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Designated Sketcher Competition 2011 Winners – Deadlines / prizes / contact details

11 Aug 2011

Designated Sketcher Competition Winners

After much deliberation, the editors of The Designated Sketcher are proud to present to you the Winners of the DS Extrusion Competition:

Winner: The Confluence

Designated Sketcher Competition Winner
image from organiser

The entry is attributed to DS Member Drew Hastings aka DRAWHASTY.

Here is what the designer had to say about their entry:

“Sited along the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon, this project is an on-going study that re-imagines the Rose Quarter and its waterfront as an engaged civic landscape in the center of the city. “The Confluence” was originally conceived as a studio project but has recently taken on a new life.

The sketches express the concept of convergence and its formal implications, which are then realized as a 3D extrusion. “

Here is what the Jurors had to say about the project:


What makes this project stand out is the in depth exploration visible in the sketches. It is clear that the author was experimenting with different ideas and working out the flow of spaces in both plan section and then in three dimensions. The sketches become a solid base from which the 3D model emerges. Although the design needs some development and evokes Zaha Hadid a bit too much for my liking the in depth exploration is very successful. Particularly it addresses the context – being a site along the river with various transportation types colliding, in an elegant and smooth way. The sectional sections do a great job of showing how the building interacts with various elevations and site access. It would have been nice to see another 3D image zoomed out a bit more to get more of view of how the building sits in the landscape and relates to the city.


The diagrams here won me over. The concept pervades through every aspect of the design; site, building plan, section, elevation. The sketching was so descriptive and effectively executed that the 3D transition could have occurred in my head without the aid of the 3D images. No elegance was lost in the 3D construction either. I can clearly read the confluence of various materials in elevation and of multiple programmatic flows section. The only short coming of this entry are those camera angles. They make me strain to see literally what I already see taking shape in my imagination. I can see that the 3D model successfully took what was examined diagrammatically but only just barely.


I think this set of sketches is phenomenal and really sets the bar for others to strive to. Not to mention you have a very fitting title for your project, because your sketches really are a confluence of converging elements that manifest themselves in a clear manner. As you take us through your process, you clearly exhibit a magnitude of exploration, iteration, investigation, and clarity. All while doing so, you have kept an air of representation and composition about you. What I especially enjoyed, (at least this is how I read it) is that your composition and representation inherently helped you as you worked them out, and were not merely aesthetic afterthoughts. This sheet is truly a tool you used as you bounced between site section, aerial, diagrammatic parti, plan and section. Finally, you appropriate use of color is an effective method, having a clear representation goal instead of an arbitrary introduction.


These exceptional renderings are among the best I have seen. The concept is well thought-out in 2d and the parti makes a great translation to a digital model. The provided series of sketches show a clear progression of thought during the design process. And finally, the project demonstrates a relevant response to context, a consistent scale, and an intriguing experience for its users.

Runner Up: 125 m3 Shelter

Designated Sketcher Competition Runner up
image from organiser

The entry is attributed to DS Member Gonzalo Carrillo de Albornoz aka GoN.

Here is what the designer had to say about their entry:

“This project all started with some concept works I remembered from the first years in the university. We worked hard designing small models back then since our houses are smaller nowadays and the lack of room is a capital problem.

I recalled from that period, several models of cubic and minimalist spaces which, however, had no real purpouse -they weren’t real houses-. That’s how I thought it would be great if I could adapt this minimalist concept and make it useful, liveable and making the most of the space. I love the nature and the long walks and rides through the mountains, and that’s how the idea of a small shelter came to my mind. The 125m3 shelter is a construction I’d love to spend a night in, overall if it was located in a stunning natural park.”

Third Place: Pergola

Designated Sketcher Competition 3rd place
image from organiser

The entry is attributed to DS Member Matthew Colianni aka MATTHEWCOLIANNI.

Here is what the designer had to say about their entry:

“I was in the middle of a project at the time this contest was announced. My project transformed and evolved as i created the required digital model using a handful of my favorite sketches and my research. At the end of the process I was pleasantly surprised to be nominated as a finalist and to receive so much positive feedback. Overall this competition has been a wonderful experience for me and a great introduction to The Designated Sketcher website. I will definitely be a continued user as i start my thesis project this fall.”

Honorable Mention: The Fibers Between Us

The entry is attributed to DS Member DZAWKO.

20 Jun 2011

Designated Sketcher Competition

22 Jul 2011 submission deadline

For the next installment of the continuing Designated Sketcher contest series, we are asking entrants to showcase their transition from a two dimensional sketch to a three dimensional model.

Architectural Sketch
image courtesy of phormd

This process may take multiple forms, but the jury will be looking for the project that best represents a sketch that transitions into a form, while maintaining the original essence of the raw idea.

There will be an emphasis on both the graphic and informative nature of the 2D sketch and how well it translates into 3D.

The 2D sketch may be current or prior work, but if it is prior work, we challenge you to take that idea, model it, and see if it still works.

Here’s the Timeline

Registration Opens June 20th, 2011
Submittal Deadline* July 22nd, 2011
Jury Deliberates July 22nd – July 29th, 2011
Finalists Announced July 30th, 2011
Jury Deliberates July 30th, 2011 – August 6th, 2011
Winners Announced August 7th, 2011

*By midnight of the submittal deadline, all submission materials must be uploaded to the site (see Submission for more information)

What’s at Stake

First Place: $250 (US$)
Second Place: 2 Hour SketchUp Training Webinar Taught by Dan Brown (valued at $150) For more info click SketchUp training section on
Third Place: $50 (US$)
(7) Honorable Mentions: 10 Finalists will be selected and the non-place winners will be considered honorable mentions
Most Influential Juror: $50 (US$)

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