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airBaltic New Terminal Architecture Competition : Winner News

Design Contest in Riga, Latvia, Eastern Europe

Design: NORDIC – Office of Architecture – formerly Narud Stokke Wiig Architects and Planners

27 Jan 2012

airBaltic New Terminal Competition – Winner

Design: Narud Stokke Wiig and Haptic Architects

airBaltic New Terminal design Riga airport airBaltic New Terminal design Riga airport airBaltic New Terminal design Riga airport
airBaltic New Terminal Riga images from Narud Stokke Wiig

airBaltic Terminal competition winner announced

Narud Stokke Wiig of Oslo and Haptic Architects of London were this week announced as winners of the international architectural competition for the new airBaltic terminal in Riga.

The announcement of the winner and the payment of the 100.000 Euros first prize award took place more than a year after the submission date due to changes in the ownership structure of airBaltic.

125 architectural concepts from 35 different countries were submitted for the international design contest of the new airBaltic terminal organized by the Latvian national airline airBaltic.

airBaltic’s vision of this contest was to satisfy twin objectives – a functional, efficient and comfortable terminal and an architectural design that reflects the unique face of Latvia. The contest has fulfilled the purpose of the international contest to inspire architects to create an innovative architectural and functional concept for the new terminal. The winning first stage design/concept would be used in a subsequent second stage with a view towards eventual delivery of the terminal complex. Architects were invited to create their concepts for a terminal with capacity of around 7-8 million annual passengers (14 million eventually) on a designated vacant site at Riga airport.

The submitted architectural design concepts were assessed by a jury of internationally recognized professionals, local dignitaries and airBaltic management.

The jury was made up of a number of distinguished participants, including British architect Marcus Lee, who designed Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport in London and has received the Stirling Award for the design of the airport in Madrid. He was joined by Irish engineer DervillaMitchell, who also worked on Terminal 5 at Heathrow, Swedish architect Åke Bejne, who is a former chairman of the Swedish Architects Association, Dace Putniņa, the founder and co-owner of the KUBS architectural firm, Jānis Dripe, the chief architect of the city of Riga, and Bertolt Flick, former President and CEO of airBaltic.

The contest was managed on behalf of airBaltic by Graham Bolton of Ove Arup and Partners, one of the world’s largest engineering firms, from their offices in London.

Due to changes in its ownership structure and airBaltic becoming 99.8% state-owned, the responsibility for terminal development has shifted to another state-owned operator – Riga Airport – who has been tasked to carry forward with the new capacity development in North Hub Riga, in order to respond to growing transit passenger flows generated by airBaltic.

The winning team
Narud Stokke Wiig Architects and Planners ltd, Oslo
Haptic Architects ltd, London
Griff Arkitektur as, Fredrikstad
Buro Happold, London
AKT II, London

NORDIC – Office of Architecture

Narud Stokke Wiig

5 Oct 2010

airBaltic New Terminal – Competition Entry

Design: Public Arkitekter a/s

Public Architects believe that airport travelling is much more than just a matter of infrastructure and travelling. Great airport architecture lays the foundation of excellent city branding. Public Architects’ proposal for a new Airport in Riga makes travelling to Riga an attraction in itself.

airBaltic New Terminal design Riga airport airBaltic New Terminal design airBaltic New Terminal Riga airport airBaltic New Terminal airport
airBaltic New Terminal Riga images from Public Arkitekter

Airports as city branding

Typically airports tend to be introvert and mere function oriented. But we believe that the connection between travelling by air, arriving at the airport and continuing the journey to the city is much more than just a matter of infrastructure. The architecture, city planning and infrastructure combined play a major role in city branding; because it lays the foundation for a lively city life and thus a great city.

Urgent need for flexibility

Public Architects recently participated in the competition about a new airport in Riga, Latvia. The project proposal aims at creating a unique take off experience showing that airports can actually be attractive and extroverted. Also, our proposal makes sure that there’s daylight everywhere and views to the surrounding close-by woods everywhere in the building.

The proposal focuses on flexibility, because international airports in general has a major need for increased efficiency and rethinking, as the conditions in air traffic has changed substantially over the past years: The number of air lines has increased significantly and security measurements have been intensified. These trends create completely different needs for the logistics in an international airport. Our proposal offers a unique flexibility and possibilities for easy expansion as the airport grows.

New travelling patterns

At Public Architects we’re aware of and study the new travel patterns in international traffic intensely. We have made it focal point to create better settings for the new travel patterns at airports and railway stations. Airports in general need better flow as more and more low-cost airlines enters the market.

Public Arkitekter a/s are based in Copenhagen

AirBaltic Terminal Riga – Latvia Design Contest – entry
AirBaltic Passenger Terminal Riga
picture by the architect
AirBaltic Terminal Riga


airBaltic New Terminal – Design Contest

Location: Riga, Latvia, Eastern Europe

16 Aug 2010 – registration closing date

Name: airBaltic New Terminal Design Competition
Who: airBaltic airline
What: Design of an airport terminal
When: By 16 Aug 2010
How: Register your interest by emailing [email protected]
Prize: €100,000 – winner decided by panel of judges Further information will be released upon registration of interest.

airBaltic New Terminal
image from the organiser

airBaltic is Europe’s fastest growing low cost hybrid airline. It has a great track record and has won numerous industry awards as a result. To capitalize on its ongoing success, airBaltic is looking to secure its future with a brand new terminal at Riga international airport.

airBaltic is asking for your expressions of interest to be part of this unique and exciting opportunity by participating in an “Architectural Design Ideas” competition to design this terminal.

airBaltic has secured rights to develop and operate its own dedicated terminal and establish a hub for its operations at Riga Airport. This will be first such facility in Europe. airBaltic sees this project as a great opportunity to further establish its successful and growing brand in the region. The competition will be open to all interested parties that have pre-registered by responding to this notice.

The competition’s focus is on exploring design concepts, both architectural and functional that best capture the aspirations and brand identity of airBaltic. It is an opportunity for designers to innovate and create a unique identity for both the airline and the city of Riga. airBaltic intends to develop the winning first stage design and to engage with the winning team in a subsequent second stage with a view towards eventual delivery of the terminal complex.

The design brief will outline requirements for a stand alone passenger terminal that includes its aircraft stands, landside, access and support infrastructure. The first phase will have to provide capacity of around 7-8 million annual passengers (14 million eventually) on a designated vacant site at Riga airport.

A jury of internationally recognized professionals, local dignitaries and airBaltic management will award a cash prize of €100,000 to the selected winner and free flights on airBaltic to a shortlist of commended designs. The winning and shortlisted designs will of course be publicized in local and international architecture and aviation press.

The competition is being managed on behalf of airBaltic by Ove Arup and Partners from their offices in London. If you are interested in receiving the detailed competition pack, please register your interest before Monday, 16th August 2010 by sending your name (or company name) and full contact details to [email protected]. Upon receipt of the expression of interest by Arup, registered participants will be sent a link to a website and the password to download the documents containing all the relevant details.

Location: Riga, Latvia, eastern Europe

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