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Architecture Competitions

Architectural Contests + Key New Property Design Prizes, alphabetical:

Architecture Design Competitions – chronological list

10UP Architecture Competition
72 Hour Urban Action Competition
120 HOURS – Architecture Competition
A101 Urban Block Competition

Acabion Architecture Competition
ACADIA Competition
Advanced Architecture Competition
AIM Competition
airBaltic New Terminal Design Competition
Alne Wood Park Warwickshire
Alternative Car Park Tower
Andermatt Swiss Alps Competition
Antwerp Cathedral Competition
Archetypes Competition
Architects For Health Design Contest
Architecture At Zero Competition
Architecture Competitions 2008
Architecture Competitions 2009
Architecture of Necessity Triennial
Arcology Skyscraper Hong Kong
Arquideas Architecture Competition
Arquine International Competition
Art Fund Pavilion Architecture Competition
Art Park Nikola-Lenivets Competition
Article 25 Research Design Competition
Aurifícia Block in Porto Competition

Bali Landscape Contest
Bankside Bikeshed Competition
BARGE 2011 Design Competition
BBC Radio 4 Listening Pod Competition
Beach Hut Boscombe
Belgorod Architecture Competition
Bishop Edward King Chapel
Boka Artist Residence Competition
Borderless Competition
Boulder Civic Area Ideas Competition
Brussels Courthouse Contest
Building Reskinning Competition News
Building Trust International Competition
Bullhorn Design Competition
Busan Opera House Competition

Cadogan Café London Competition
Cambodian Sustainable Housing Design Competition
CANactions Architecture Competition
Çanakkale Antenna Tower Competition
Canterbury Cathedral Landscape Design Competition
CAPITheticAL Competition
Central Bank of Libya Architectural Competition
Central Glass International Architectural Competition
Central London Police HQ Competition
Changing the Face 2013 Competition
Centre for the Promotion of Science Belgrade
Ceramics of Italy Tile Competition
Collaboration With Nature Competition
Competition for the National Museum of Korean Literature
Computer Graphic Competition Venice
Concurso Nicholas
Concurso Paisaje
Container Vacation House Competition
Cronton Colliery Competition

Daegu Architecture Competition
Daylight Spaces 2010
Debris Design Competition
Delta Porto Baros Competition
Describing Architecture Competition
Design for Later Life Competition
Design It Shelter Competition
Designated Sketcher Contest
Designing Out Waste Competition
Drawer of Dreams
Dubai Architecture School Tower Competition
duepercinque contest

EASA 013 Pavilion Architecture competition
Ecological Borders Competition
Eisteddfod Architecture Pavilion Competition
Evolo Skyscraper Competition
Evolo Skyscraper Competition Design
Evolo Skyscraper Competition 2009
Evolo Skyscraper Competition 2010
Evolo Skyscraper Competition 2011
Evolo Skyscraper Competition 2012
Evolo Skyscraper Competition 2014

Fairy Tales Competition
Flat Lot Competition Flint
Flip City Shanghai
Flitched Upcyclers Design Competition
Floating Cinema Architecture Competition
Florey Design Competition Oxford
FYDA Competition

Global Design Competition of Seattle
Gold Coast Design Competition
Gothenburg Skyscraper Competition
Gowanus Lowline Competition
Greenpeace Competition
Guildhall York Architecture Competition

HAUS& Design Contest
High Line for London Competition
HOME Competition
Hong Kong 2011 Competition
Hoop Cup Student Competition
Hotel Ukraina Competition Moscow
A House for Pink Floyd Competition
House’s Loft Design Contest
HP Skyline 2020 Design Competition
Hurricane Sandy Competition
Hurricane Sandy Design Competition
HYP Cup Student Competition

Innovation in Hospitality Competition
instanthouse Social Club
Integrated Habitats Design Competition
International Financial Center Russia
International Museum of Astronomy Competition
Iron Designer Challenge
Isover House Contest
Italian Tile Competition

