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FAKRO Architecture Competition

An Architect – The Drawer of Dreams: scholarships for participation in Stadslab Masterclass Miskolc

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FAKRO Competition

International Design Competition – AN ARCHITECT – THE DRAWER OF DREAMS

Sponsor: FAKRO Company and Stadslab European Urban Design Laboratory
Type: International

FAKRO window design:
FAKRO Architecture Competition - window

These dreams are build around space, vision and light. FAKRO roof windows challenges architects to design a loft of their desire, using a wide category of products. Creativity and innovative ideas are required using the FDH duet high pivot windows and at least two other types. All artistic and creative ideas of using FAKRO windows are welcomed. There are no limits of creation using FAKRO windows. While creating your vision integrate urban or landscape elements of your preference.

Design Contest Conditions:
a) The floorplan consists of an area of maximum 8 x 18 meters [144 m2]
b) Building should face east-west with the long facades
c) The inclination of the roof of the loft – 30° – 43 °

Language: English

Timetable: 1st April – 29th May

Award: Twice an award of 3,500 Euro (Two 2,500 Euro scholarships for participation in the Stadslab’s Masterclass Miskolc 2009 (autumn), plus two times a check of 1000 Euro).

Information about the course at www.stadslab.eu.

More information, specification of the project, enrolment form and contest regulations at www.fakro.com.

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FAKRO Design Competition