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urbaninform Competition : Architecture Contest

urbaninform Design Contest, Zurich, Switzerland

17 Dec 2010

urbaninform design competition winners

In the course of the exhibition “Small Scale, Big Change. New Architectures of Social Engagement” in the Museum of Modern Art (October 3, 2010 – Jan. 3, 2011) the winners of the urbaninform Competition 2010 have been announced.

urbaninform Competition winners
picture from the organisers

Rainer Hehl, urbaninform; Chelina Odbert, Kounkouey Design Initiative (1st prize); Aziza Chaouni and Takako Tajima of Bureau E.A.S.T. (2nd prize); Andres Lepik, MoMA New York; Christina von Heyden of Noah Foundation (holding 3rd prize for Sarah Calburn and Dustin A. Tusnovics architects); Jörg Stollmann, urbaninform

The winning projects and honorable mentions were selected by the urbaninform Competition 2010 jury out of 60 entries in the categories Social, Economic, Ecological and Design.

The urbaninform Competition 2010 donors are the Noah Foundation with the help of the Good Growth Fund. Urbaninform Competition 2010 Partners are GEXSI and Genisis Institute.

The jury was composed of Susan Draeger, Buro Happold, Berlin; Rainer Hehl, urbaninform / ETH Zürich; Andres Lepik, Museum of Modern Art, New York; Andreas Renner, GEXSI, Berlin; Peter Spiegel, Genisis Institute, Berlin; Jörg Stollmann, urbaninform / TU Berlin, Berlin; Fran Tonkiss, LSE, London.

The urbaninform design competition winners are:

First Prize : USD 2000
KIBERA PUBLIC SPACE PROJECT 02, Kenya, Kibera, Nairobi Sustainable Community Transformation. Kounkuey Design Initiative

urbaninform Competition winner
picture from the organisers

The entry KIBERA PUBLIC SPACE PROJECT 02 from Kounkuey Design Initiative won first prize, with overwhelming acceptance. The project inspired the jury not as a best-practice project that not only shows how to upgrade living conditions in an informal settlement by the integration of an community, but also how to support step by step economic empowerment through long-term commitment. Kibera Public Space Project 02

Second Prize : USD 1500
TARAGALTE ECOLODGE, Morocco, Mhamid Tourist facility that combat desertification and foster local economic development. Bureau E.A.S.T.

urbaninform Competition 2nd prize
picture from the organisers

The second prize was awarded to Bureau E.A.S.T. with their project TARAGALTE ECOLODGE. The project is the first of its kind testing how tourist facilities can act as an anti desertification barrier while promoting economic and social development. Taragalte ecolodge

Third Prize : USD 1000
TAKING THE GAP, South Africa, Gauteng, Johannesburg Community Centre for the township of Thinasonke. SPACE MATTERS architecture and urbanism, Sarah Calburn and Dustin A. Tusnovics architects

urbaninform Competition 3rd prize
picture from the organisers

The third prize went to SPACE MATTERS architecture and urbanism with Sarah Calburn and Dustin A. Tusnovics architects for their project TAKING THE GAP. The project convinced the jury as a strong design concept and critical initiative to the current social housing provision model in South Africa. Furthermore, the use of alternative building materials and the great degree of community involvement challenge the mode of building production in South Africa. Taking the Gap

Honorable Mention
ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION CENTER, Rio de Janeiro Sustainable building and skills training in the informal city. NGO Verdejar and Annemarie Gray

Honorable Mention
THE FUTURE BOX How far jumps the Dollar? Arne Petersen and Ulrich Schifferdecker
Honorable Mention
SPLIT BATHHOUSE, Gansu-China Collective bathhouse improving sanitary conditions and creating public space for community gathering. BaO Architects, Madaifu Association

Honorable Mention
QINMO VILLAGE PROJECT, Guangdong Province Long-term sustainable development of a rural Chinese village. Joshua Bolchover and John Lin

urbaninform Competition 2010 “The Architecture of Social Investment”
The urbaninform Competition 2010 went from September until November 2010 and more than 90 projects from four continents were submitted. The urbaninform Competition 2010 was looking for design projects that reflect a new spirit of sustainable urban production: ‘The Architecture of Social Investment’. ‘The Architecture of Social Investment’ engages in social and green business strategies to shape the future of our cities. If major parts of our contemporary cities are self-built by their inhabitants, how can they be supported to build in accordance with societal and ecological requirements? How can architecture and urban design support socially engaged business to foster sustainable urban development? How can a local project become a model for other communities?

2 Sep 2010

urbaninform design competition

urbaninform Competition 2010: Architecture of Social Investment
Architecture and Urban Design Projects Shaping the Urban Future
The urbaninform Competition 2010 is calling for architecture and urban design projects, which engage in and cooperate with social entrepreneurship and green business. The projects should be realized or developed to the level of being implemented.

urbaninform Competition
picture from the organisers

Are you an architect, an urban designer, a social entrepreneur, a government official, a foundation or simply an individual or group engaging in the sustainable future of our cities?

Does your project empower individuals and communities to become economically independent?

Does your project understand architecture as business opportunity?
Does your project allow the community to generate or maintain services, infrastructure or education facilities?
If your project is a social investment, submit and win!
With the support of Noah Foundation, the urbaninform Competition 2010 awards the following prizes:
1st Prize: USD 2,000
2nd Prize: USD 1,500
3rd Prize: USD 1,000
Announcement of the urbaninform Competition 2010: 1 Sep 2010
Submission deadline: 1 Nov 2010
Announcement of winners: 10 Dec 2010, Center for Architecture, New York at the urbaninform Podium “The Architecture of Social Investment” (tbc)
Dr. Susan Draeger, Buro Happold
Rainer Hehl, urbaninform / ETH Zurich
Dr. Andres Lepik, Museum of Modern Art New York
Dr. Andreas Renner, GEXSI
Peter Spiegel, Genesis Institute
Prof. Jörg Stollmann, urbaninform / TU Berlin
Dr. Fran Tonkiss, London School of Economics
GEXSI, Genesis Institute, Noah Foundation, Consulate General of Switzerland in New York (to be confirmed), ThinkSwiss (tbc),
Museum of Modern Art New York (to be confirmed)
If you have questions regarding your project submission, please contact Christiane Lange: [email protected]
If you want to know more about the organization of urbaninform platforms, please contact Rainer Hehl: [email protected]
If you want to know more about becoming a donor or sponsor, please contact Jörg Stollmann: [email protected]
For any general comment or information, please refer to: [email protected]
Founders: Rainer Hehl, Jörg Stollmann
urbaninform association (non-profit)
Olivier de Perrot, Rainer Hehl, Jörg Stollmann
Quellenstr. 27 CH – 8005 Zurich

urbaninform Competition winners images / information from urbaninform

Location:Zurich, Switzerland

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