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W57 New York City building design by BIG
photo © Adrian Welch

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12 March – 13 May 2024

Lausanne, Switzerland

From 12 March to 13 May, Archizoom of the Swiss university EPFL is organizing an exhibition about buildings based on technologies and energies that will soon be exhausted or too costly for the planet. Among the showcased projects are a lot of Belgian participants.


Flanders Architecture Institute
Vlaams Architectuurinstituut
Jan Van Rijswijcklaan 155
Antwerpen, 2018


Recent Architectural Events, chronological:

The Great Repair at Pavillon de l’Arsenal, Paris

7 March to 5 May 2024

La Grande Réparation

Pavillon de l’Arsenal
21 Bd Morland, 75004 Paris
Exhibition run: March 7 to May 5, 2024

After its successful initial run at Akademie der Künste in Berlin, our exhibition “The Great Repair” is coming to Paris. The Pavillon de l’Arsenal, the City of Paris’s Center for Urbanism and Architecture, will host a condensed version of the exhibition. We are delighted to see the exhibition is serving as a starting point for an international exchange on issues of sustainability. The Paris edition is supported by the Federal Foreign Office.

In a world scarred by the exploitation of resources and people and torn apart by wars, architecture canserve as a reparative force. Fueled by this belief, Pavillon de l’Arsenal presents the exhibition “The Great Repair”, a traveling project initiated by ARCH+ in collaboration with Akademie der Künste in Berlin, ETH Zürich, and the University of Luxembourg. Its aim, in light of the stark realization of the irreconcilable conflict between unchecked growth and ecological balance, is to advocate for a new architectural ethos centered around repair.

From the care provided by often-marginalized workers in maintaining buildings, to the political decision to refrain from demolition, and to architecture as an instrument of justice intimes of conflict, the exhibition challenges the ethical stance of contemporary builders. In a time of ecological and social emergency, every choice to build, not to build, or to build in a different way can either result in the destructive use of resources harming the planet and its denizens or to genuine repair. The exhibition seeks to explore the line between the two to better understand how to practice architecture ethically in today’s world.

The exhibition is structured around seven topics, shedding light on the processes related to the maintenance and upkeep of architecture and urban landscapes. It examines the sethemes at various scales, from the daily rituals of caretaking to examples of construction practices that prioritize working with existing structures rather than replacing them with new ones. Through videos, models, installations, original drawings, and prototypes, the exhibition showcases over twenty approaches from both emerging and established international artists and architectural firms that render repair tangible as a new design paradigm.

The European and global dimensions of the project are of paramount importance to us; when confronted with such challenges, the only viable response is a collective one, and dialogue between cultural institutions from different countries is therefore necessary. Proposals originating in Berlin, Mariupol, and Accra informinitiatives in Paris, just as Paris leads the way in advancing a more environmentally and socially conscious architecture.

When considered through the lens of repair, architecture also becomes accessible to everyone as the scale of care extends beyond the realm of professionals, allowing everyone to get involved in repairing their immediate surroundings and any injustices they observe there. Let’s repair!

With contributions by:
Assemble, Atelier Bow-Wow, Brenne Architekten with Jana Hainbach / TU München / HfBK Dresden / Akademie der Künste Baukunstarchiv, Matthias Brenner, Center for Spatial Technologies, Agnes Denes, Studio Anna Heringer, Florian Hertweck & Caroline Faber & Marija Marić & Céline Zimmer / Master Architecture University of Luxembourg, Interboro with Center for Justice Innovation & Patterson Houses NeighborhoodStat Team & Richard A. Chance & Coco McPherson, Folke Köbberling & Martin Kaltwasser, Lacaton & Vassal, Silke Langenberg, Limbo Accra, Charlotte Malterre-Barthes, Material Cultures, Fuminori Nousaku & Mio Tsuneyama, Bas Princen, Alexander Stumm, Takhayali, Paulo Tavares, THEMA (Sarah Nichols, Akshar Gajjar, Marion Moutal) with Syn Liu, Milica Topalović / Architecture of Territory ETH Zürich, Mierle Laderman Ukeles (curated by Bettina Knaup), UVW-SAW

