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Cemex Building Awards : Mexican Architecture Prize

Architectural Design in Mexico

19 May 2011

Cemex Building Awards

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Cemex Building Award

Since its conception almost two decades ago, the Cemex building award has continued to grow, with more and more Works of increasing quality competing each year as concrete proof of the talent of the building and design professionals who conceived and created them.

Finca Paraiso:
Finca Paraiso - Cemex Building Awards 2011
picture from CEMEX Américas

It is these visionaries who make the projects transcend, improving the wellbeing of the users and contributing to the progress of the countries where they build. The promotion of new and better construction methods, with higher standards of quality, environmental protection and accessibility for everyone regardless of their physical and sensorial capabilities, has positioned the cemex building award as the most important construction accolade in Mexico and a competition with wide international scope.

Finca Paraiso:
Finca Paraiso Finca Paraiso Mexico
pictures from CEMEX Américas

The award recognizes the best building proposals in 10 categories and grants four special prizes in the areas of sustainability, accessibility, social impact and innovation. cemex also endeavors to promote and support new architectural talents, facilitating their professional journey to excellence.

Agustin Hernandez’ Studio in Mexico City – Praxis:
Praxis Mexico City
picture from CEMEX Américas

Thus, for the fourth consecutive year, the company is awarding the marcelo zambrano scholarship instituted to honor the leadership of Marcelo Zambrano, an architect and visionary corporate statesman who was Chairman of the Board of cemex.

Rio Amapas:
Rio Amapas
picture from CEMEX Américas

The cemex building award is a symbol of the company’s commitment to promoting a culture of continuous innovation in construction. It is also an instrument for disseminating and exchanging ideas and best practices among the world’s different building cultures in a context of social responsibility, environmental protection and the development of an increasingly sustainable society.

Ruta del Peregrino:
Ruta del Peregrino Ruta del Peregrino Mexico Ruta del Peregrino Mexico
pictures from CEMEX Américas

I invite you to learn more about the constructional creativity of the projects that were finalists in the xix cemex building award.

Francisco Garza
President CEMEX Americas

Rey Petar I_Calle libertador en Prijedor:
Rey Petar
picture from CEMEX Américas

Cemex Building Awards Book

The best of concrete construction

The book describing the XVI CEMEX BUILDING AWARD is now in circulation as a graphic record of this magna event in concrete construction.

With 330 pages full of plans, photographs and interesting data, the volume contains information on the 85 finalists in the national and international editions of the competition. It also includes a profile of Bernardo Quintana, who won the Lifetime Achievement Award, and details of the MARCELO ZAMBRANO SCHOLARSHIP that was awarded to Diego Ricalde, a truly outstanding young architect.

The quality of the works that are presented in the book and honored through the recognition they received in the different categories and special awards reflects the vision of integral corporate social responsibility that is one of the cornerstones of the CEMEX philosophy. As a global leader in the construction industry, CEMEX wishes to recognize building professionals who share its continuous quest to make building works an opportunity to improve people’s quality of life.

José Luis Covarrubias, who represents the winning project in the Infrastructure Category of the International Edition of the XVI CEMEX BUILDING AWARD, explains that seeing his work in this book “is something that is very important both personally and professionally. Not everyone is given the opportunity to publish their work in a serious professional context, with every aspect characterized by quality. This event is recognized not only in Mexico, but also in many other countries; it is now a tradition that is totally consolidated and acknowledged.”

Mr. Covarrubias goes further than simply explaining the personal satisfaction he feels for his success in the competition; he also believes it important to give his opinion on the book as a specialized editorial:

“The different aspects of this book, including the editor and author, are on a level with, or even better than, other books on architecture from all over the world. The care that was taken in its presentation is clear from the beginning to the end; it is a well-documented book that communicates information through comments, photographs and plans, presenting the different works included effectively and intelligently. Its presentation is on a level with any great book; it can be used as a working tool or to promote what anyone included has done; it is a very up-to-date and relevant document.”

Meanwhile, José Alonso Durán, representative of the project Warehouses in El Ejido that won the Industrial Building Construction Category in the National Edition of the Award, says that having his work published in this book gives “great image and support to our work and efforts, both in the design and execution of the project.”

Juan José Santibáñez, whose project BS Children’s Library won the Accessibility Congruence Award, believes that the book “is an excellent showcase through which to present my work and share with other professionals different solution options to the challenges faced by those of us who create living spaces.”

The XVI CEMEX BUILDING AWARD Book is now on sale in bookstores and stores that sell CEMEX brand products, or you can ask for a copy to be delivered by calling (52) (81) 88884493 or by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

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