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Blue Award 2016 – international student competition

International Architecture Students Prize

17 Mar 2016

Blue Award 2016


New: International Competition for Students of Architecture and Regional Planning

BLUE AWARD 2016 – international student competition

Start of Submission



The Department for Spatial and Sustainable Design, Vienna University of Technology, and the Society
of Architecture and Spatial Design is organizing the BLUE AWARD, an international student
competition for sustainable architecture.

Blue Award 2016

The competition is open to university students of Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree programs, as well as
for students working on a diploma thesis or dissertation, in the academic fields of architecture,
urbanism or regional planning. The submitted project must be part of a supervised coursework, having
taken place during one of the following semesters: Summer Semester 2014, Winter Semester 2014/15,
Summer Semester 2015 and Winter Semester 2015/16 and Summer Semester 2016.

The submission for Blue Award 2016 starts on March 1st and ends on May 10th, 2016.

The Blue Award 2016 will be awarded in three categories.

Category 1 – Urban Development and Transformation, Landscape Development
Category 2 – Ecological Building and Building in Existing Structures
Category 3 – Innovative Systems and Detailed Solutions

The prize of 10,000 Euros will be divided by the jury among the three categories of the competition. The
jury may decide upon a number of honourable mentions.

The japanese architect Kazuyo Sejima, SANAA Architects, will be Honorary President of the
International Jury. Awards Ceremony, Exhibition Opening and the Workshop will take place from the
22th – 25th August, 2016 at the World Conference on Timber Engineering.

Catalog: the prize winners will be published.

Start of Submission: March 1st, 2016

End of Submission: May 10th, 2016


Organizer: Society of Architecture and Spatial Design together with Vienna University of
Technology – Department of Spatial and Sustainable Design/e2533
Patronage: UIA, International Union of Architects

Contact: Tel: 01/58801/253 301
mail to: [email protected]

Blue Award image / information from Institute of Architecture and Design, Department for Spatial and Sustainable Design, TU Vienna

Location:Vienna, Austria ‘

Blue Award

Vienna, 2009

New: International Competition for Students of Architecture and Regional Planning

Blue Award

Blue Award 09

”Building for an environment worth living in”

Blue Award

With the Blue Award, the Faculty of Architecture at the Technical University of Vienna, Department for Spatial and Sustainable Design is holding for the first time an international student competition on sustainable architecture. The launch date is set for November 10, 2009 and is open to architecture students worldwide!

Architecture Student Design
image : Ralf Furulund

With the debut of the international Blue Award, the Department of Spatial and Sustainable Design, from the Institute of Architecture and Design, is announcing an award for the best student works in the topic of sustainable architecture and building culture. The opening presentation of the Blue Award will take place on November 10, 2009 at the TU Vienna. From that point on, works from Bachelor, Master or Diploma studies can be submitted. The competition is open worldwide to students of architecture, regional planning and urbanism. Prizes totaling 15.000 euros will be awarded.
The competition was initiated by the architect Univ. Prof. Mag.arch. Françoise-Hélène Jourda, director of the Department of Spatial and Sustainable Design, and functions under the patronage of the International Union of Architects (UIA).
The award’s main purpose is to encourage the topic of sustainability in architecture, regional planning and urbanism. Concurrently, it shall recognize and award students and teachers dedicated in pursuing the topic in their studies. The Blue Award aims at helping standardize the exchange between various architecture schools and faculties.

Student Design
image : Margot Krasojevic

The Blue Award will be handed out in 3 categories

The Blue Award will be distributed among the three categories ”Urban Transformation and Development”, ”Building with Ecological Systems” and ”Building in Existing Structures”.
The emphasis of the category ”Urban Transformation and Development” includes topics from urban redevelopment, renewal, and restructuring of existing city fabric to development of new housing structures and typologies. Concepts dealing with self-sufficient housing developments, environment friendly forms of mobility, and new interpretations of open/public spaces in urban areas are equally important to this category.

In the category ”Building with Ecological Systems”, submitted projects are to reveal the basic principles of sustainable planning and construction, including its social, economical and ecological factors, in the form of an architectonic design.
The topics of the category ”Building in Existing Structures” are methods of renovation,
adaptation and conversion. Beyond these usual themes, projects will be awarded which succeed in increasing significantly the average longevity and usage capacity of existing structures, as well as projects which reduce the volumetric demand of new construction.
JURY and EXHIBITION An international jury, presided by Prof. Thomas Herzog, university professor and architect in Munich, and also expert on sustainable building, will choose the prize winners in each of the three categories previously mentioned. The awards ceremony will take place in April 2010 at the TU Vienna.
The winning entries will be presented to the public in an exhibition and published catalog.
The prize shall be awarded in the future on a regular basis.

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