FYDA Competition 2013: Fenn Young Designers Awards

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Fenn Young Designers Awards : FYDA Competition

FYDA Design Contest – organised from Bangkok, Thailand

19 Aug 2013

FYDA Design Competition

FYDA Architecture competition

Fenn Young Designers Award

6 Sep 2013 registration deadline

6 Nov 2013 new submission deadline (7 Sep 2013 previous submission deadline)

FYDA Design Competition
image from competition organiser

12 Jun 2013

FYDA Design Competition 2013

FYDA Architecture competition News

Following last year’s successful Fenn Young Designers Award 2012 Competition and event exhibition, we return this year with a new challenge.

Registration Deadline: 20 Jul 2013

Submission Deadline: 7 Sep 2013

FENN YOUNG DESIGNERS AWARD or FYDA was established in 2008 by Fenn Designers, www.fenndesigners.com with the aim to assist and develop young talented designers, expose creativity and innovations and foster a forum for creative minds. This international design competition is open to all young creative minds from all parts of the world from the ages of 18-33.

Last year’s competition had applicants from 57 countries that lead to the submissions from over 280 entries from all over the world. Competing in urban design, architecture, interior design, product design, poetry and paintings. The winners were from, first place, Australia, second place, England, and third place from Macedonia. There were over 15 honourary mentions as well, from places such as Greece and Romania.

FYDA Competition - Fenn Young Designers Awards 2013
image from competition organiser

The 2012 FYDA awards was extremely successful and will be brought back by Fenn Designers to create the new international art and design Scene once again in September, 2013 here in Bangkok.

This year, the Challenge is “How can the “library” be re-imagined and re-engineered to provide such an environment for the Millennials” as technology advance in spades our lives are changing dramatically. Generations’ technological gap is widening greatly and parents are finding it difficult to understand their kids and deal with their ways of working, learning and socializing. It is even more obvious in schools where the challenges faced by teachers, curricula and physical facilities are immense.

Kids’ ways of learning, their multitasking skills are changing. Sitting in a quiet room surrounded with rows of books is becoming almost obsolete. Kids are looking for interactive environments, environments that allow them to work, share, socialize, and learn.

This open design competition welcomes the participation of creatives from all fields. Submissions using building design, space design, furniture design, lighting design, graphics design could be used to recreate what you can imagine as a future space for learning.

More details can be found on www.fenndesigners.com/fyda

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