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Tile of Spain Trends from Cevisma 2023 in Valencia

24 May 2023

After a two year hiatus, the Cevisama tile fair in Valencia returned with a flourish in 2023 and with 436 exhibitors. Exciting new designs, innovative technologies, inventive formats and inspiring trends were all present at a buzzing show that welcomed 74,115 visitors (25% from outside Spain). Exhibitors, organisers and attendees alike proclaimed the event a significant success.

From decorative drama to subtle elegance, from the latest metallic effects to the sophistication of luxe stone looks, the tiles on display had something for everyone. Colour trends ranged from vibrant yellows to pastel pinks and from serene sea greens to beautiful blues. Pattern was vividly present, either with an ultramodern edge or as a contemporary homage to traditional fabrics and wallpapers. Linear looks were strikingly directional as were volumetric reliefs.

A cautiously optimistic mood from the industry looked forward to overcoming the issues from the fuel crisis to the pandemic to supply chain challenges. Expectations were that a return to growth would be fuelled in part by applying the creative energy so typical of the Spanish tile industry and also by adapting to evolving markets. Furthermore, sustainability remains a core ethos for Spanish manufacturers, combining high-tech solutions with enduring and reliable quality.

Tile of Spain Trends from Cevisma 2023 News

Here’s a round-up of the key tile trends spotted at Cevisama 2023:

A Glimpse of Gold

Gold has returned to interiors and has found its way beautifully to the tile designs of Spanish manufacturers, with subtle touches of precious shimmer. This can be found as delicate threads inspired by the classic technique of Japanese pottery repair, as brush strokes of gold leaf on mural tiles, or as lustrous homage to the natural patination of metal.

Tile of Spain Trends from Cevisma 2023
Aparici – Kintsugi 
Tile of Spain Trends from Cevisma 2023
Apavisa – Lamiere

Tile of Spain Trends from Cevisma 2023
Ibero – Mystic

Tile of Spain Trends from Cevisma 2023
Keraben – Idyllic

Kintsugi by Aparici is inspired by the Japanese technique of repairing ceramics with gold. This characterful porcelain collection comes in white, green and blue in a 30x30cm format. www.aparici.com

Lamiere by Apavisa captures the beauty of oxidized metal in a choice of 3 colours and 4 formats. High tech, anti-slip floor tiles with a subtle but distinctive lustre. www.apavisa.com

Mystic Occitane Art by Ibero is a marble-style wall tile with a special effect of glimmering gold within the delicate indentations that define its robust surface. www.iberoceramics.com

Idyllic Decor Gold by Keraben creates a gorgeous mural effect echoing the use of gold leaf in art or precious wallpapers. A durable, easy-care porcelain wall tile in a 40x120cm format. www.keraben.com

Playful Patterns

Tiles have always been the perfect canvas for eye-catching designs and now manufacturers in Spain are optimising the latest printing and firing techniques to bring stunning new possibilities for playing with pattern. Inspiration comes from sources as diverse as Neo Memphis art or traditional wallpapers and fabrics, while half-moon shapes, ellipses, triangles and diamonds figure strongly, as do exotic birds and flowers.

Tile of Spain Trends from Cevisma 2023
Cevica – Habana 

Tile of Spain Trends from Cevisma 2023
Arcana – Zeppole

Tile of Spain Trends from Cevisma

Tile of Spain Trends from Cevisma

Tile of Spain Trends from Cevisma

Tile of Spain Trends from Cevisma
Ceracasa – Couture Ethnic

TOS Trends from Cevisma 2023
Vives  – Cassis (wallpaper left) Sassari (wallpaper with birds) and Grimaud (floor)

Habana by Cevica is a porcelain floor tile offering inspiring scope for creating dramatic patterns. It comes in a 20x20cm format and several striking deco effects, such as the half-moons of N6, shown here.


Croccante by Arcana offers hi-tech porcelain floor tiles in multiple formats and subtle graphic and chromatic nuances. The curvaceous shapes of Zeppole are shown here. www.arcanatiles.com

Couture Ethnic by Ceracasa takes inspiration from traditional textiles to create joyfully decorative wall tiles in a 49.1×98.2cm format. www.ceracasa.com

Cassis, Sassari and Grimaud by Vives are hi-tech, large format wall and floor tiles, with stunning aesthetics ranging from wallpaper to mural to geometrical effects. www.vivesceramica.com

The New Stone Age

Taking cues from exotic stones and the beauty to be found in the deep earth, Spanish brands are recreating the striking matrix effects of the ancient ground beneath our feet. Bringing gravity and nobility to interiors, these large slab porcelain pieces make for high-performance, easy-care luxury. And who knows what gems the viewer may discover on closer study of each tile’s elegance?

