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Greek Architecture Competition : Piraeus Tower 2010

Piraeus Tower 2010 Contest: Greek Architecture Information

20 Apr 2011

Piraeus Tower Design

Office: UArchitects – The Netherlands

Founders and owners of UArchitects: Misak Terzibasiyan & Emile van Vugt

Piraeus Tower Competition design

Material concept: green and healthy building.

We started to think about how to use so less possible energy by means of almost zero use of electricity.

Piraeus Tower Competition Design Piraeus Tower Architecture Competition Design

In this proposal we have used the knowledge what we already have and is used in several international buildings. The energy use we can reuse and win of the following items. Heat exchange machine which reuses the air heat or to cool down the building by the floor system and light blows in fresh air by mechanical system. We have the opportunity to use wind turbines on the roof and photo voltaic panels on the upper part of the building.

Piraeus Tower Design Piraeus Tower Competition Design Piraeus Tower Architecture Competition Design

The installation in the cellar which we can use but has to be investigated if it is possible to make use of the earth warmth storage for warming in the winter and autumn and cooling in the summer and spring.

To avoid heating up and to make a winter garten of the proposal we use at the outer façade glass of Dupont, Sentry Glass with sun protection glass blade and the inner side of the glass we use a fine look trough abstract print which refers to the marble of Paros

We use rain water or pump the water with own electricity to upper roof and use natural way of the gravity to give the plants enough nutrition and water. There will be also a flow through of air for a better inner climate as a support for the low tech mechanical air system. To make this possible we use a system at the façade which is to open and the open floor construction makes this possible.

Piraeus Tower Design Piraeus Tower Competition Design Piraeus Tower Architecture Competition Design


Piraeus Tower Competition

Piraeus Tower 2010 – Changing the Face/Façades Reformation Contest, Greece

31 Mar 2010 – registration closing date

Piraeus Tower Architecture Competition

Open architectural ideas contest

GreekArchitects.gr, e-magazine for architecture, continuing its actions and aiming for the development and promotion of architecture in Greece, has proudly launched, with the co-organisation of DuPont Hellas S.A, a pioneer company in constructional solutions based on innovative technologies, an open architectural ideas competition entitled:

Piraeus Tower 2010 – Changing the Face/Façades Reformation

The challenge

A Tall Building at the port of Piraeus – the Piraeus Municipality belongs in the urban area of the city of Athens which has a population of 4,000,000 – is abandoned for more than 30 years. It is 22-storey building, 84 m. tall and it is known as “Piraeus Tower”. It is often called as “the sleeping giant” due to its abandonment. The only tower of the area is “sleeping” in one of the bigger ports of Mediterranean that presents a dynamic growth the last decades.

There is a challenge, therefore, in order for the Tower to become a landmark at the port of Piraeus and to be highlighted, with its modernisation, as one of the most important architectural buildings not only for the city of Piraeus but for the whole city of Athens.

Each proposal shall show a consistent and clear position about how the tower is conversed with the Piraeus urban landscape and how this new “view” takes part in and partially forms the relation between the Port, as an important way of entrance and exit of the capital, and the urban area of Athens.


The objectives of the competition are the following:

– To include the building in the urban landscape through the design proposal and to highlight it as the landmark for the wider area.
– To gather various architectural ideas that will allow the distinction of the best possible proposals for the façades reformation and the Tower general image.
– The application of new and original material, including the ones from DuPont, capable to support central synthetic ideas for building façades.
– The beginning of a public discussion regarding the redefinition of “Piraeus Tower” in relation to the urban environment and the possibility of “Piraeus Tower” exploitation for the local society benefit.

Piraeus Tower Architecture Competition Piraeus Tower Architecture Competition Piraeus Tower Architecture Competition

The competition constitutes a great chance for all the architects, designers and artists to experiment, try new ideas, explore new design areas and contribute with their own, personal way to the dialogue that we hope that will arise.
GreekArchitects.gr¢ s initiative is to form a Judging Committee that is consisted of members that ensure, through their personal work and career, the competition’s open mind.

The Judging Committee is consisted of the following members, alphabetically:

1. Citerne Anne-Line, Material engineer, DuPont representative
2. Dragonas Panos, architect, A. Professor of Architecture University of Patras.
3. Johnson Timothy, architect AIA, LEED AP
4. Kalogirou Nicos, architect, professor of of Architecture University of Thessaloniki-AUTH
5. Kondylis Costas, architect AIA
6. Kotionis Zisis, architect, professor, dean and chairman of Architecture University of Volos
7. Papaioannou Tasis, architect, Professor of Architecture University of Athens-NTUA
8. Tompazis Alexandros, architect
9. Tripodakis Alexandros, architect,Professor of Architecture University of Crete.
10.Wood Antony, architect, Director of the CTBUH
11.Representative of GreekArchitects.gr e-Magazine

Judging Committee – More info :

The competition has already begun since 6th January 2010 and the deadline for the proposals submission is the 14th of July 2010.
(Registration deadline 31 March 2010)

The prizes awarded are:
1st Prize: 5.000 (five thousand) Euros
2nd Prize: 2.000 (two thousand) Euros
3rd Prize: 1.200 (one thousand and two hundred) Euros
Honorable Mentions 600 (six hundred) Euros (3 candidates)
Special Mentions no financial prize

Steering Committee will additionally award 4 honorable mentions supported by Vakalo School of Art and Design and Diathlasis Architectural Lighting Design.
Diathlasis SA- Architectural Lighting Design will be offering a lighting design reward of 1,000€ to the best architectural lighting proposal.
Vakalo School will also offer an award of 1000€.

All proposals shall be published by GreekArchitects.gr, whereas the awarded proposals shall be presented with more details. We will try so that all proposals shall be presented in exhibition places at Athens and Thessaloniki.
Competition information (Competition proclamation, Building technical design, Architectural designs, Images) is available for downloading on the competition website: http://www.greekarchitects.gr/competition2010

GreekArchitects.gr Director:
Vassilis Mistriotis, Architect

The competition Steering Committee:
Alexios Vandoros, Architect, Chief Editor & Press Representative of the competition;
Manolis Anastasakis, Architect, Organisation Head of the Competition;
Santra Kalliagra, Architect, Assistant Chief Editor;
Maria Papadimitriou, Architect, Assistant Editing Director;
Simos Gerasimidis, Civil Engineer.

Piraeus Tower 2010 images/ information from GreekArchitects.gr

Location: Piraeus, Greece

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