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Italian Architecture Competition : Social Housing Contest

PASS competition Rome : Architecture Information

29 Mar 2010

ATER Territorial agency for social housing in Rome, Italy has launched the new competition PASS

Registration and delivery of documents deadline : 9 Jun 2010

PASS competition Rome PASS competition

Italian Architecture Contest

The Territorial Agency for Residential Housing (ATER) for the Commune of Rome hereby invites tenders for the international planning competition “PASS – Project for social and sustainable housing” for requalification of the social housing complexes comprised within Area Plan No. 15-bis Tiburtino III, lots situated between via Grotta di Gregna and via Rome.

The primary aim of the invitation to tender is to promote quality in transformation of the buildings and urban requalification by providing:

a) 120 new homes, that is to say 40 new homes (approximately 3000 m2) through recovery of the ground floor levels and 80 new homes (approximately 4200 m2) through recovery of the attic service areas;
b) new services in the area, for a total of approximately 1200 m2;
c) requalification of public spaces;
d) integrated operations to improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings (comprising approximately 450 homes).

Through the invitation to tender ATER also intends, in line with the operations proposed, to make use of innovative ideas for the existing buildings, in order to

– improve the quality of living in these homes,
– improve their energy efficiency,
– modernise the service systems to allow sustainable management.

PASS competition

PASS competition Prizes + Reimbursements Dates

The Issuing Body will give the following gross prizes and reimbursements, divided as follows:
1st place Euro 32,000.00, including VAT and social security, if due,
2nd place Euro 20,000.00, including VAT and social security, if due,
3rd place Euro 10,000.00, including VAT and social security, if due,
The Jury may also assign reimbursement of expenses for up to 3 mentions, to a total maximum sum of Euro 6,000.00 in all, including VAT and social security, if due, to projects considered to be of particular merit.
For any other information see

PASS competition – Dates

Site inspection April 16th 2010
Term for receipt of FAQ May 18th 2010
Term for publication of FAQ May 25th 2010
Expiry date for CIG payment
Registration and delivery of documents (simultaneously) June 9th 2010
Jury at work July 9th 2010
Results of the competition August 7th 2010

The competition is open to architects and civil and environmental engineers from the European Union, duly registered with professional associations or lists in their own countries, and in any case authorised to provide services of the type described in this invitation to tender, in compliance with Directive 85/384/EEC, and who, at the time of entering the competition, have not been banned for any reason from exercising their profession, in accordance with art. 38 of Leg.Dec. 163/2006 and relevant references, and with art. 52 of Presidential Decree DPR 554/99 (as substituted by Presidential Decree 4217/2000). The present planning competition is likewise open, in the form specified below, to professionals belonging to non-E.U. Countries that, in agreement with the European Union, have equivalency agreements for the requirements and validity of professional qualifications. In this case the application to take part in the tender must contain details of the current equivalency legislation in force.

PASS competition Italy image / information received 29 Mar 2010

Location: Rome, Italy, southern Europe

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