards 2006

RIBA Awards 2007

RIBA Awards 2008

RIBA Awards 2009

RIBA Awards 2009 Scotland

RIBA Awards 2010

RIBA Awards 2010 Scotland

RIBA Awards 2011

RIBA Awards 2012

RIBA Awards 2013

RIBA Gold Medal

RIBA Gold Medal 2008

RIBA Gold Medal 2009

RIBA Gold Medal 2010

RIBA Gold Medal 2011

RIBA Gold Medal 2012

RIBA Gold Medal 2013

RIBA Gold Medal for Architecture 2020

RIBA Honorary Fellowships

RIBA Honorary Fellowships 2014

RIBA House of the Year 2021 Longlist

RIBA International Awards

RIBA International Awards 2011

RIBA International Fellowships

RIBA Jencks Prize 2009

RIBA Lubetkin Prize 2009

RIBA Manser Medal

RIBA Manser Medal 2010

RIBA Manser Medal 2011

RIBA Manser Medal 2012

RIBA Norman Foster Travelling Scholarship 2020

RIBA President’s Medals Student Awards 2009

RIBA President’s Medals Student Awards 2010

RIBA Special Awards

RIBA Special Awards 2011

RIBA Stirling Prize 2014

Richard H. Driehaus Prize

RICS Awards

RICS Awards 2010

Roses Design Awards

Roses Design Awards 2005

Roses Design Awards 2006

Roses Design Awards 2007

Roses Design Awards 2007 Winners

Roses Design Awards 2008

Sara Awards

SBID International Design Awards 2020 News

SBID International Design Awards 2021

Schindler Award

SCI Arc Distinguished Alumni Awards

Scotland Designing Places Awards

Scottish Eco Prize

Scottish Home Awards

Scottish Quality in Planning Awards

Shrinkage Awards

SIA Architectural Design Awards

South Australian Architecture Awards 2016

Spotlight Rice Design Alliance Prize

Steedman Fellowship

Stephen Lawrence Prize

Stephen Lawrence Prize 2009

Stephen Lawrence Prize 2012

Stephen Lawrence Prize 2021 Winner News

Stirling Prize

Stirling Prize 2005

Stirling Prize 2006

Stirling Prize 2007

Stirling Prize 2007 Shortlist

Stirling Prize 2008

Stirling Prize 2009

Stirling Prize 2010

Stirling Prize 2011

Stirling Prize 2012

Stirling Prize 2013

Stirling Prize 2015 Shortlisted Buildings + Architects

Stirling Prize Award 2007 Shortlist

Stirling Prize Awards

Student Health Design Award

Surface Design Awards

Surface Design Awards 2012

Surface Design Awards 2013

Surface Design Awards 2014

Sustainability Awards

Swedish Architecture Awards

The Structural Awards 2013

Third Prix Pictet

ThyssenKrupp Elevator Award

Tile of Spain Awards

Tile of Spain Awards 2013

Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Award

WA Community Awards

WAF Awards

WAF Awards 2009

WAF Awards 2010 Winners

WAF Awards 2011

WAF Awards 2012

WAF Awards 2013

WAF Awards 2012 Shortlist

WAF Awards Shortlist 2010

WAF Awards Shortlist 2011

WAF Awards Shortlist 2012

WAF Awards Shortlist 2013

What House? Awards

Wood Awards

Wood Awards 2006

Wood Awards 2007

Wood Awards 2009

Wolf Prize

World Architecture Festival Awards

World Architecture Festival Awards 2008

World Architecture Festival Awards 2009

World Architecture Festival Awards 2010

World Architecture Festival Awards Seminars 2009

World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2009

World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2009 Part 2

World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2010

World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2010 Part 2

World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011

World Architecture Festival Awards Shortlist 2011 Part 2

Young Architect of the Year Awards

Young Architect of the Year Awards 2008

Young Architect of the Year Awards 2010

Global Architectural Design

Contemporary Architectural Designs from around the World

Architecture Awards
image courtesy of article provider

KAMPUS, Manchester, England, UK
Architects: Mecanoo
Kampus Manchester
photo © Uniform
KAMPUS Development
The podium design by Mecanoo anchors the new build and tower elements in a consistent base while creating a defined edge to the street. A transparent plinth will provide views into a variety of independent bars, cafes, shops and restaurants that will breathe life into the scheme and create a unique sense of place.

Beverly Center Renewal – The Mall of the Stars, 8500 Beverly Boulevard, edge of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, L.A., USA
Design: Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas, Architects
Beverly Center building Los Angeles
photo © John Linden
Beverly Center Building Renovation
Known as The Mall of the Stars this large building’s façade has been a Los Angeles landmark ever since its construction in the early 1980s. Italian architects Studio Fuksas not only rethought the design of the new façade to improve the aesthetic qualities of the building but, beyond renovating the image of the shopping center, it also created new meeting spaces for the luxury market in California.

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