Acabion Architecture Competition: Design Contest

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Acabion Architecture Competition : Design Contest

1st International Acabion Architecture Contest : Information

17 Sep 2010

1st International Acabion Architecture Competition

9 Oct 2010 – registration closing date
25 Oct 2010 – submission deadline

Your chance to design the first Acabion Hub or an intercontinental vacuum tube.

AACLB announces the 1st Acabion Architecture Competition. Architecture is defined as a contextual integrated system. AACLB announces its first international competition to enhance the knowledge of advanced architectural design towards an architecture of bionics and integrated systems within an inevitable complex context. If you are interested in an existing technology that allows you to travel fast and effectively based on the principles of nature and if you do want futuristic visions to become closer to reality, you may want to submit your proposal.

Acabion Architecture Competition Acabion Architecture Competition
pictures from Tactile Architecture

The competition offers entries within a number of categories, such as architecture, fashion, material technology or urban planning.  Acabion so far is a vehicle and transport system inspired by bionics manifesting high-performance. Acabion stands for innovation, sustainability, research and humanity. Acabion Architecture focuses on highly performative design inspired by nature, technology and the basics of living. We are looking at design proposals which do not impose but value our basic human desires now and In future. Therefore we are looking at contributions using software packages that take into account issues such as environmental powers, swarm intelligence, parametrics, beauty and culture specific wisdom. We welcome all contributions subscribing to those parameters.

Acabion Architecture Competition Timeline

So, 12.09.2010: Announcement of Competition
Sa, 02.10.2010: Deadline for questions
Mo, 04.10.2010: All questions and answers to be published
Sa, 09.10.2010: Registration Deadline (closed midnight 12am CET)
So, 10.10.2010: Workshop in Berlin – venue tbc
Mo, 25.10.2010: Deadline for Online Submission for entries via e-mail (closed midnight 12am CET)
Mo, 01.11.2010: Jury Awards made public
We, 10.11.2010: Posters must be received by Tactile Architecture
Fr, 19.11.2010: Public Exhibition, round table in Berlin
AACLB acts in conjunction with EUSEW (European Sustainability Energy Week) 2011, location Berlin. Webpage

AACLB is a collaboration of Tactile Architecture, Acabion, Mikova Systems and Werkstatt für Innovation (Berlin/Lucerne).

Acabion Architecture Competition
picture from Tactile Architecture

For more information please visit

Host Organization: AACLB, Berlin, Germany

Coordinator: Tactile Architecture
Tel. +49 1515 331 0379 [email protected]

Acabion Architecture Competition information from Tactile Architecture

Location: Berlin, Germany, western Europe

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