Artistic direction: Florian Hertweck, Christian Hiller, Markus Krieger, Alex Nehmer, Anh-Linh Ngo, Milica Topalović
Associate curators: Marija Marić, Nazlı Tümerdem

Production manager: Felix Hofmann

Event programming: Markus Krieger, Daniel Kuhnert

Team: Elke Doppelbauer, Nora Dünser, Mirko Gatti, Arno Löbbecke, Victor Lortie, Mona Rauch, Lea Scherer, Barbara Schindler

Graphic design: Stan Hema

Exhibition produced by Pavillon de l’Arsenal and designed by ARCH+ in partnership with Akademie der Künste Berlin, Department of Architecture ETH Zürich and Master in Architecture University of Luxembourg.

The project is funded by:
Kulturstiftung des Bundes (German Federal Cultural Foundation)
German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media

Supported by:
Federal Foreign Office
Wüstenrot Foundation
Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb)
Hans Sauer Foundation
Kultur | lx – Arts CouncilLuxembourg

ARCH+ Verlag GmbH Friedrichstr. 23 A Berlin 10969 Germany.


10th edition Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, The Netherlands

22 September – 13 November 2022


The Architecture of Change

The exhibition shows the work of more than 50 spatial designers and researchers – both young talents and well-known professionals. They are working in an inspiring way on the future of our planet, using their designs to combat the effects of climate change.

Fifty years ago, the Club of Rome predicted the situation we currently find ourselves in: melting ice caps, forest fires, floods, and droughts. Today, the Architecture Biennale is taking stock with historical research (from 1972), inspiring practical examples (in the year 2022) and future scenarios (towards 2072) in the fields of architecture, urban design and landscape architecture. The exhibition showcases both the worrying conditions of the world and hopeful perspectives.

The 10th edition of the Architecture Biennale Rotterdam will take place from 22 September to 13 November 2022 in the port area of Rotterdam. The exhibition IT’S ABOUT TIME, curated by Derk Loorbach, Véronique Patteeuw, Léa-Catherine Szacka, and Peter Veenstra, and in collaboration with Theodora Gelali, will be presented in the Ferro, an imposing former natural gas holder in Rotterdam’s western harbor area.

In the nearby Keilepand, the exhibition FUTURE GENERATION will take place. Under the artistic direction of curators Hanna Prinssen and Lindsey van de Wetering and in cooperation with Maria Christopoulou, a selection of graduation projects by students from the Netherlands and Belgium will be on display.

The two exhibitions make room for dialogue, knowledge acquisition, and experimentation and offer an extensive program of guided tours, lectures, and debates, as well as workshops for children and young people. Work sessions will be held in a transition arena. These will include designers involved in ongoing research into the transformation of cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Various visions of the future of the Netherlands will converge here and be discussed.


The title IT’S ABOUT TIME alludes to the increasing pressure of time: in order to counteract the consequences of climate change, action must be taken quickly. The title also focuses on time and speed as crucial factors in the design process of architecture and spatial design. In this way, the Architecture Biennale Rotterdam draws attention to social themes: IT’S ABOUT TIME calls on professionala to work effectively on urgent socioecological issues.


The exhibition features work by 2001, 2050+, 51N4E, AgwA, Anastasia Egger, Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation + Miguel Mesa del Castillo, Anupama Kundoo Architects, AREP, Beka & Lemoine, College of Government Advisors, Encore Heureux, EPFL – Habitat Research Center, Ester van de Wiel, Philippe Rizzotti Architecte with ETH Zurich Chair of Sustainable Construction and Pavillon de l’Arsenal, FAST – Malkit Shoshan, FLUX, H+N+S, INCURSIONES, Irene Feria Prados – Frieder Vogler – Rik de Brouwer, gens, Jan Rothuizen, Janna Bystrykh, Joep van Lieshout, Lukasz Stanek & Michael, Dziwornu, McHarg Center – Richard Weller, MLA+, Monadnock, MVRDV, noAarchitecten, OOZE, Openfabric, Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving, Space and Matter, Studio Joost Grootens, Studio Marco Vermeulen, Studio Ossidiana, Embassy of the North Sea, Superuse Studios, Ten Studio, TU Delft – Delta Urbanism, Sarah Calitz & Isabel Recubenis Sanchis, Turenscape – Kongjian Yu, Université du Luxembourg, Weronika Uyar, and many others.


