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Vision made Visible Competition

Architectural Contest Vienna, Austria – entry by OAM ARCHITECTURE

31 May 2013

Vision made Visible Design Competition


Competition “Vision made Visible”, second prize, 2013, Vienna, Austria


OAM Architecture has won the second prize in the international competition ‘Vision made Visible’

– Der Generalkonsulent organized by Vasko & Partners to develop an inspiring visualization of the “Generalkonsulent” as a key to aesthetics and efficiency in construction.

Vision made Visible Design Competition Vision made Visible Competition Live The Profession Competition Live The Profession Design Competition
images © OAM

The proposed installation is intended to be a representation of the path that the generalkonsulent faces to reach a target, it must face the complexity of projects and mix conflicts between artistic ambitions, technical feasibility and economic interests.

The prize, after this effort, will be the idea transformed into reality. The architectural design provides different professions who have to work together in the best way to get satisfactory results, the main difficulty to achieve the goal is to make professions and professionals, that most of the time don’t collate, a TEAM. Within the design process, many aspects must be considered: economy, sustainability, green, healthcare, interior design, timing, convenience, concepts, comunications.

To explain this multiplicity of shades and professions, the proposed elements have different angles and heights. Visitors who want to experience the pavilion must move in this multiple directions and heights “forest”, only the unilateral direction of the floor will allow them to maintain their way to the exit and the target may be visible only experiencing this multiplicity. Only the generalkonsulent, after having examined all these aspects, can have a unified view of this multiplicity and will be able to synthesize them into a final design and the setting up of a construction phase. To represent this idea, at the end of the path, all the elements will cooperate together to show a ‘unique’ final image: the University of Vienna Wu.

Vision made Visible Design Competition Vision made Visible Competition Live The Profession Competition
images © OAM


OAM ARCHITECTURE is an idea, which investigates the transformations of living and landscape. Founded by architects Diego Stefani (1981) and Chiara Fiore (1981) OAM ARCHITECTURE has headquarters in Milan since 2009 and is responsible for the research and study of innovative elements regarding the ways of living space and design.

OAM ARCHITECTURE is focused on the development and construction of architecture, urbanism and products in the following areas: housing, public spaces, infrastructure, industrial, urban structures, ephemeral architecture, exhibitions, art and urban planning.

Our aim is to challenge our clients in a shared adventure, the goal is to find innovative solutions during a common process in which the client is seen as a partner in the project.

In every project OAM ARCHITECTURE primarily invests in research to expand their knowledge. We believe this is necessary to expand the amount of possible solutions.

OAM Architecture (Architecturally Organisms Modified) is an idea, a “living thing” that has a genetic change through new architectural techniques, which allow the addition, deletion or modification of genetic elements, ie the unit that directs the hereditary development and behavior “of being” in question.

To be alive means all forms of contemporary living. Abandoning the concept of limits both physically and figuratively OAM ARCHITECTURE investigates the changes that the landscape live and suffer in terms of changes in lifestyle and the use that is made of them.

Rethinking relate the individual and society, between home and city, between public and private, engage in “living being” a new genetic element that facilitates the development and modification of being itself.

OAM Architecture: Diego Stefani architect, Chiara Fiore architect
Collaborators: Matteo Pettinaroli, Danilo Sironi, Diego Oberti

Vision made Visible Design Competition images / information from OAM Architecture Milan

Location: Vienna, Austria, central Europe

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