Kadikoy Municipality Idea Competition
Kaohsiung Architecture Competition
Kiev Islands Competition
Kings College London Design Competition
Kingston University Design Competition
Kiruna Stadshus Architecture Competition

Landscape Architecture Wine Competition
Lappset International Design Competition
Linking Europe Competition
Lisbon Architecture Triennale
Living Aleutian Home Design Competition
Living in the Spacial Shift
Loft of the Future
London Architecture Competitions
Loreto Abbey Secondary School
Los Angeles Cleantech Corridor and Green District
LSE Global Centre for the Social Sciences Competition
Luanda House Competition

Maquinarias Service Center Design Competition
Make Bethnal Green Student Competition
Making Space competition
Michael Jackson Monument Design Competition
Milan Architecture Competition
Millennium Point Architecture Competition
Missing Link Architecture Competition
Mumbai City Museum Competition
Museum of Architecture Competition

National Center for Contemporary Arts Russia
Natural History Museum Grounds Competition
New Berlin Natural Science Museum Competition
New Campus Borongaj in Zagreb
Newcastle University Design Competition
Nikola-Lenivets Architecture Competition
Nordic Built Challenge Architecture Competition
Nordic Built Challenge Competition
Nordic Built Challenge Design
Nous 4M Design Competition

Ocean Platform Prison Competition
Old Hanglas Site International Competition
Olympic Games Information Pavilion
ONE Lab Design Competition
ONE PRIZE Competition
ONE PRIZE 2011 Competition
Open Architecture Challenge
opengap Competition
Oriel College Design Competition

Panama Canal Competition
Park Russia Design Competition
PASS competition
Piraeus Tower Competition
Porto Architecture Design Competition
Post Capitalist City Architecture Competition
Post Quake Visions Competition
Private Rental Housing Competition
Private Rental Housing Design Competition
Pylon Design Competition

RAH Design Competition Adelaide
RESHAPE digital craft competition
Resilient City Design Ideas Competition
Resite Skanska Bridging Prague Competition
Re-Skinning Competition
Rethink Hotels Competition
Rethinking Urbanity Competition
RIAI Research Contest
Rochdale Town Centre Competition
Roma Europa Fake Factory
Russia Theme Park Contest

SAFA Competition
Salford Bridge Design Competition
Salt Lake City Design Competition
Silo Architecture Competition
Singapore Bamboo Skyscraper Competition
SixtyNine-Seventy Architecture Competition
Smart Harbour Young Architects Competition
Soundroom Competition
SPIRETEC Competition
SSCI design ideas competition
Student Architecture + Design Initiative
Student Wall Competition
Sukkahville 2014 Competition
Sukkahville Design Competition
Sustainable city for kids Contest
Symbolic World Cup Structure Competition

TAB Vision Competition
Taipei City Museum of Art Competition
Taiwan Tower Competition
Tenting Competition
The Kelpies Design Competition
Theatre Design Competition
Timber Hut Architecture Competition
Tirana Cultural Complex Competition
Tote Architecture Competition
Treehouse Architecture Competition
Trimo Urban Crash
Triumph Architectural Treehouse Award 2014
Troldtekt Award
Turin Architecture Competition

ULI Gerald D. Hines Student Urban Design Competition
urbaninform Competition
Venice City Vision
Vision made Visible Competition

Warsaw Concert Hall Contest
Waterworks Competition
West Kowloon Cultural District Competition
Whitehaven Harbour Design Competition
Wine’s Museum on Cerro San Cristobal Design Competition
World Habitat Awards

ZIM Contest

International Competition for the Development Plan of the Old HANGLAS Site, South Korea
Old Hanglas Site International Competition South Korea
Old Hanglas Site International Competition

Nikola-Lenivets Art Park Architecture Competition, Russia
World Architecture Competitions - Art Park Nikola-Lenivets Contest, Maslenitsa Russia
Nikola-Lenivets Art Park Architecture Competition

Architecture Competitions

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