– Prof. Derk Loorbach, professor of Socioeconomic Transitions, director of DRIFT, and principal investigator of the Design, Impact, Transition (DIT) platform at Erasmus University Rotterdam

– Peter Veenstra, co-founder of LOLA Landscape Architects (with Cees van der Veeken and Eric-Jan Pleijster)

– PASZA Platform for Architectural Research, co-founded by Dr. Léa-Catherine Szacka, senior lecturer in Architectural Studies at the University of Manchester and visiting lecturer at the Berlage, Delft University of Technology and ETH Zurich, and Dr. Ir. Véronique Patteeuw, lecturer at the

– École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture et du Paysage Lille, visiting lecturer at KU Leuven and EPFL Lausanne and scientific editor of OASE.



The design power of architecture is essential for tackling the major challenges of our time, such as the energy transition, water management, and climate adaptation.

The Architecture Biennale Rotterdam aims to contribute to the transition to a sustainable future by connecting parties to the agenda of transition in spatial design, positioning the discipline of spatial design, bringing together design strengths and parties around spatial challenges, and by inspiring and offering action perspectives by imagining promising solutions.

Internationale Architectuur Biënnale Rotterdam
Keilestraat 9 K1
3029BP Rotterdam


The Future is a Journey to the Past: Stories about Sustainability, AA Gallery, London, UK

23 September – 29 October 2022

The Future is a Journey to the Past: Stories about Sustainability, an exhibition at the Architectural Association curated by Italy’s leading practice, Mario Cucinella Architects.

The exhibition explores past and present notions of sustainability in order to develop the ecological thinking necessary to bridge the divide between the natural world and human activity – including, of course, architecture.

AA Gallery Architectural Association, 36 Bedford Square, London, WC1B 3ES, UK

AA Gallery Architectural Association exhibition

Exhibition dates: Friday 23 September – Saturday 29 October
Opening hours: Monday – Saturday: 10am – 7pm
Entry: Free

‘Where does our ability to survive come from? Plants and animals have the same instinct. Nature has created a system, an ecosystem, with marvellous shapes and colours and incredible biodiversity. We have, in part, lost all of this, generating an irreversible change in our planet. The question is whether we can continue to live this way, or whether we should just take what’s good and throw the rest away, so that we can enter a new era.’
– Mario Cucinella

From Friday 23 September 2022, the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London will host The Future is a Journey to the Past: Stories about Sustainability, an exhibition curated by Mario Cucinella Architects. The exhibition explores past and present notions of sustainability in order to develop the ecological thinking necessary to bridge the divide between the natural world and human activity – including, of course, architecture.

Held in the AA Gallery on the ground floor of 36 Bedford Square, the exhibition comprises three key elements: a timeline tracing the evolution of environmental awareness and activism from prehistory to the present, and speculating on the future; a selection of projects designed by Mario Cucinella Architects that explore these themes through scale models and booklets; and a map highlighting the locations of key sites and projects explored in Cucinella’s book The Future is a Journey to the Past (Quodlibet, 2022).

New solutions through planning and innovation often require expensive and complex stratagems. However, a journey into the past reveals how, in eras when sustainable thinking was a necessity, humans created ingenious practical solutions that we still have much to learn from. While nature has offered us the sustainable environments of the termite nest and beehive, of forests and the very structure of trees and plants, human ingenuity once shaped the stepwells of India, the ice houses of the Iranian desert and the city of Hyderabad in Pakistan that catches the wind to naturally ventilate its buildings. These projects, and many others, have much to teach us beyond their intrigue and beauty.

