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Tree-house Competition : Concept Design

Treehouse Design Contest

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Treehouse Architecture Competition

Tropical Island Resort Design

The competition is simple: To design the perfect structure in the perfect place where everything you need is acessible. a challenge to reveal a remarkable abilty to form images and ideas of things never directly experienced in day-to-day life. Here also is a celebration of the creative process. Very few of the typical restrictions will hamper the schemes and dreams of the architects, artists and designers, allowing for an unusual level of freedom: the structure has to be stabilized in coconut palm trees well above ground, few if any walls are required. no heat or cooling mechanisms are necessary, and there are no building codes to adhere to. These high tec low cost treehouse structures will allow the world a glimpse into an architectural future that is deeply respectful of the environment, a current trend that will one day truly become the standard in building design.



The competition sites are near the beaches of Fiji, Vietnam, China and Maui, where there are no existing trees. the majority of the tree houses will be in coconut palm trees that will be brought to the site and planted as per the design. the tree size is the designers choice, they can vary from ten feet to forty-five feet in height.

You must consider that all palm trees grow from the top up, a construction in a palm tree two feet from the ground will never move up.

Treehouse Architecture

Architect: Sybarite
Treehouse Building Design

Treehouse Building – Design Concept

Treehouse Design – Building Information

Internal Floor Area: 300m² (3 wing module as illustrated)
Roof Terrace: 200m²
Estimated cost: £1 million

Treehouse images / information from Sybarite

Tree-house Building

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant, New Zealand
Architects: Peter Eising and Lucy Gauntlett (Pacific Environments Architects Ltd.)

Yellow’s ambitious advertising campaign to build a real restaurant ten metres high in a redwood tree has been completed.

The striking pod-shaped structure was open to the public for a limited time from 9 January to 9 February 2009, and restaurant guests will be hosted by the face of the campaign, Tracey Collins.

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant

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