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Post-Quake Visions Competition

Italian Design Contest – organised by Young Architects Competitions (YAC)

25 Jun 2013

PQV Competition Italy

Organiser: Young Architects Competitions (YAC)

24 Jun 2013 – Call for Entries
1 Jun – 1 Sep 2013 – Early Bird Registration
2 Sep – 6 Oct 2013 – Standard Registration
7 Oct – 3 Nov 2013 – Late Registration
11 Nov 2013 – Submission Deadline
25 Nov 2013 – Jury Summoning
2 Dec 2013 – Results Announcement
21 Dec 2013 – Award Ceremony

YAC’s second competition aims to offer participants a chance of practicing solid, refined research.

Italy has been experiencing a delicate situation regarding historical memory preservation, in which such precious heritage is constantly put under harming risk. On one hand both protection and preservation cover a pivotal role; on the other hand national legislation is becoming more and more entangled by complex and articulated rules.

The result of those conjoined features is bringing stasis instead of real maintenance; an upcoming risk is therefore for such system is paralysis or eventually death. As a matter of fact, inner cities belonging to small-medium Italian municipalities are currently stating a slow and relentless depopulation.

Post-Quake Visions Architecture Competition
image from organisers

But what if an extraordinary, dramatic or dismal occurrence broke such clockwork? Which are the scenarios that may be disclosed to the eyes of the designer?

On the night of the 20th of May 2012 an earthquake shook the middle-northern part of Italy, razing hundreds ancient buildings and transforming many inner cities in abandoned ruins. Where current economical context – widely recognised as a period of “crisis” – makes reconstruction impossible, designers are involved within a fundamental debate: is it possible to think about concrete solutions, capable of overtaking a conception of mere refurbishment / restoration / reinstatement for highly anthropized environments? YAC believes this is possible.

By inviting architecture enthusiasts, professionals and students to join “POST QUAKE VISIONS” competition, YAC aims to rethink and redesign the quake-inflicted gaps left inside ancient urban tissues. This endeavour points to revamp such scarred ecosystem under cultural and economical keys, with the goal of finding out urban perspectives and social possibilities once undisclosed or unconceivable.

YAC aims to base this research firstly on reading the wounds the quake left on cities, communities and architectures. By focusing on such vacant spaces, the goal is to insert brand new architecture able to blend ancient heritage with contemporary pace.

Site covers those Crevaloore inner city’s areas which were compromised by 2012 earthquake. Crevalcore is a medieval town in Emilia Romagna.

The inner city will preserve a cultural business vocation; however designers will be free to choose the type, the extent and nature of the intervention. Possible scenarios to implement may cover: “Multimedia library / Cultural centre”, “Diffused mall”, “Widespread Hotel”, “Widespread laboratories”. Places for remembering and boosting historical endowment – equipped areas in which Italian heritage may be preserved, promoted or revised.


Students/Graduates/Professionals in Architecture or else under 35 years old.


1° PRIZE 3’000 € + publication on architectural magazines and websites + exhibition in Crevalcore & Universities.

2° PRIZE 1’000 € + publication in architectural magazines & websites, and an exhibition in Crevalcore & Universities.

3° PRIZE 500 € + publication in architectural magazines and websites, plus an exhibition in Crevalcore & Universities.

nr. 4 “GOLD” HONORABLE MENTIONS 250 € + publication on architectural magazines and websites + exhibition in Crevalcore & Universities.

nr. 8 HONORABLE MENTIONS publication on architectural magazines and websites + exhibition in Crevalcore & Universities.

SPECIAL: YAC discount fot subscriptions to THE PLAN


Shigeru Ban Studio / Alessandro Boldrini
5+1 AA / Alfonso Femia, Gianluca Peluffo
New York, City Planning Department / Eugenia Di Girolamo
Crevalcore, Mayor / Claudio Broglia
Bologna University / Matteo Agnoletto


1 UNI A1 table(594mm x 841mm), pdf format, horizontal or vertical layout.

Post Quake Visions information / images from Young Architects Competitions (YAC)

Location: Crevalcore, Italy

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