In the exhibition, these journeys through the past are projected into the future, suggesting a synthesis of traditional and modern thinking in how we approach architecture and the environment. Architectural history, in all its global richness, becomes a relevant source of inspiration to educate us about our sustainable past while providing us with tools to become future guardians of the global environment.

The exhibition is open to the public from Friday 23 September; read more on the AA website

Mario Cucinella Architects

Mario Cucinella Architects is an architectural firm with offices in Bologna and Milan and an international team of one hundred professionals including architects, engineers, graphic designers, model makers and researchers. The firm was established in Paris in 1992 and opened its offices in Bologna in 1999. MC A has extensive experience in architectural design that combines environmental and energy efficiency strategies and relies on an R&D department that carries out research on sustainability with a holistic approach.

About the AA

The Architectural Association (AA) is the oldest independent school of architecture in the UK. The school was founded in 1847 as a student-centred collective that aspired to radically transform architectural education. The school offers a broad range of flexible, self-directed programmes, courses and curricula that empower students and staff to challenge the accepted methods within contemporary architectural education and professional practice.

The school offers a Foundation Certificate, a BA(Hons)/RIBA Part 1 and MArch/RIBA Part 2 (and AA Diploma) throughout its five-year course within the Intermediate and Diploma Programmes, and nine Taught Postgraduate programmes leading to MA, MSc, PG MArch, MFA and MPhil awards as well as the PhD Programme, a RIBA-accredited Part 3 course, a Summer School and Visiting Schools based around the world. The AA curriculum is enhanced by the Public Programme, which focuses on the unique opportunities and challenges of the present through a series of lectures, exhibitions, studio visits, symposia and book launches, and by the Communications Studio, a media, publishing and graphic design studio.

General Contact Information:
AA School of Architecture
36 Bedford Square
London WC1B 3ES


Architecture Exhibition Guenther Domenig: DIMENSIONAL, Austria, central Europe

12 June – 16 October 2022 ; Tues – Sun, 10 am – 6pm

Das Domenig Steinhaus in Steindorf am Ossiacher See
photo © Gerald Zugmann

The MMKK (Museum of Modern Art Carinthia) explores the relationship between art and architecture, while the Architektur Haus Kärnten (Archictecture House Carinthia) focuses on Günther Domenig’s impact on contemporary architectural production.

Günther Domenig

Recent Building Events Archive

Alison Brooks Architects – Cultural Formations, Clare Hall, Cambridge, England, UK

Displayed in Ralph Erskine’s seminal 1969 building for Clare Hall, Cambridge University, Cultural Formations brings together a selection of our practice’s most significant cultural and urban projects from the last twenty years. Each of these works translates specific social histories, urban archetypes and iconographies into contemporary space and form while at the same time celebrating architectural craft.

Alison Brooks Architects

18 February – 7 April 2022

10am-5pm Every Day

Clare Hall, Herschel Road

+44 (0)1223 332360

11th International Space Design Award – Idea-Tops Exhibition, Shenzhen Library, China

Dates: 1 – 21 November 2021

The 11th International Space Design Award – Idea-Tops, an award which identifies outstanding talents in architecture and interior designs, found its best designs in 18 award categories during the Awarding Ceremony that took place on the 13th of October 2021 in Shenzhen, China, and was hosted by the Idea-Tops Organizing Committee, Council for the Promotion of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Cooperation and Shenzhen Association for Science and Technology.

11th International Space Design Award – Idea-Tops

Moving Architecture exhibition in Galerie d’Architecture, Paris, France

from 4 November 2021 to 15 January 2022

Galerie d’Architecture is a place which has already exhibited the work of the most significant contemporary architects such as Shigeru Ban, Rem Koolhaas, Renzo Piano, Bernard Tschumi and many others. KWK Promes is the first studio from East-Central Europe invited to present its work there.

The exhibition will stay in France until the 15th of January 2022 and will be officially ended by a finissage.