Tile of Spain Trends 2023
Undefasa – Diverso

TOS Trends from Cevisma 2023
Museum – Sublime Cliff an Iceberg

TOS Trends from Cevisma 2023
Cristacer – Nirvana

TOS Trends from Cevisma 2023
Halcon – Icon

Diverso by Undefasa is an ultra-hard, anti-slip porcelain tile in 4 rectified formats and 5 distinctive and luxurious stone effects, with unique and intriguing veining. www.undefasa.com

Sublime Cliff and Iceberg by Museum are porcelain slabs inspired by the spirit of nature to honour the beauty of rare stones and create sophisticated solutions for wall, floor and worktop. www.museumsurfaces.com

Nirvana by Cristacer is a glossy porcelain tile in a 60x120cm format with a precious stone aesthetic and hints of jade. Robust and resistant it’s an ideal floor covering. www.cristalceramicas.com

Icon by Halcon presents a graphic quartzite appearance with distinctive detail and chromatic intrigue. A 30x60cm anti-slip porcelain in 4 colours and 2 finishes, ideal for high-impact exteriors. www.halconceramicas.com

Chic Chevrons

A number of Spanish brands offer collections that are ideal for creating striking herringbone designs on the wall and the floor. Presented in delicious colours and the kind of subtle textures that echo handmade ceramics or timber parquet, the looks are both chic and joyful… and the versatility in terms of installation potential is inspiring.

Tile of Spain Trends 2023
Mayolica – Altea

TOS Trends from Cevisma 2023
Natucer – Wabi Sabi

TOS Tile Trends from Cevisma 2023
Equipe – Coco 

Fanal – Art Wood
Fanal – Art Wood

Altea by Mayolica, a brick-look glossy wall tile in a 5x15cm format and 9 colours reminiscent of the Spanish seaside, perfect for eye-catching chevron effects. www.mayolica.es

Wabi Sabi by Natucer is an elegant decor tile inspired by the imperfections of handmade ceramics. In 9 colours and measuring 7x40cm, it’s ideal for herringbone arrangements. www.natucer.es

Coco by Equipe porcelain wall tiles in matt or gloss come in an endlessly versatile 5x15cm format and 8 appealing colours with a subtle relief to the surface. www.equipeceramicas.com

Art Wood by Fanal replicates the beauty of wood grain and colour tones in a robust 22x120cm plank format that enables high-impact floor coverings. www.fanal.com

Long and Lean

There’s a distinct move towards tiles that create a slender, linear effect on the wall or the floor, either as a fresh take on the classic metro tile or re-creating the narrow plank effect of Nordic style wood panelling. While referencing familiar decorative styles, these latest looks from Spain bring a contemporary directionality to interior design.

Decocer – Encode
Decocer – Encode

Baldocer – Northwood
Baldocer – Northwood

Realonda – Lens
Realonda – Lens

Cerlat – Brunei
Cerlat – Brunei

Encode by Decocer is a white body wall tile in a slim 5x40cm format, in a harmonious choice of Ivory, Copper, Ocean, Sage or Black, with inspiring potential for unique installations. www.decocer.com

Northwood Elm by Baldocer is a wood-look rectified wall tile in a 33.3 x100cm ‘strip’ format with an elegant grain pattern and a subtle relief texture. www.baldocer.com

Lens by Realonda, a 33x33cm porcelain tile imitating a slender 11x33cm format, is available in 7 colours and 3 finishes, with a concave 3D effect for fascinating lightplay. www.realonda.com

Brunei by Cerlat is a glossy finish, metro-style wall tile with a textured effect, offered in 9 elegant colours and a 6.5x25cm format for an on-trend linear look. www.cerlat.com

Feeling Groovy

Ceramics lend themselves beautifully to surface texture and 3-D reliefs. Reed-like lines and extruded fluted effects characterise many of the latest designs from Spanish manufacturers, adding either subtle interest or high impact drama to contemporary wall coverings. While being aesthetically intriguing, these on-trend designs are also very forgiving with their easy-care durability.

Tile of Spain Tile Trends from Cevisma 2023
Harmony – Log

Architecture-Interior Design Prize
Mainzu – Lugano

Architecture-Interior Design Prize 2023
Peronda – Cluny

Tile of Spain Tile Trends from Cevisma 2023
Metropole – Chrome Concept

Log by ALTDesign for Harmony is inspired by the walls of log cabins. A fluted 12.5x50cm tile in 6 colours, it features a grooved texture and a mitred edge for impressive 3D effects. www.harmonyinspire.com

Lugano by Mainzu is a red body wall tile with an attractive bamboo-style relief, offered in fashionable metallic colours and a 15X30cm format. www.mainzu.com

Cluny by Peronda, a large format porcelain tile in 2 finishes and 4 colours, creates an eye-catching sense of movement with its soft, warm tones and wave-like texture. www.peronda.com

Chrome Concept by Metropole is a 30x90cm rectified wall tile with a distinctive retro-yet-contemporary wavelength relief curving over its cement-look surface. www.metropol-ceramica.com

Tile of Spain is the voice of the Spanish tile industry, encompassing more than 120 tile manufacturers. Renowned worldwide for an inspiring blend of aesthetic and technical innovation, Spanish tiles draw on a rich heritage of skill and creativity, while remaining at the cutting edge of design.

Manufactured in Spain and widely available in the UK, these products embody the spirit of an industry that prides itself on proposing beautiful, meaningful and high-performance solutions to flooring, wall coverings, furnishing and external paving and cladding. For further information on Tile of Spain:  www.tileofspain.com

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