Inauguration evening – Tuesday, the 9th of November 2021

Moving Architecture exhibition in Galerie d’Architecture, Paris

ZHA Close Up – Work & Research Exhibition

MAM Shanghai, China

26 June – 15 September 2021

ZHA Close Up – Work & Research Exhibition

Two Exhibitions in M4H Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Down To Earth Reopens

Down To Earth Exhibition M4H Rotterdam
picture : Aad Hoogendoorn

After months of lockdown, DOWN TO EARTH reopened on 9 June 2021 with two exhibitions: RECLAIMING THE COMMONS and WATERSCHOOL M4H+.

While there is no denying the seriousness of the current pandemic, the climate and biodiversity crisis is increasingly and urgently confronting us with the fact that we have pretty much ruined our relationship with the planet.

Science warns us: we’re almost at the tipping point. This puts us on high alert and forces us to radically change how we think and act, to create design solutions that will concretely and sustainably allow us to land.

Presenting the exhibitions RECLAIMING THE COMMONS and WATERSCHOOL M4H+, the IABR is once again on top of current affairs: climate crisis, mass extinction, global warming, and rapidly growing inequality. It is here that the IABR believes its key challenges lie.

Miralles. Perpetuum Mobile, Barcelona

26 May until 29 August 2021

Disseny Hub. Plaça de les Glòries, 37 Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain

Miralles Perpetuum Mobile Architecture Events 2021

Following the launch of the first three exhibitionts of the Miralles homage, Perpetuum Mobile opens at Disseny Hub on Wednesday 26th May, promoted by the Fundació Enric Miralles with the support of the Barcelona City Council and the Generalitat de Catalunya, to celebrate the work of Catalan architect Enric Miralles in his many facets as a creator, to mark the occasion of the 20th anniversary of his death.

Miralles. Perpetuum Mobile

Chronicling the pandemic

A research project that the Equilibrium Network is instigating:

They are inviting anyone and everyone who is working within the built environment to send a short video of themselves, filmed on their phones, talking about the impact that the pandemic has had on their lives, and the long-term changes that they envisage as a result, both personally and professionally.

Further information can be found here: Chronicling the Pandemic

Crash Course
Architecture Centre Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Every Friday, a Crash Course on Amsterdam architecture and urbanism.

Date & time: every Friday, from 1.30 to 2.15 pm
Location: Arcam
Language: English
Price: € 7,50 p.p

Le Corbusier’s early drawings. 1902-1916
Curated by Danièle Pauly

Le Corbusier's early drawings. 1902-1916
“Le Corbusier’s early drawings. 1902-1916” | © Enrico Cano Teatro dell’architettura Mendrisio, interno, Università della Svizzera italiana | Architect: Mario Botta

Le Corbusier’s early drawings. 1902-1916

“It Begins With One Word. Choose Your Own”, Mies van der Rohe Pavilion, Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain
by artist Katarzyna Krakowiak
Katarzyna Krakowiak Sound Intervention Barcelona Pavilion
photo : Anna Mas
Sound Intervention at the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion

Sea Change: Flood Resilient Architecture for the 21st Century
Location: Roca London Gallery, Station Court, Townmead Road, London, SW6 2PY, England, UK
Exhibition Curator: Eva Woode
Marlies Rohmer Architects’ Floating Houses, IJburg, Netherlands
image courtesy of Roca
Roca London Gallery Spring Exhibition

Álvaro Siza. Viagem sem Programa
Curators: Raul Betti and Greta Ruffino
Location: Santa Maria della Scala – Piazza Duomo, Siena, Italy
Travel without Program Alvaro Siza Exhibition in Sienna
image courtesy of organisers
Travel Without Program Álvaro Siza Exhibition in Sienna

“shaping everyday life! bauhaus modernism in the GDR”, Germany
Bauhaus Centenary in 2019

Flat Lands & Massive Things – From NL to NYC & Beyond, Berlin, Germany
Exhibiton by Archi-Tectonics – Winka Dubbeldam & Justin Korhammer, New York
Archi-Tectonics Building Events
image © Archi-Tectonics
Archi-Tectonics Architecture Event

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Architecture Events 2016 Archive

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